“Why are you two starring at me like that.” I said very nervously. They looked at each other then Malik replied.

“Well sugar you’ve got a unique character and that screams all kinds of possibilities. Uhm hum” He was making me nervous he was reminding me of this woman I had known all hopped up on religion like a junkie.


This time Eira replied. “Unique characters often have unique quest chains. Which means money.”

Ok this started to make sense to me now, they thought I was their freaking cash cow. “Or it could be a dead end the developers had forgotten to tie up” Then I wiggled my brows at them. “Seriously you think I’m going to luck into a world quest my first day?” I could see that had soured their mood. “I’ll tell you what if I get any more info on whatever it is I’ll keep you in the loop.” There a vague promise but still enough to get me off the bait hook, I hoped. Shit I’m glad I didn’t tell them about all my professions.

“I did have a question about leveling and how to get more stat points.” I was trying to distract them.

Eira took that one, “You level by killing mobs…” She said as she handed me back my tablet, and I listened to what she had to say. “But you get five extra stat points at every fifth level. You can earn extra stat point with some quests but those are hard to find and are usually hidden quests. The most likely way you will get them is by training a characteristic. Just like in real life.” She pantomimed lifting weights, “weight lifting or in the game lifting stuff at your max weight over and over. Same with any of them.”

Then Malik broke in the real thing though is gear. As you level you need to find gear that will boos your stats. The problem is as a lowbie you will have to farm it as most crafter figure its a waste of time to craft gear for you that will only be used for a few levels then tossed.” He pointed at himself “After two years I’m nearly a journeyman armor smith” I nodded and sighed inwardly in relief that I’d kept my skills quiet.

“One thing take a profession as early as you can and start training it.” Eira added, “usually gathering skills are your first choices and you can make a little money at it but for the most…”

“Unless you get unbelievably lucky” broke in Malik

“part money will not start coming in until you reach level twenty in a few months.”

I thanked them then left, I resolved from this point on to shut my mouth and find a way to eat alone. Eira was dangerously pretty to me and I had a feeling she came first, last and always to herself. I headed back to my cubby, cubicle? Hell whatever it was that I lived and worked in.

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