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Yo, you better enjoy this fucking chapter!


"Who is it?"




"Ah hell naw! My name is James and goodbye!"

I turn back and run. Why is it soo dark in here?



What the fuck is going on!? I look back. The voice I heard fades away the farther I run. Running for awhile I take a break.

"Huff- puff! Where am I?"

"Welcome to the the red room master!"

"What the f-

"Sorry if I scared you master. My name is Boogie, and I'm your guide until you learn how to control your power."

"Wait, what? Power? What the fuck are talking about?"

"Ah right, you still haven't recovered your memories yet. It'll be hard to explain, but I'll have to make you wait longer for now."

"Wait, where are you? Why can't I see you?"

"Master your so cute asking these questions. I have to go now. Oh yeah, you're in the hospital now, so don't do anything stupid."


"Farewell, Master."

"Wait!", I jolt up from the bed. I look around the room. I see two little girls by my right side. They're terrified. Well of course they're terrified!

"James!", a woman by my left side jumps up, and hugs me.

Sniff Sniff

This smell. It's so familiar.

"Oh my god it's been ten years, but you still haven't changed!"

"Um, who are you?"

"Oh sorry for not introducing myself first.", the woman lets me go, and stands up. "I'm your aunt. You might not remember me, but I have taken care of you for five years. My name is Jenna."

"Uhhhhhhh", I give her a cold stare. Usually my relatives don't visit my household, so I was a little suspicious."Prove it."


"I said to prove if your my aunt."

"Wait, but I am."

"Will you have sex with me."


A note from ShangTD

I'm too tired to make these chapters, but they're worth it. 

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