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On the other side of the forest, chaotic users were suddenly attacked by a girl wearing a white dress. They tried to fight back, but the girl overpowered them easily no matter how many of them came they simply couldn’t stop this monster.

In the darkness of the forest, the girl alone shined under the moonlight. a beauty, but her dim red eyes only brought the sense of creepiness. Like a ghost, a fearsome ghost with a unmatched beauty.


With a fighting style that seemed similar to dancing, it was a beautiful sight for the onlooker, but a terrible experience for those experiencing it. Sometime she sang songs with beautiful melodies, but to her enemies, it was voice belonging to the legendary sirens, a voice one that would only be heard just before death.

From the crowds of chaotic users whom fought the maxed level girl, one user tried to escape. He ran toward the darkest side of the forest trying to hide in the darkness.

As he ran, a user with a musketeer attire, a moustache man holding a rapier blocked his path. Looking at the chaotic user with dim blood eyes under his musketeer hat, the moustache man expression doesn’t change.

The chaotic user had nothing to lose, getting pass this moustache man or back to the white girl. He felt death was imminent, regardless, he want to try his luck.Choosing the less threatening moustache man as his target, the chaotic user began to attack.


Without changing his expression, the musketeer prepared his standard fighting pose before he countered the chaotic users attack with dozen of stabs with his rapier.

Although he was skillful, the moustache man damage was average. The chaotic user thought he had chance to beat him compared to the girl in white.

“Take this, and this, and this!”

The musketeer dodged and sometime countered the attacks, but the level of tension wasn’t the same as the girl in white.

The moustache men level was only a bit higher than Chrono, even with his ‘ancient vampire’ race bonus, the chaotic user was a hard opponent as he was rather skillful and his level was in the 300 range.

The battle between the musketeer and the chaotic user seemed to be equal, as both eventually came to a halt, knowing that each other had 20% health.

“Heh, let's end this.”


Maintaining his cold attitude, the musketeer lowered his rapier. Soon after the chaotic user attacked with his sword as he saw the chance

Instead of posing with his rapier like usual, the musketeer sneaked in behind the chaotic user in a single breath. He threw his rapier to the side and grabbed the chaotic user from behind.

“Wh-What hell?”

Behind the chaotic user, the moustache man opened his mouth wide showing his vampiric fangs.In an instant, the musketeer sank his fangs deep to the chaotic user neck.


The chaotic user tried to struggle, only to find out that his body felt powerless. His vitality was sucked rapidly by the vampiric musketeer.

“Are you done yet?”

The girl in white, Sitka, suddenly appeared. It seems she already beat all of her enemies. The musketeer open his eyes and drew his victim's body to the side.


Instead of a musketeer, the one answering Sitka was a cold looking woman with a long black haired reaching her waist, dazzling eyes of ruby and a model like womanly figure.

“Did you really need to do this, Aramis?”

“Can’t be helped, this form already reached max level. It will be easier for me to fight with this form in this battle.”

“I don’t even know why did you bother to level up your other fake form.”

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s to avoid ‘him’ !”

“Heh, whatever”


“W-What Happened? Why are the ‘BloodBrothers’ here?”

“Maybe they want the caravan’s treasure for themselves?”

“Shit, we’re screwed.”

At various other ‘Safe Spots’ , one after another ‘BloodBrothers’ member logged in. They striked great fear to every chaotic users as all the members logged in were the max level users in ‘BloodBrothers’.

Because of various circumstances, only five hundred members managed to login. Regardless, the chaotics alliance have been thrown into a mess.


clang! clang!

ting! ting! ting!

Inside of the checkpoint, the merchants and their guards could only heard the sound of war cry and metal clashing from outside of the checkpoint. The chaotic side didn’t have mages whilst the caravan side only had a few mages that mostly specify in healing.

With the lack of mage classes, the battle was decided with lots of active melee. The caravan side tried to make up their lack of numbers with their experience and formation. Sadly, after the battle dragged on, the troops formation turned into a mess and everything turned into head on fight.

Even with all their experience, the head on fight was a clear advantage to the chaotic sides as they had numbers and many of them were excellent duelists.

“Archers, Shoot more arrows!”

“Healer, we need healer!”

In the hectic situation, archers and healers from the support squad weren’t sufficient enough to support the troops.

The assassins squad from the chaotics side managed to assassinate the enemy effectively, assassinating the support squads made things worse for the caravan troops. Over the time, the caravan’s troops were crippled with the lacked of healers and archers.

“Don’t give up, keep on fighting, we too have our pride as the guardsmen!”

By the time their support squad was annihilated by the assassins, the troops were pushed back to the closed checkpoint’s gate. Opening the gate would only gave chaotic users chance to enter the checkpoint, as they knew it, none of the troops asked to open the gate.

Regardless of the situation, the troops kept on fighting the losing battle. Their morale and pride was the only thing they had despite their survival rate was close to zero.

