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Chapter 8 - Awakening (II)


Finally, it was Steve’s turn to get awakened. In the end, Steve awakened Earth elemental magic. His grandfather had also first awakened Earth elemental magic when he started his journey as a magic cube user, and as the person he respects the most, Steve was naturally very happy to have awakened the same element as his grandfather.

The last person in the group to get awakened was Tianyu. The others couldn’t help but look at him, curious which element he would awaken to. Even Marcus and Andrew were particularly alert. They could feel a special aura coming out of this guy. He was already ridiculously strong before awakening… what if he also awakened the light element?

Normally that would be unthinkable, but for this guy, they all believed it was possible.

“Hey Tian, what element do you want to awaken?”

Lukas first broke the silence.


Tianyu answered simply and immediately, without a hint of hesitation or doubt. The others immediately laughed. It must be a joke. Even if someone believed that there were no weak elements, they didn’t have to take it to such an extreme… It’s one thing to not be extremely disappointed with an air element awakening, but it’s another thing entirely to actually hope for an air element awakening.

Tianyu walked up to the front, and put his hands on the elemental magic cube. The guidance instructor stared at him for a few moments. The guidance instructor himself resided in the Inner Circle, and having been to different Academies all over the world helping students awaken their magic cube power, he could tell that Tianyu was no normal kid.

There was an aura around him, an aura that only people at the very top of the world had, an aura that could not be faked nor hidden completely. What was someone like him doing in the 9th layer? The guidance instructor couldn’t understand. But, his job was simply to help students awaken their magic cube powers, it wasn’t to find the newest topics to gossip on.

The guidance instructor put his hand on the elemental magic cube and tried to direct its energy into Tianyu’s body. However, as if it had hit an invisible wall, the energy bounced back out. The instructor tried again, at a slightly different angle this time, but again, the energy wouldn’t go in.

It was as if Tianyu already has all of these elemental powers inside his body. The guidance instructor was stunned. First, he meets a girl who managed to awaken the light element. Then this. In all his years as a guidance instructor, he has never had something like this happen before.

Well, there was that one time when a student who has already received his first awakening pretended to be a new student, hoping to get a second awakening before reaching the novice level. But that was different. Rather than the energy from the elemental magic cube not being able to penetrate into his body, the energy easily took over his entire body. However, because his physical, mental and spiritual capacity was not nearly enough to hold two magic cube powers, the energy simply left the body itself, after realizing the host wasn’t good enough.

If we were to give a real life example, in that guy’s case, it was like the magic cube energy walking into a small, cramped room in the basement, then leaving because it wasn’t good enough. In Tianyu’s case, it was like the magic cube energy standing outside a huge mansion, trying to take a look inside, but the security guards are blocking the way.

Thinking about it a bit more, the guidance instructor realized that it feels more like what happened with himself when he was awakening his final elemental power.

Actually, other than using a light elemental magic cube, there was one other way to guarantee awakening the light element; that was to awaken all five elements. Once a person has awakened a particular magic cube power, he cannot awaken the same power again. So say your first awakening was the water element, and you use an elemental magic cube again for your second awakening. This time, the only possibilities left are fire, earth, air and light, which means your chances for each of those four elements are significantly increased.

And if you continue to use elemental magic cubes to awaken, then eventually, you’ll be left with only a single element, and on the next awakening, you will obtain that element for certain.

However, to be able to awaken five times means that you were at least a master level magic cube user. Master level is normally considered to be the highest level achievable. Very few magic cube users ever reach the master level. Being a master level magic cube user is enough to get you an executive level position for the great families or even the heads of some of the smaller families in the Inner Circle. Not only does it take a lot of talent and effort, it also requires a vast amount of resources to reach the master level.

The guidance instructor was a master level magic cube user. For his first four awakenings, he received fire, earth, water and air elemental powers respectively, and he decided to finish off the elemental magic powers with his fifth awakening.

When he finally reached master level and started the awakening process, he noticed that it was much more difficult than earlier awakenings. It seems as if the power from the elemental magic cube cannot find a way in. His original elemental powers are rejected this new energy from entering. It took him many tries before he was finally able to absorb the light elemental power.

Does that mean that this kid is also going to awaken the light element? From the special kind of aura this kid gave out, he wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. However, he has had experience awakening two students with the light element already, and neither of them had this happen to them.

Of course, it’s obvious that he is not at the master level. Putting aside the fact that people at the master level can awaken magic cube powers themselves, it was impossible for someone so young to reach such a high level.

Even the most talented youths from the great families, the ones who go on to become family heads and rule the world, can only reach the master level by the time they’re 35-40. These are the people with potential to reach the grandmaster level.

If we were to think that master level magic cube users have the power and influence of top officials of countries, then a grandmaster level magic cube user would be like the president of a G8 country. Their power and influence was completely unparalleled.

The guidance instructor tried again to direct the energy of the elemental magic cube into Tianyu’s body. After a few tries, he finally found a way through. The “defenses” surrounding Tianyu were not as strong as his own when he was awakening his last element.

The energy from the elemental magic cube flowed through his body, creating a tiny cube of energy inside his consciousness. The cube spun around as usual, but did not emit different colors as usual. It was as if something was suppressing it from changing.

