Eldritch Night

by hammbody

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Horror Grimdark LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Eldritch horrors descend from the sky to consume the world. Only a last-minute intervention by a mysterious Hegemony of Worlds saves Earth, albeit temporarily. Skills, levels, and battles with twisted monsters are part of the new reality the survivors will have to face.

Augustus Finn is a young man driving home when the new system is imposed. He is thrown directly into danger as a twist of fate places him in an area designated, by the automated systems of the Hegemony, for the containment and disposal of eldritch energy - areas also known as dungeons. Without the aid of tutorials, or the orientation areas commonly known as "newbie zones," Augustus will have to make his own way to survive in unforgiven circumstances.

He will face monsters, aliens, other humans, and his own darkness as he struggles to grow strong enough to face the countdown to apocalypse. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Day Breaks, and Night Falls ago
Chapter Two: At Night Crept ago
Chapter Three: A Widow Fled ago
Chapter Four: From Looming Monarch's Dread ago
Chapter Five: Debrief ago
Chapter Six: Mind and Body ago
Chapter Seven: Daybreak ago
Chapter Eight: New Growth ago
Chapter Nine: Sticks and Stones ago
Chapter Ten: Of Class and Men ago
Chapter Eleven: All Aboard ago
Chapter Twelve: Shore Leave ago
Chapter Thirteen: Words of Blessing ago
Chapter Fourteen: Homecoming ago
Chapter Fifteen: Revelations ago
Chapter Sixteen: Night Turns to Day ago
Chapter Seventeen: Pickman’s Daughter ago
Chapter Eighteen: The Band Sets Outs ago
Chapter Nineteen: Conflict on the Bridge ago
Chapter 20: Song of Battle ago
Chapter 21: Dark Revelations ago
Chapter 22: Truth from Madness ago
Chapter 23: Banter and Bombs ago
Chapter 24: Aftermath ago
24.E ago
Chapter 25: Smoke on the Water ago
Chapter 26: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish ago
Chapter 27: One of Many ago
Chapter 28: Descent ago
Chapter 29: Trapped ago
Chapter 30: The Fisher Man and the Sea ago
Chapter 31: Into the Fore ago
Chapter 32: Flowers of Change ago
Chapter 33: Out of the Breach ago

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Seriously, give this a try- you won’t regret it

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve read so many lit-RPGs on this site that I’m quite tired of them, but this story’s summary managed to catch my interest anyway, so I gave it a try. I don’t regret it.

Style- Very well written story with vivid descriptions that immerse you into the MC’s perspective. I feel like the great style of this story alone gives this novel a major edge above other lit-RPGs. 

Story- Obviously writing a lit-RPG on RoyalRoadL and staying original at the same time is near impossible, so I won’t fault this story for giving off Change: New World vibes towards the beginning. Actually that’s probably a good thing, now that I think about it. Regardless, the story starts off quite entertaining, drags a bit around chapters 3 and 4(at least comparing to its own immediate start), and takes off faster than a rocket after that. As of this review, chapter 6 is the one most recently released, and I kid you not: if the story continues like this, it will become one of the best rated on this site, hands down.

Grammar- Not much to say here. I didn’t see any grammar errors so far and the story is very easy to read.

Character- All the characters feel real, fleshed out, and interesting in general. However, there are some moments where I couldn’t relate with the MC or felt that the interactions between characters could have been better. 

Overall, if someone who sick and tired of this genre(me) is looking forward to reading this story to the end, then most likely you will enjoy it a lot. You won’t regret checking out this story.

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I read until my eyes bled and my girlfriend broke up with me. I joined up with a bunch of my fellow fans in a small coastal village where we dressed in robes and forcibly spread the good word of the Eldrich Night. Some of my fellows grew strange mutations such as tentacle or fish faces or odd limb replacements after successfully chanting Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn to celebrate our new converts. In other words I think I have accidentally become a servant of the great ones after reading this novel. I consider this story a great success for the great ones and an example of a glimpse into the great truths of existence.

