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[14] Crow's Nest (2) Ais's Story


"An assassin's guild with members that have had their hands in many conflicts between organizations and nobles alike. A guild hidden from the eyes of the public and mainly known within the higher-ups of nobles. Taking contracts from all over the kingdom from a price." Ais continued to explain.

"The only reason they could have for trying to assassination you is if the higher ups of the guild held a grudge against you or if a person had pinned a contract against your head."

Maria listened to this as she checked the condition of her body before finally asking her question, "if it's so secret, why do you know so much about it?"

She noticed the expression within Ais's eyes change and could faintly pinpoint what it was finally. A mixture of unease and guilt intertwined. However, why would she feel unease? She had always been good at reading people and a part of a person's mood and thoughts came from their body language, and although Ais showed almost no expression, her eyes were still active.

"Remember...I told you I was once part of the adventure guild." She sighed.

Maria nodded.

"This goes back to that time." Her voice began to trail off.

She unsheathed her sword and placed it on her lap as her hands gently caressed it's Blade as it glistened in the light of the sun.

"This sword was given to me by him...."

At that time, I was a different person altogether. Cheerful and full of a desire to explore the world, a young girl with hopes and dreams to make a name for myself. I became part of a party with another man. He was a brunette with a deep gaze and a meaningful stare, he was the closest thing to a father to an orphan like myself. He taught me the ways of an adventurer and even improved my swordsmanship.

Eventually, I grew strong enough to gain the attention of Crow's Nest and they invited me to join their guild.

Against the wishes of that man, John Locke, I joined. I wanted to prove to him I could become stronger and take care of myself.

I was trained within the guild and my strength slowly grew. Then came the final test.

At that time, I still wasn't strong enough. I didn't realize the horrors that awaited me.

First; they asked me to assassinate the man that had came to become my father, and I of course refused and stormed out in anger.

However, I couldn't escape so easily.

I was forcefully dragged back and in front of me was placed a final end to it all.

A demonic beast was set loose with my father tied down in front. It was simple, kill the demonic beast or kill my father. Naturally, I chose the latter.

I charged with my blade drawn, however.....

I was too weak, at that time, a single slap of that beast was enough to send me flying. And I couldn't pierce its skin.

It crushed me.

That beast of green scales and an ape-like figure that ran on four legs, it preyed upon my father as I stood within a pool of my own blood.

I looked on with the sounds of breaking bones and...

Her hand subconsciously gripped tighter around the hilt of her blade.

...I broke.

The world blacked out in front of me as I drew my blade, spending the last of my willpower and going beyond my limits, I killed it.


I was too late.

He had already begun to pass, even with a missing arm and a chunk of his abdomen cleaved off, he smiled and held my crying face in his hand and mouthed those last words of his.

I still do not remember exactly what he said to me, the world had already become nothing more than a blur. Bruises covered my body and I ached in pain, for a full month, I could hardly move my body. I do not remember what he said, but I knew, instinctively so, he was comforting me.

Even has the life drained from him, he wiped away my tears.

"I was too weak."

In the end...I was tossed out for that very reason.

Even as she said all this, Maria saw no tears shed from her guard. Her voice didn't falter nor did she quiver. It was as if it was a passing and drifting story, one that had nothing to do with her. However, looking into those golden tanned irises of hers, she could see the regret and desire to rewind time. She could see the cursing of herself for her minimum strength back then.

Maria looked towards her brother to see no traces of shock. It seemed he already knew this bit of information. Was she the only one unaware?

"I was offered a choice; be killed or sold as a slave with the account of telling no one of my story." Her emotionless voice drifted within the room.

"I chose the latter," she revealed a small smile, that looked otherworldly strange when mixed with her beauty and lack of expression.

"Your father, the king, bought me and trained me to become your guard."

"A...slave?" Maria asked hesitantly somehow, it sounded familiar to her yet not so.

"There was no magical power that bound me, nothing to proclaim me so, it was only my status within the world. Degraded to the bottom in return for my weakness."

"I became nothing more than an item." She smiled. Again...that strange smile of hers.

For a moment, the room was silent, awkwardly so.

Arthur felt as if it wasn't in his nature to input his ideas, and he didn't have much experience in consoling someone and Maria felt just the same. Although she had experienced something more, she had no idea how to solve the situations of others when she failed to do so for herself.

"It was just the same..."

Although her memory after the event was mostly Locked, she still remembered the draconic beast that claimed their life. She could do nothing but smell the overpowering stench of blood and hear the crunch of bones.

"....we were both weak..." her voice was soft but it seemed to resound through the room.

Maria raised her head as she looked at her brother.

"Hey, Arthur. I killed him didn't I?" She asked.

He was silent for a moment before he gave a small weak nod.

"Look Maria—" he began.

However, she had already stopped listening.

Maria shivered slightly. She had never killed, no, she had never killed in this new world. Although she couldn't remember much of her past life, she instinctively felt it.

She remembered when she faced the man without hesitation and she remembered killing him without a change to her emotions.

It wasn't right. As a human being, one would feel at least some bit of unease take over them or a bit of backlash on there first kill, any kill really.

So she knew, it was all wrong.

There were only two reasons she could think of as to why she could kill for her first time without feeling anything. Without a wave of unease. She was either ill in the head or...

....she had simply done so many times before and became used to it.


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