I returned to my room and started to look for second hand clothing stores. I was bound to be disappointed and slumped at the desk I was in. I wasn’t feeling tired so I decided to put off the shopping until after I worked on leveling. I entered the capsule and was so happy that the gel was warm. Then I fell into the game world.

Once more I fell down the tunnel of lights and suddenly was sitting next to the fire. It had gone out long ago and even the coals had grown cold. I stood up and stretched my back and looked around. I was on the crest of a low knoll the camp overlooked a flat plain, it reminded me of the steppes of Russia. The grass was about chest high but turning a golden grain color, so it must have been fall. I thought about what Malik and Eira had said about gaining stat points. The easiest skills for me to work on here were agility and strength, so I started to perform a tai chi kata, full of resistance training and stretches for joints. Basically I was doing my morning workout, the one I’d performed for the previous twenty years. Nothing happened of course but if I kept working one day who knows.

I took up my sword and I started looking for mobs and some clear sign of where I was and a direction I needed to go to get to civilization. The first thing I noticed was a fox, from its coloration and ears I’d say it was probably a swift fox, I readied my short sword in my right hand and then pointed at it with my left and cast magic missile.

Magic missile hits for 15 damage

The fox tried to avoid the ball of energy but yipped in surprise then charged at me. As it drew near I whipped my sword across is a slash and pivoted my body out of the way of the animals advance.

Short sword hits for 23 damage

In then slammed my sword home into the foxes body in a vicious jab with the point.

Critical hit! Short sword hits for 42 Damage, Level one Brenner fox has been slain you receive 10xp

I bent down and collected the loot, and received a tooth. I pulled out a dagger and started to skin the critter. I found out skinning an animal ingame went much smoother than skinning an animal in the real world. No blood, no fuss no muss.

Skill learned animal skinning Neophyte 99 skill points until next level.

Well that was easy, I thought to myself and then went to looking for my next mob. This time it was a rabbit, now most people like rabbits. But I had a friend who owned a mean rabbit he had named Buggs, Buggs would bite the crap out of me anytime it would get a chance. I took careful aim at Buggs jr and blasted him with magic missile. I got off two missiles then a slash with my sword and skinned the little bestie. I started working myself around the area in a search pattern spiral looking for signs on how I’d gotten there or foot prints that might lead me to a village. As I searched I also farmed the various animals I found. I found that I had to often sit and rest to recover my energy amd Mama. The I stopped and nearly smacked myself in the head. I hadn’t applied any buffs to msyelf.

I played song of courage and felt healthier and just a little stronger. This was an amazing buff but I noticed on icon that indicated it would only last fifteen minutes. Once more I got to work farming the area. After nine more kills my body flared white and I heard a soft ding. I had managed to collect a few hides from fixes and rabbits and more importantly I found a set of tracks heading away from the campsite I had been in.

I followed the tracks and kept farming I noted that my xp gains had dropped from ten xp per kill to eight xp and realized that my racial ability was kicking in and while small right now as I leveled It would be better if I tried to farm mobs at least one level higher than I was. Within fifteen minutes I dinged level two and collected more teeth claws rabbit paws and hides. My skinning skill was at four after nearly twenty-four mobs. I needed to figure out how to cure them for the game. I know I wasn’t going to be using pee for it, but brains was a possibility I would just need water. It was an incredible amount of work but… soft pliable and stayed flexible after getting wet.

I started trying to collect brains from my kills but had only limited success. In about another half hour I dinged third level and managed to find a small clearing with a stream. I set down to work, first I prepared the brain solution and then stretched the hides. I was really likeing the game world way of doing things it wasn’t gross there wasn’t a smell of rotting flesh, or chemicals.

Congratulations you have a crafting achievement +1% to skill growth. Brain tanning solution, you are the first crafter to discover this pattern

Alchemist Apprentice points to next level 99

Congratulations you have a Crafting achievement +1% to skill growth. Brain tanned leather pattern you are the first crafter to discover this pattern

Skinning Neophyte points to next level 54

I took the leather I had made and examined it. I wasn’t sure what a blue resource was but I had an idea I’d made something special. But I smiled and kept working, not bad I thought as I continued to process and clean the hides. At the end I had made twenty pieces of brain tanned leather and damaged five other hides. It left me with sixteen still to do but I was out of materials. All in all a good morning. I cleaned up my mess and then headed down stream hopefully to civilization.

A note from Manx

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