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Absolutely wonderful, fast-paced and entertaining

This story is a rollercoaster ride of adventure, danger, and suspense, and had me on the edge of my seat for every word.  It follows a boy named Gus (Augustus) as he navigates a game style world and fights for his own life.

The style is fresh and original, although a lot of times the pace was a little too fast and I felt like you needed to step back and go into a lot more fleshing out of the characters, the setting, and the plot.  Your descriptions were really good, but I think that if you took more time to focus on the characters and what you are bringing out of them in each scene, it would make your writing a lot stronger.

The grammar is fine, although I try not to judge based on that.  It's far better than most grammar on this site, and I rarely saw mistakes.

The story itself is my favorite part.  It's really gripping and suspenseful, making me want to cling to every word and find out for myself what is going on and what is going to happen next.  The plot is amazing, and the story is fresh and original despite being a very common genre.  I look forward to continuing reading the next chapters and seeing for myself what happens next.  

The characters could use a little fleshing out- there were times where Gus's behavior felt a little irrational and wasn't really backed up.  But he is an extremely unique character who is not in any way OP, who has quirks and flaws just like anyone else, which I greatly admire and commend the author for.  

  • Overall Score

Disappointing... that there aren't more chapters.

I wish I had stumbled across this a year from now. While the story is an iteration of the Randidly Ghosthound format, it's killing it on multiple levels. Keep up the good work.

Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed

Only seven chapters so far, but it is an excellent read. No grammar errors, fairly fast paced and the MC isn't overpowered. Definitely looking forward to reading more.

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Eldritch done right

The story follows the adventures of Gus, a man who when the apocalypse started, had the bad luck of seeing the horror that is an eldritch God.

The style is good, with descriptions of places and emotions that manage to immerse you in the story, better than most other stories out there. 

The story itself isn't the most original but managed to stand out because of not having an unnecessary overpowered class or cheat for it's MC, besides it also manages to portrait eldritch beings as that, not just mass of tentacles, but abominations. 

The grammar is very good, I haven't seen any obvious error. 

The characters feel "real" And aren't just there for the MC but have their own motivation and Personalities, bonus points for not having the MC being an edgy teenager or master strategist, and for making a true eldritch mage. 

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Definitely one of the top new novels on RR.

Great novel so far. The world is your typical "real world is turned into a game world" scenario. Or at least a world with game like elements such as levels and status screens. Where the author seems to subvert the trope is by adding elements of sci-fi and and horror.

The MC seems real and consistent and is in no way OP. I hope it stays that way.

I don' think the writing is perfect but I didn't catch any errors. 

An over all great work, and I hope to see it trending.

Note: I wrote this review at chapter 4. The novel is up to 11 chapters now and it has gotten even better. It has also gone in a completely different direction than I thought. It is nice to be surprised.

A small criticism, the first few chapters, everyting until after the BMS feels like prologue. 

  • Overall Score

nice POV + Description really take me there man

the choice of 1st person and the vivid description really give me a feel of what the MC is experiencing coupled that with the "Analyze skill" give me a sense of what the main character is up against overall im really interested in what comin up ;D

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Good switch on a nice theme

So, another world is invaded by a game system and the MC starts of in a dungeon.

As a nice switch, the MC is neither caught up in the dungeon nor clears it, but leaves and starts of closish to everybody else.

It’s a slightly overdue take on the ghost hound, new world etc theme, that I really like.

Solid English and story telling so far. 

I’m quite excited to see some world building and more explanations on the system. Maybe see some characters, but its still early. The build up seems nicely paced, it could be a little slower, but that’s just my preference (and hope to avoid incredibly OP MCs for as long as possible :)).

Keep up the good work, oh great author sama. This feels like I’ll enjoy it, for as long as it lasts.


  • Overall Score

Great story and I love how it has that little touch of love craft seen it tried a few times but this is a huge success and I love how tech still is supposed to work like in another book I love enough lead will bring anything down