The Golden Gravekeeper 黄金の墓守

by Tanaka Tomoyuki

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Upon being summoned to another world, a group of bullies attempts to murder their classmate by throwing him off the transportation spell and to his death.

However, Tanaka Tomoyuki finds himself revived as a zombie. Dragging himself from beyond the grave, he returns to the world of the living to exact revenge on all those who bullied and tormented him when he was still alive.


In other words: vengeful EDGELORD to the max...the worst and most cringeworthy story to ever exist on the site. Cardboard, 2D villain characters with no depth at all whose sole purpose is to exist as antagonists to be beaten up by the vengeful protagonist. And the protagonist somehow isn't bitter and edgy enough because of his lame jokes and he's the typical spineless beta male...whatever that means because it's such a bullshit term coined by so-called alpha males who think there's only one way to be "masculine".

Will probably delete the story once I get the inevitable flood of 0.5 ratings.

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Tanaka Tomoyuki

Tanaka Tomoyuki

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This is going through be good...

Barely started but already interesting! This author has a great track record of writing excellent stories. I’m looking forward to it!

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A Good Story That Will Not Dissapoint

Altough I bailed somewhere on the 12th chapter., this story is a good one It is well written and entertaining. Although I stopped reading I'd be lying if I said that the author is undoubtedly a talented writer and knows how to put a story together.

I bailed because I very much started disliking the main character much, so that goes to more personal taste rather than the story. Perhaps, I could stomach the character if this was in 3rd person? But like I said, it is a very good story for sure.