'Let's check if the equipment works as they should.' Thought Alexander while picking up two golden daggers from the ground.

These two daggers are called the Mischevious Golden Daggers, they were bought by Alexander in the store before he fainted and ended up in this world.

Alexander then used appraisal on the daggers.

Name Mischievous Golden Daggers
Grade Legendary
Description These daggers contain the soul of an Expert Rogue. If thrown at an enemy the dagger will change course on their own and retarget the enemy.

Alexander then decided to check his rings and amulets.

Name Pathfinders Ring
Item Legendary item
Description A ring that belonged to the three sisters of fate, this ring is able to stop even fate from disrupting one's mind providing an iron will to the user. Immunity against mind control, charm or fear-based spells or skills.


Name Gate Ring
Item Distinguished item
Description The scroll of the Gate spell was carved in this ring. Allow casting the [Gate] spell instantly and without any mana consumption.


Name Necklace of Life
Item Supreme item
Description A gem once held by a powerful god. The gem was said to be able to cure all illness and injuries. Has the ability to transform water into lesser healing potions (max per day 3potions).

Alexander wanders how could he test Pathfinders Ring, as for the others he would need materials and mana but for this ring he would need to cast a spell on himself and he wasn't happy about that, Alexander starts trying to think of the weakest spell to test this and reads the description again and again but something clicks in his mind and reads out loud "iron will" then he wonders if this was happening to him right now.

'Since I been here, I haven't got scared or stressed due to all of this and I should but its like I have an 'iron will' maybe its the ring.'(Alexander)

'I was nervous in some instances but nothing too extreme.'(Alexander)

Alexander starts to take off the ring but decides to stop "If it works it's doing more good than bad, actually by what it says in the description it's doing all good, I should keep it on and then test the other rings if the description matches what they do."(Alexander)

'I shouldn't worry about the rings but find players or civilisation or at least land.'(Alexander)

Alexander heads for the throne room, as he reaches the throne room he sees Niklaus and Solares in the same positions as before.

"Niklaus bring all the three craftsmen, and Solares bring the six commanders, in 30 minutes I want everyone here." (Alexander)

"Yes, my liege." (Niklaus) "Yes, Father." (Solares)
Both bowed and left.

After they left Alexander sat on his throne and wondered if the NPCs were trustworthy or not.

'Niklaus told me they were trustworthy and from the weapons and items functions I have appraised they match their descriptions so technically speaking the NPC's descriptions should match their personalities and at most I can ask them to pledge their loyalty or something like that.' (Alexander)

While Alexander's mind was in deep thought he didn't realise that Solares and other six people arrived in the throne room. One takes a step forward, lifts his fist to his hearts and says " My Lord we have arrived, what task do you wish for us to complete." The man who spoke had what look like a steel plate armour with articulated joints and chainmail worn to cover the exposed areas the armour look normal but on the chest plate, the armour had a golden sigil of a sword pointing upwards entwined by several vines and roses.

Alexander looks at the one who spoke and checks his description by using appraisal.

Name Narin de Eclipse
Title The Knights Commander
Level 238
Class Legendary Knight, Supreme Warrior, Supreme Polymorph, Distinguished Magus
Race Transcended Human

He was abandoned in a coal mine when found they thought he wouldn't survive. He became an orphan he was adopted along with two friends by the Eclipse Alliance. Due to never knowing his real parents he decided to seize this chance and work hard and impress the Nine Lords.

The NPCs created were Narin the Knights Commander, the Chief Archer, Paladins Captain, Battlemage, Niklaus the Dragons Knight and the most powerful Solares, you also have the Enchantress, the Blacksmith and the Head alchemist but these NPCs didn't have any combat abilities they were used for crafting in large quantities and crafted when you were offline. The NPCs were tasked with defending areas in pairs, Solares and Niklaus both protected the throne room and treasury then you had the Paladin Captain and Battlemage who protected the inner wall, Narin was the NPC tasked to protect the outer wall with the help of the Chief Archer. 

Alexander clears his throat and starts to get into his role "I have summoned you here not for any tasks but to inform you of the problem at hand, some of you may already know that this location is not were we where previously, before we were at the coastline of the Tangier continent, the Sandplains but now we are surrounded by an ocean and the sky has two suns. The two suns lead me to the conclusion that the whole city has been teleported to another world and not to another part of our previous world." (Alexander)

"The Knights Commander, Chief Ranger and Solares will stay behind all of you are dismissed unless you have a question?" After Alexander completed his sentence the four commanders left.

"Narin I want you to close the gates no civilians are allowed to leave, send several knights to scout the area around the city, send them in pairs if they encounter any sort of danger have them retreat." (Alexander)

"Yes my lord." Narin said.

'Which mounts should I give them? Wyverns are weak but they are fast and hard to spot dragons and the pegasus are just too valuable and I also have the biggest problem the NPCs can't abandon the base without me, if this is real life then they would be able to leave without me.' (Alexander)

In the game you had two types of NPCs, you have the custom NPCs they are created by players and are quite powerful they are like bosses in a dungeon they guard certain areas and cant leave the base, then you also have the other NPCs this are weaker but you can get a large number of them, they are used to create armies and fight between players for territory, you could get them by paying gold these were called mercenaries or if you had a big enough city you could recruit civilians iit was far cheaper but you needed specific building to train this NPCs.

"I also want a larger team tasked in finding the Undead Dragon Knight send about 6 knights and 2 archers give them a [Gate] scroll from the library in case that they find land they should find a safe area and activate it." (Alexander)

While Alexander was talking Niklaus arrived with three other people and signalled him to come in then looked at the Chief Archer 

Name Beatrice de Eclipse
Title Chief Archer
Level 212
Class Legendary Archer, Legendary Rogue, Distinguished Beast tamer, Master Polymorph  
Race Transcended Human
Description Beatrice was an adventurer her goal in life was getting stronger one day she was exploring the Misty Mountains and she stumbled on a fight between the members of the Eclipse Alliance and a snake that could encircle the mountain itself, the guild members were able to defeat the snake easily. Due to this, she pledged her loyalty to them so she could get stronger.


"I want the two archers to at least be Elite Master Rogues, lastly use the wyverns for your mounts. That's all you may leave." (Alexander) 

""Yes my lord"" Beatrice and Narin said after the bowed and left the throne room.

 Alexander thought that went well but 'The NPCs look alive but keep addressing me with 'lord' I don't know if that's due to me 'Roleplaying' or their descriptions but they don't show any emotion they are just NPCs with better graphics. sighh" (Alexander)


Class [ Archer ]

Expert survavalist and marksmen who are hard to hit and hart to evade. 

Class [ Rogue ]

Masters of stealth and dexterous people, able to disarm traps, pick locks, spy on foes, and perform backstabs from hiding.


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