Embrace the Blade

by Valquist

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reader interactive Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Summoned Hero

James Ransom grew up unable to do the simplest of life’s tasks. Legs were malformed; he was in a wheel chair as long as he could remember. Suffering from a severe form of muscular exhaustion making him unable to use his hands for long despite his resolve to fight through it. All the challenges facing him he still was able to enjoy reading and video games; but a tragic car accident will change his life forever and perhaps he will be given the opportunity to reincarnate into another world.

Special thanks to Mikaelle for the Synopsis.

This is my first book/fic so constructive critisism would be very nice. Expect a lot of grammatical errors but hopefully not too many spelling errors.

Explanation for the tags; Action/Adventure/Fantasy: These don't really need an explanation, Comedy: I'll try to be funny hopefully I won't fail miserably, Romance: I like romantic sub-plots, LitRPG: No explanation needed but I am using my own system, Reincarnation/Summoned Hero: Not sure which one applies here I'm inclined to think both so I put both, Reader Interactive: I put this one here for my own amusment I'll allow everyone to help create the MC's love interest and maybe a few other things we will also hold a few contests.. Male Lead: self explanitory, Magic: Also easy, Strong Lead: Think of this as more of a weak-to-strong tag the MC will be OP but not till later in the story.

I don't know how long I'll be able to write this fic but I promise to keep my few readers informed in case I decide to drop it or something.

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this review will be a bit bland as we are only at chapter 6, but I have to give it a try.

I got hooked in.

I found at first that the initial "I'm a cripple but will become OP" would be overdone as a way to raise the sympathy pool of the MC but it's different.

It seems this feature will become part of the plot (I expect that he'll somehow meet the other reincarnated he doesn't know yet about... and that the premise were necessary for this subplot part)

We already get a possible political plot/archennemy (at chapter 4 ! yeah)

the 3 encountered characters are well enough developped... each at the measure of their importance in the narration (the MC, the Princess, the Overseer)


you have to try it.... and at least follow until you find something (that hopefully will not arrive) that displease you.