Ambassadors to another world

by Heswe

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Magic Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Supernatural

In 2144 an experiment on wormholes that was intented to find a solution for interstellar travel opened up the door to new possibilities, a world that we thought only existed in books and in our imaginations. A world of magic and dragons. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: First contact ago
Chapter 1: Ambassadors (part 1) ago
Chapter 2: Ambassadors (part 2) ago
Chapter 3: Introductions of qualified yet questionable people (part 1) ago
Chapter 4: Introductions of qualified yet questionable people (part 2) ago
Chapter 5: A different point of view ago
Chapter 6: Burning Rose ago
Chapter 7: Everything we know ago
Chapter 8: Flying menace ago
Chapter 9: A display of strength ago
Chapter 10: Air superiority ago
Chapter 11: Laser weapons vs Particle beams ago
Chapter 12: A taste of the new world ago
Chapter 13: Conflict ago
Chapter 14: Sleepless night ago
Chapter 15: Burden ago
Chapter 16: Great minds think alike ago
Chapter 17: Final preparations ago
Chapter 18: A battle between two men ago
Chapter 19: The love for good food transcends dimensions ago
Chapter 20: Heart of the Goddess ago
Chapter 21: Murphy's law ago
Chapter 22: The night after the banquet ago
Chapter 23: Prelude to the battle ago
Chapter 24: Trading of goods ago
Chapter 25: Mining Satellites. ago
Chapter 26: Humanitarian effort ago
Chapter 27: Intuition ago
Chapter 28: Flame ago
Chapter 29: Different outcome ago
Chapter 30: Historic moment ago
Chapter 31: Doubts ago
Chapter 32: Knock out ago
Chapter 33: Engineer and Scientist ago
Chapter 34: Candy ago
Chapter 35: Professionals ago
Chapter 36: The King's dilemma ago
Chapter 37: Changes ago
Chapter 38: Manticore Biology ago
Chapter 39: Alice ago
Chapter 40: New beginnings ago
Chapter 41: Familiarity ago
Chapter 42: Man of science meets woman of magic ago
Chapter 43: Mutual arrogance ago
Chapter 44: Dungeons and Lab coats? ago

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I very much like this story, and how frequently it updates. The characters all have personalities, and the story has unique properties to it.

One minor issue is that there are some places that need a comma or two, but besides that the grammar is good, especially for a non native speaker.

I do have a personal gripe for the way you write dialogue with brackets and thoughts with parentheses. I personally think that the talking should be with parentheses and thinking with italics.

The only big problem I have with this story is that it violates the "show, don't tell" rule, but that in itself can be difficult to do properly.


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I have thouroughly loved reading your work from chapter 1 till the most recent addition.

The world building has been absolutely superb!

Though if i must write one small thing that bothers me, it is that i wished the chapters were longer - i find them somewhat short.

But overall i feel it has been eons since i last found a story of this caliber and that this story is a must read on this site.

Keep up the good work!

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Title: Ambassadors to another world

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Protagonist: [none] or [too many to mention here]
Setting: a fantasy world and a sci-fi world that got connected.
Tension Level: Low-Medium

Basic Premise: the earth was connected to another world by a wormhole that they made. now they had to explore the new possibilities. while the fantasy world had to cope with the outsiders that appeared.

Chapter Content: how each world deal with the other world. how the village near the wormhole had became a big town, how ambassadors and scientist negotiates with the nearest kingdom for material, knowledge, and goods.

Chapter Reached: 30
Personal Opinion: feels like nihonkoku shoukan. pretty good. but somewhat slow at the beginning. it's good that the release frequency is high at this time...

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finally,a proper fantasy meet sci-fi world novel

the story so far very good and not much plot hole or anything happen (maybe aside from "show ,don't tell" problem),the grammar is very good for non-american ,have realistic in most part like politic,economy,.... and good character developing ,and it still have some of it funny part ,and thi one have 2 chapter/day so why not 

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Wow a really great story. I love it. Like one of the anime. Hope they don't bulky the local legendary creatures. They are just trying to make babies and live so don't C4 them .

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Using the words of a modern day philosopher : ,,Very nice''


The style of writing is not quite my favorite,dialogues are sometimes clunky but it gets a pass.Kinda slow paced,like before the meeting of the king and Nelson,everything might aswell be the prologue(15 chapter-ish').This has tons of potential and i can't wait to see more,keep up the good work Heswe.


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I'm very much in love with this story!

Thank you so much for blessing us with such an amazing read!