“Fight! Fight! If we can’t win, we kill as many of them as we can, if we can’t kill, we will hold them as long as we can. Fight until our health reaches zero and our body vanishes, let the world know we never do a half ass job as guardsmen!”

The battle couldn’t get any fiercer. The caravan side fought desperately to defend the checkpoint while the chaotic side went all out on their attacks.



As the sound of battle grew closer, as the checkpoint wall shaked from the outside impact, the merchants inside the checkpoint can’t get more nervous as they waited their in coming demise.

Cold sweats were all over their bodies, the tension was real enough until they forget it was a game. Some of the merchants risked their entire fortune for the class upgrade quest, losing their money now would mean they need to start again from zero.

Few of the merchant live an honest life, regardless, every penny was their hard earned money from their own blood and sweats.

The time they need to search for profitable trades, collecting goods and selling their product. As the profitable trades usually was a secret, some merchant end up having less money than average users and they could only going around the city doing part-time jobs.

Collecting goods was a war, the competition between the merchants was fierce, pulling an all nighter to get the lowest price of the goods was normal for a merchant.

Money to hire the best guards was crucial as they couldn’t afford their goods to get stolen before they could sell it. And after overcoming everything, and the market price suddenly dropped, a merchant could only laugh as days or in some case months of their effort has come to naught.

Money were the merchants pride and joy, having it snatched away by petty thieves was a disgrace to them. Somewhere in their heart they knew the troops they hired were not enough to defend against the chaotic users.

By the time the caravan’s troops war cry started to slowly fade away, by the time they saw cracks on all of the checkpoint gate, the merchants knew the chaotics would start to break in anytime soon.

The merchant's personal guards start to draw their weapons and took their battle stance. Having their own resolved, the merchants start to open their wagon and hold any weapon they could find.

The merchants was known for having the weakest fighting prowess, but doing nothing when their goods and money on the line was unlikely.

The personal guards turned their back on the merchant while circling the merchants. Every merchants were in despair, especially GIlbert, the caravan’s leader.

“Pfft! This time, is a failure too.”



As the merchants and the personal guards looking at the checkpoint gates, waiting for the chaotic users to charge in. A particular ‘personal message’ received by Gilbert gave a tiny bit of hope.

Chrono : Gilbert, did you hear me?

Gilbert : Chrono?

As he saw Chrono’s message, he suddenly realized that Chrono wasn’t around. Chrono absent was puzzling and for a second Gilbert thought Chrono was the one behind the raid, but Gilbert can’t help but to cling on the hope Chrono gave on his next remark.

Chrono : I have a plan to get out of this situation, I need you to help me.


Once he’s done briefing Gilbert his plan, Chrono stands up looking at those around him. He did some patch up on his comrades equipment and he quickly fixed his metal gauntlet and Grave. But Chrono just left his body bare and his tattered pant as he had no time to care about his near to zero defense.

With a bit of rest and some foods, Chrono’s party seems to recover a bit of their stamina. Waiting for them to fully recovered was a wasted of time, Chrono decide to move on.

“Let’s go, we are executing our plan.”

Mounting on Thorin, Chrono let Esca to ride with him while letting Jason and James to follow by foot. He open up portals to unsummon his slaves including goblin Kai to avoid the slaves from lagging behind.

“Esca, enchant these guys so they could keep up with out speed.”


While Esca enchanting Jason and James, Chrono looked at Jurek and his three henchmen to say which plan he will use. He already briefed his clan members about his plan, he only need to say which one he will use as he devised multiple plan just to be safe.

“Since not many of our clan members can login in right now and the fact that I need to finish this as soon as possible, let’s use plan F so we can finish this quickly.”


As he heard Jurek, Chrono swiftly left with his party.The confident Jurek turned his back to his three henchmen as he speak.

“So, tell me how this plan F work. Since the one hearing it was my wife.”

“Err… The original plan was we login one hour after the raid and surround the chaotic users from the back and ambush them while they focus on attacking the checkpoint.”

“So...the plan F…”

The previous plan was unimportant, they need to just execute plan F. But Jurek henchmen start to talk about other plan

“Ha...errmm….The plan B is something like if we somehow can’t surround them, we move left and right or something.”

Jurek started to feel uneasy as his third henchmen spoke.

“I-I guess I only remember until plan C.”

“What!? What about plan F?”

“M-Maybe some of our clan members remember it, just announce to everyone we’re using plan F.”

Still feeling uneasy, Jurek used his clan leader status to shout to every clan member and announce it to everyone.

“Guys, we are doing plan F!”

As every member heard it, they had the same thought. None of them were interested in boring strategy briefings. Some of them quit hearing the briefing after plan A and large amount of them didn’t hear pass plan B. A tiny bit of ‘BloodBrothers’ members did hear until plan C but as for plan F, everyone had the same thought.

“””(((What the heck is plan F?)))”””


Real life kicks in again, it will happen around next month and it's not definite ( my work always like that) . I may need few month hiatus. But I will try finishing the arc before I go on hiatus.

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