The Golem Crafter

by G-S

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Talos Stone, a young man on his way to college dies in a tragic car accident due to a faulty traffic light. He wakes up feeling pain throughout his body. Talos in the middle of nowhere, pain riddling his body, drifted off into unconsciousness.

Follow Talos on his journey to answer all of his questions regarding his current predicament and how he learns to protect himself with his talent in creating alchemical Golems. 


Note from Author - I was born in the United States, I speak english, and I'm a highschooler. No, I do not speak other languages (I just know a little Spanish), but I do love foreign translated novels, because they all have a story to tell whether good or bad. There is always something you can take away from another author's point of view. This is what drives me to write my own novel and post it on Royal Road, and... I'd like to be able to make a living off of my writing. 


Cover art by Bogna Gawronska

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dude same in hughschool i want to make a book too but i dont think i got the skillz. Love the idea.

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A good idea 

Plz continuesmile