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People Started falling down in pain at first.

Then they saw screens and could sense an energy within them called mana by the screens.

These people could gain skills, cast magic and do the impossible.

Two weeks after, without fail, they disappear, never to be seen again.

It was called the two week curse.

Erik West was a combat medic, he was trying to save his friends lives, then he was blown up, leaving him with just one arm. At first he thought he had an infection, but then comes the news. He has the two week curse.

Let's just see if there is such a thing as healing magic.


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Michael Chatfield

Michael Chatfield

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  • Overall Score

Not bad, Not bad at all

The world building is really good, though since its original the author then needs to info dump you quite alot just to let you know how the toilets work. Do get the impression author is struggling to fit all the new info into the story organically having the MC read a intro guide book to the real is to me not a elegant solution even if it gets the job done fast.

So far it seems to be getting better and better and like i meantioned the setting is really good.

The chapters are very long for RR id say twice as long as many other stories but ive only read 8 so far, got potential to make it to the top of the site but so far the start isnt quite there yet but still seems to be better and better each chapter.

  • Overall Score

Rough Draft to a Good Book

 A very good story and a enjoyable read...except for some of the formating in the chapters.

This can make some of the chapters difficult to read but since this is a rough draft, is understandable.

Besides, those of us following the story want our chapters NOW! and we'll read the 'polished' version on Amazon.  At least I hope the plan is to post the complete, finished story up on amazon.

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(Current chapter 12)

Story this is a fun and easy going story about a battle medica that is transported to a fantasy type world, so far it seems like a slice of life story and it observes his daily adventures in the new world.

Grammar Unlike most stories on RRL Michael Chatfield is a veteran with several previous novels under his belt and this shows in his writting, as it is not edited to publish standards you can find a typo here and a strangely written sentence there but overall it is well written and mistake free.

Character The MC is a fun easy going army medic and is really easy to empathise with, other characters in the book are not currently very felshed out but this can easy be attributed to the fact that it is onlt 12 chapters in.

Overall This is a story with a boat load of potential, definite potential to be a really good LitRPG as the author's previous novel series was. Eagerly awaiting to find more out from The Ten Realms

  • Overall Score

Michael Chatfield is an amazing world builder i'm only 5 chapters in and I'm already hooked, Great character development looking forward to seeing where this story goes.


  • Overall Score

The story is interesting, the world building is great. The main character is hard for me to relate to, but that can be fun in its own way.

The story loses its star only for its poor editting. There are no line breaks in the first chapter and the 'screens' are done in hard text which make them a pain to read.

I am also calling shenanigans on something he does with his house, but it was technically world logical so oh well.

  • Overall Score

New LitRPG Book by Michael Chatfield? Count me in!

I am probably going to wait for the book to be published on Amazon before reading it. Just here to show some support to the author of one of my favorite book series: Emerilia.

I haven't seen this come by on the LitRPG facebook page, but good luck with the writing Michael, looking forward to seeing your new work.


  • Overall Score

love the story. Just ddn't like the first chapter almost dropped it but i persisted and i am glad i did.

  • Overall Score

Good so far but we're only one chapter in

I'll do my best to do a proper review of the one chapter out at the moment, but don't take my word on it, it's just my opinion

I have given 2.5 stars because, no need to skew either way. 



Okay, so the characters at the minute, great, I appreciate that there was a slight wall of text for the banter part, and I can understand if that annoyed anyone, but I just took it as an extended character development. There was no tension at the time, beyond the slight ominous feeling that something had to happen to land him in his amputee state, so I felt it was pretty alright timed.

In terms of story, I can anticipate and not really rate, but I'm looking forward to his infection(?) with the 2 week curse, and how and what he prepares after realising that he has it. However, if this is anything like we've seen from Michael Chatfield before...... well, good.

Style, good action scenes, at least with guns and combat so far, though magic and cultivation can be a totally different kettle of fish, so I await more. So far, it's just as good as I'd expect from him.

And lastly grammar, we all know that grammar isn't royalroadl's strongest feature, so it would be a diservice to compare this to the regular stuff we get on here, the grammar was exemplar, as should be expected of a high quality fiction writer.


And so, this basically all amounts to; So far so good. Yay?


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I tried, I really tried the first 2 chapters and could'nt stand that speech spamming.

Style - I'm out, it's not for me.
Grammar - 4 stars, it's fine.
Story - Who knows? Style got me away.
Characters - They talk too much, I guess.

  • Overall Score

tongue-out Being a fan of military and litrpg i was hoping this would be awesome. It is! Your main character is so well fleshed out i could see reading a series based on him. The modern field medicine aspect in a fantasy style world is an interesting twist and very different. Very enjoyable read keep it up and thanks for the chapters in advance !laughing