Summoned Boyfriend Paradox

by purple alt

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Female Lead Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Summoned Hero

I only wanted to summon a boyfriend to shut up my parents. Instead, I got magicked gods know where, turned into a “Mighty Hero”, and must stop some evil artificer from taking over the realm. Oh, and my “boyfriend” got summoned here with me.

Cover art from , CC0 Creative Commons

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  • Overall Score

So far this story’s very promising. I like that it’s a bit different from the stereotypical hero summoning stories. Even though only a few chapters have been released, do I find myself very entertained.

I cannot wait for how the author will progress with this story.

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There are very few grammar or spelling errors i saw. Story takes a nice twist on summoned heroes i think although its not my most favorite summoned hero scenario.  Give it a go its gud.