The wind howls, shooting across the trees until it reaches a clearing.

At the center of the clearing, a campfire with just the ashes to speak of, is right in front of a young man. His hair white like snow, his skin like milk, such a scene would look like a fantasy to anyone who sees it. Especially because of the astounding beauty of the young man.[1]

He covers himself with worn clothes, the skin in his feet is covered in dirt and animal excrement, also known as shit.

He gets up, supporting himself with his right hand. Calmly he opens his eyes.[2]

Each centimeter his eyelids move, the more killing intent spreads past the woods. The eyes of a beast.

His eyes where scarlet red, each glare slashed like a knife trasnpassing all living creatures.[3] He was ready for the hunt.

He was tall, at least six feet tall. He had a speed fit body, but even still every inch of his body hides tremendous power.[4]

Arching his body, he shoots the woods, faster than an arrow.

Through a rock road, a wood wagon crosses it slowly.

This wagon is driven by a single merchant, and guarded by four mercenaries.

“Mister Rognvald. Do you know when we will arrive in Érika?”

“If I’m not wrong, five or six hours till we get there. At least we will arrive till lunch.”

“Is it? Right… I’m happy we didn’t have any… Unforeseen issue. I bet my all in this delivery, if I have any loss in it not only will my life as a merchant be ruined I’ll not have the money to pay a cleric to cure my son’s Low-Blood[5].”

“Don’t worry mister Henrike! You are the best Low-Merchant[6] that I’ve ever met! I’m sure that you will make it to a Mid-Merchant, I bet my sword in it!” {Of fucking course I bet my sword in it! Unforeseen issues my ass! Did you really have to Jinx the whole trip right in the most dangerous part!? If someone as naïve as you becomes a Mid-Merchant, you won’t last long!}[7]

“Right… I hope.” {Fuck! I just noticed I Jinxed the whole trip!}

After minutes of conversation and inner swearing, the wagon was stopped by a peculiar literal shadow that extended from a tree to the middle of the road.

From the shadow emerged a black-clad silhouette, like a malefic being from the depths of hell. His body materialized until it was completely discernible.

The mercenaries trembled from the fear that assailed them, their hands in the hilts of their swords, but they wouldn’t dare to unsheathe their swords until they were certain that it was an enemy.

Why? Because there is only one power capable of transporting someone through the shadows… Darkness Force![8] And it was highly unlikely that someone that practices Circular Darkness Force of such level to appear here, which means that it could only be the advanced version. Spherical Darkness Force!

The darkness dissipated, and where it once was now stood a young man, a beautiful and admirable young man. But his face was covered by a dark cloak, made by the solidification of darkness[9], his eyes staring at the merchant, his prey…

That man was not a human…

A beast. An abyssal being. His eyes[10] devoured the sanity of the travelers. The merchant was trembling.

But even still... the merchant had hope. Hope that he wouldn’t die today.

Grasping this hope the merchant said.

“Wha-what would you, kind sir[11], want from this little me? You should know that the merchandise I have here cannot be sold, for it has already been bought. So, what can this little me help you with kind sir?”

The young man said nothing, he only stared at the front most mercenary, and only then he said the last words that man would ever hear.

“[Tentacle manipulation technique- Ten Thousand wailing swords.]”[12]

With those words said, ten darkness tentacles[13] emerged from that man’s shadow.

The tentacles, with speed that fails to be seen per weak eyes, advanced in the direction of the mercenary.

The mercenary gave a hint of a motion, the tentacles reached him, stopped for less than a second and then were retracted.

The mercenary had a pale face, he completely stopped moving, his hand in unsheathing position.

But he remained still.

Weak red lines could be seen all through his skin and body, those lines grew clearer with each passing instant, and after a single second… it was over.

Tiny lumps of flesh fell like snow. Each organ and muscle were cleanly cut, white and red juices fell on the ground. From a man, all that was left was a gory puddle.

The mercenaries and the merchant didn’t know how to react, all they could do was scream and run, even if they knew in their hearts…

They were already dead![14]

The man was indifferent of their suffering, he commanded the shadows to form two longswords.

And the death sentence, like hell's mandate descended upon them.

“[Dual wielding technique-Dark king seven penances-Infusion of the sword domain, four-times Enhance- Illusory Waltz of the Dark King.]”

It was done.

Four illusory shadows, congealed out of sword intent, came out of the man’s body.

All four shadows wielded a longsword in each hand, they darted through the road, interweaving each other, like a synchronized dance, a waltz.

Each one of them targeted one man, when they reached their target, all they did was to go past them, and they would disappear, like smoke.

They would be disintegrated by the sword intent, only their clothes were left.

Just like that, five lives were gone, each life insignificant in face of real power.

That man was not a man… he lost the right to be called such… even being called an animal would be wrong… the closest title that could be close to what he really was is…


[1]: Summing up: He’s beautiful

[2]: I really must stop describing his eyes so much!

[3]: I really want to know how the people in the cities will react when seeing his eyes, or if he will even be allowed to get inside a city

[4]: Like an anime character, he is slender and shit but is stronger than a muscle-man.

[5]: Same shit as anemia. It is a joke from the nobles as only poor people get sick so they make jokes with diseases names and as they are the owners of knowledge they get to name it.

[6]: This is a system that will be used during the history sometimes, it is unified in a lot of worlds coincidentally. There are the grades of merchants.

Low-Merchant: Comparatively they are as rich as the owner of a small restaurant.

Mid-Merchant: Goes from as rich as the owner of a high-grade café to the owner of a hospital.

High-Merchant: Goes from as rich as a minor rap star to over-powered enough to produce money.

[7]: And this part are the inner thoughts of a person.

[8]: This part is my favourite. The power system!

There are three big groups: Circular magic and force, Spherical magic and force, and miscellaneous magic and forces.

Circular magic and forces are the common shit, magic is for Magieres the mages of this world, force is for the Kriegers the warriors. Circular shit are things like fire, water, light, shadows, and other shit, but it is in a weak form so it is not so powerful and quite limited.

Spherical magic and force is the real shit, things like fire, water, shadows, light are present, but as an example I will use fire magic. Circular fire magic allows you to manipulate fire, this is the weak shit, but Spherical fire magic allows you to use fire BUT also allows you to manipulate energy, all kinds as long you are strong enough, like kinetic and gravitational energy, that for my sake acts differently from those of earth. I will explain the ‘for my sake latter’. Also, Spherical magic and force have things that circular doesn’t have, like space magic and divine magic. And Spherical magic is much more difficult to strengthen.

And Miscellaneous magic and force is the rare and ultimate magic… or simply weird shit. There are things like Primordial spark magic, Primordial Conscience magic, Essential force, Immortal force, all hardcore shit. BUT there are also things like Shit magic, Bacon magic, Bathtub magic, bedroom force… weird shit for sure.

And I also need to say that every race is born already practicing force or magic. Like humans, that are born with strength force, or dragons that are born with dragon magic.

[9]: literally a solidification of darkness.

[10]: I need to stop talking about his eyes for my sake!

[11]: If he is kind I am Buddha.

[12]: Finally! Its show time! And the move-names are not necessarely said out loud. Most of times they aren't.

[13]: Onii-chan Echii!!!!

[14]: Not literally.

[15]: When I say beast I don’t mean the animal kind, but the devilish diabolical kind like the 666.


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