The cube eventually stopped spinning, emitting a faint, white glow. It was completely overwhelmed by the much larger cube beside it that was emitting a dark shadowy glow. Of course, as this was in Tianyu’s consciousness, only he himself can see this.

The last bits of energy from the elemental magic cube were absorbed, and the magic cube disappeared. Tianyu slowly opened his eyes and stood up. Air. Tianyu had awoken the air element.

… Air?

That’s it?

There was a bit of confusion in the classroom. Many of the students have seen the fight between Marcus’ group and Lukas. They also saw how Tianyu simply walked over and the fight ended just like that. Even those who weren’t there to see the fight heard about it right away from the other students.

Besides, even if you just looked at him, you could tell he’s not ordinary. It really feels like he is the prince of a far away country. Everyone expected this guy to awaken a strong element like fire. Even if it was light, they wouldn’t be surprised. But air? Boy, that’s some curveball.

The guidance instructor himself was also confused. Air? All of that effort just to awaken the air element? He couldn’t understand what was going on. It’s like watching a movie and the suspense keeps building up, but then, right at the climax, the main character wakes up and realizes it was a dream. Super anti-climatic. If this really was a movie, people would probably be throwing around rotten tomatoes by now.

The guidance instructor quickly glanced over at Tianyu to see what his reaction was. Tianyu simply yawned as if everything went as expected, and walked back to his seat.

Marcus had a huge grin on his face. The anger he felt earlier has disappeared completely.

“Ha! This idiot jinxed himself! Now he’s left with a useless element! Now you see, Alex. Even if these guys had some talent, they’re still going to end up useless without support from a family. I’ll give you one last chance. Join the Williams family or waste all your potential with these trash.”

Alex, Steve and Lukas completely ignored Marcus and looked at Tianyu with a slightly concerned look on their faces.

“Don’t… worry about it, Tian. Air elemental magic becomes pretty useful at the higher levels. With your ability, it won’t be difficult for you to reach novice or even intermediate level even if air is slightly weaker at the beginning.”

Steve tried to comfort Tianyu. After all, even if he himself wasn’t too biased against air elemental magic, he understands that people like him are a small minority. Most people would be devastated to find that they’ve awoken a useless element.

Tianyu’s face was expressionless. He had almost been bored to death watching these other people get awakened. Now that his turn was finally over, there was no need to pay anymore attention. He put his head on the desk in front of him and went to sleep.

Thinking that he was like this because he was extremely depressed, Alex reached out to him.

“Don’t worry, Tian. You can party with us when we go training. That way you will get experience too. Like Steve said, air elemental magic has some pretty powerful spells at the higher levels. Don’t give up!”

Tianyu turned his head slightly, opened his eyes and looked at Alex with a slightly confused expression.

“Uh, didn’t I tell you guys I was going to awaken air?”

“That wasn’t a joke…?”


Steve and Alex looked at each other, confused. There really was someone who wanted to awaken air elemental magic?

“Okay, let’s have the next student come up.”

A girl from the row behind Tianyu stood up.

“Professor, I am ready to be awakened now. May I go next?”

Marcus was feeling great. He wanted to take this opportunity to completely show the entire class how much better he is than that despicable asian kid.

“Of course. Samantha, please go back to your seat for now.”

The professor smiled warmly at Marcus. Even if he didn’t have a special magic cube, he was still a member of the Williams family. Of course he has priority over some random girl with no background.

Marcus walked up to the front of the room.

“What element will you be awakening today? Is it fire too?”

Because the chances of awakening air was quite small, people normally wouldn’t go out of their way to get Earth or water elemental magic cubes. It’s just not worth spending that money and preventing yourself from awakening fire elemental magic.

“Actually, I have a special magic cube.”

“Oooh! Good for you, good for you!”

The professor’s eyes immediately lit up. If he has a special magic cube, that means his position in the Williams family was not as low as he originally thought. At the very least, he must be the heir to a branch family.

Marcus took out the magic cube. Unlike the elemental magic cubes, this one did not glow brightly, and was not as translucent. As Marcus took it out, it jiggled slightly, showing that it has some elasticity.

The professor carefully studied the magic cube for a minute.

“Ah! It’s the gomu-gomu magic cube!”

The power of the gomu-gomu magic cube has been made extremely popular by a hit manga, and as a result, many people can recognize the gomu-gomu magic cube. Although it was not a high-end special magic cube, due to its flexibility and popularity, it wasn’t cheap. Actually, Marcus’ father was lucky he acquired it before the manga became a hit; he had only paid 6 million dollars for it. Nowadays, a gomu-gomu magic cube could cost upwards of 20-30 million dollars.

It might sound surprising that a manga managed to make the price go up so much, but that’s the power of popular literature! In fact, Harry Potter is very popular in places like Indonesia and India. As a result, so many owls were being sold as pets for families who wanted their own Hedwig, that ecologists had to call for protection to save the species from extinction! I’m not making this up; google it!

Anyway, the guidance instructor helped Marcus awaken his gomu-gomu power, and Marcus walked back to his seat, gloating as he passed Tianyu’s group.

The rest of the students went up one by one to get their powers awakened uneventfully. Some were excited to try out their new powers, others were devastated not knowing what to tell their parents. Of course, only a few students awakened air; it was as rare as fire, after all.


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