The rustle of leaves is heard in a dense forest. Neither human or animal lives in it, and the putrid smell of filth is in the air.

The clouds are long gone from the sky, the soft moonlight embraces the earth. The wind shoots through the trees, evoking the sweetness of natural beauty… [1]

Even still…

The morbid pestilence persists.

The fetid stench of flesh rotting is tangible. A black odor that threatens to erode the very life of the location.

With the introduction of the soft sound of the grass, staggering comes a man.

Wearing worn clothes of rough leather, and a hood that covers his face.

His vests were full of filth, fungi and waste. He is blessed with a road of open land, whilst the light lands softly upon him, embracing him like the prodigal son that now returns.

He walks through the long road.

The more he walks through the road, the more a crimson mist coalesces. The silence is such that even insects cannot be heard.

Not a long time has passed, and the path ends up in a glade, in whose center lies a decadent edification[2]… A cabin.

The cabin was made of the best oak wood, but now, its exterior previously untouched is far from its current visage.

Several holes emerge from the wood, trails of blood and flesh cover the ground. And the half-closed door exhibited a ghoulish[3] terror.

A moment passes, and the traveler waits…


An overwhelming cacophony resonated as soon as the traveler sighted the cabin… The sound was brief, but for this brief moment the traveler’s face contorted under the hood.

A look of pain, anguish, wrath, fear and… regret.[4] He knew from where came this wail, this despair, this supplication… This voice. He again started to walk to the door… And opened it.

He walks through the door and sees exactly the same scene he waited for.

A writing desk, a couch, a bookcase, an armchair and two doors. Even with so little furniture, at this time and place, this cabin would be fit for a noble to reside.

But he also sees a similar scene to the outside, remains of flesh and blood. He hesitates…

And then continues his march to one of the doors…

Each step produces a hollow sound. The creaking of the wood is caused by the violence that happened upon these planks.

But he can’t hesitate…

But he can’t not savor this fear and this hesitation.

He opens the door...

He then sees kneeling on the floor, a young boy…

His hair was white, even more than the winter snow, as well as his skin that was white and young, every single atom of this boy exudes and air of purity and innocence…[5]

It was the perfect angelical picture, purely by its appearance anyone would say that this child is a perfect and pure being made by the gods!

But this image disregards the surroundings… Thinking this child to be angelic would be the same as having a mountain in front of you and not seeing it.[6]

His eyes… His eyes where of a deep scarlet red… The eyes of a predator, that subdues the weak purely by fear. Those were dense eyes, that shone with a bloody glint. A window to death!

And the most peculiar… and frightening about this boy… was the arm in his mouth. That he slowly gnawed, like the most delicious prey he had ever seen.

This once again changed the look in the travelers face, he turned his glare to the corner of the room.

To the owner of the arm…

A man, a man he knew well, just as he knew himself, as he knew the boy… himself, as he knew his dad… that was smiling… in his last moments…

His dad was smiling…

[1]: Please bear with this fucking speech. Sometimes in a man’s life, he must say a ton of shit in a way he doesn’t want to because of the mood, and this will happen sometimes through the course of the story, especially in the prologue and first chapter. So, bear with it.

[2]: I swear… I can’t pronounce this shit twice in the same sentence!

[3]: Who knew ghouls are so awesome that they have a word for themselves, this is a surprise.

[4]: I don’t fucking know what kind of look he has to make to express so many feelings, just imagine how fucking contorted his face is.

[5]: Why so much white is considered pure and innocent? Is a fucking ghost pure and innocent?! I say… sometimes.

[6]: Everyone in xianxia does that…

{1}: Hey! Just saying that almost every chapter will have these notes, they are part of the history or useful explanations sometimes…


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