Atros Imperium

by Terry78

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Harem Magic Supernatural

Anton Thorn died in an incident of his own creation, his body torn and shredded to pieces.

Yet death and eternal rest did not await him. Gods, from another world, took his soul along many others to their world to fight an overwhelming and impossible foe.

By chance and oversight his soul was missed by the gods, his soul destined to remain in limbo and torment for all eterinity. A few weak and desperate gods took a chance with him and brought him through to their world.

Now sent far away from the battle, in his original body, to a small village in the husk of a dead kingdom. It is now up to him to restore the Kingdom and fight off anything that would threaten him or those he loves; be they human, beast, monster or hero.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 000: Prologue ago
Chapter 001 ago
Chapter 002 ago
Chapter 003 ago
Chapter 004 ago
Chapter 005 ago
Chapter 006 ago
Chapter 007 ago
Chapter 008 ago
Chapter 009 ago
Chapter 010 ago
Chapter 011 ago
Chapter 012 ago
Chapter 013 ago
Chapter 014 ago
Chapter 015 ago
Chapter 015.5 ago
Chapter 016 ago
Chapter 017 ago
Chapter 018 ago
Chapter 019 ago
Chapter 020 ago
Chapter 021 - Preperations (V.2) ago
Chapter 022 - The Forest's Secrets ago
Chapter 023 - The Outer Heart of Maxill ago
Chapter 024 - The Righteous Path ago
Chapter 025 - New Tension ago
Chapter 026 - Kal and Gods (Part 1) ago
Chapter 027 - Kal and Gods (Part 2) ago
Chapter 028 - Strike ago
Chapter 029 - Accelerated Plans ago
Chapter 030 - Respite ago
Chapter 031 - The Last Night ago
Chapter 032 - Maxill Reborn ago
Chapter 033 - A Change of Heart ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 034 - The Home Front ago
Chapter 035 - Siege and Revelation ago
Chapter 036 - Returning to Carnage ago
Chapter 037 - Cleaning Up ago
Chapter 038 - The Calm Night ago
Chapter 039 - Nithroel ago
Chapter 040 - Planning for the Future ago
Chapter 041 - Laying down the Law ago
Chapter 042 - The First Test ago
Chapter 043 - Cave of the Past ago
Chapter 044 - A short and Bloody Trial ago
Chapter 045 - Administration ago
Chapter 046 - Down to the Depths ago
Chapter 047 - Barred ago
Chapter 048 - Venom Tipped ago
Chapter 049 - Determinant Decision ago
Chapter 050 - Warcamp ago
Chapter 051 - Payments of all Kinds ago
Chapter 052 - Counterattack ago
Chapter 053 - Clogging Meat ago
Chapter 054 - Gravestone ago
Chapter 055 - Into the Heart ago
Chapter 056 - Charmed ago
Chapter 057 - Smoky Dust ago
Chapter 058 - Old tricks ago
Chapter 059 - Heart ago
Chapter 060 - Bonds ago
Chapter 061 - Questioning ago
Chapter 062 - Knight Order ago
Chapter 063 - The King's Justice ago
Chapter 064 - Family ago
Chapter 065 - Embers of Alliance ago
Chapter 066 - To the Future ago
Chapter 067 - The New Heroes Pt.1 ago
Maps and Images ago
Chapter 068. Vol 3 - Rings and Sand ago
Chapter 069. Vol 3 - Blessed ago
Chapter 070. Vol 3 - Hints and Whispers ago
Chapter 071. Vol 3 - Confusion ago
Chapter 072. Vol 3 - Provincial Lands ago
Chapter 073. Vol 3 - Yellow, Blue and Red ago
Chapter 074. Vol 3 - Weathered Thin ago
Chapter 075. Vol 3 - Changes ago
Chapter 076. Vol 3 - Iron Links ago
Chapter 077. Vol 3 - Frozen Stone ago
Chapter 078. Vol 3 - The New Heroes Pt.2 ago
Chapter 079. Vol 3 - Abuse of Faith ago
Announcment (Not a cancellation) ago
Chapter 080. Vol 3 - Entry ago
Chapter 081. Vol 3 - Leather and Bands ago
Chapter 082. Vol 3 - Meaty Kebabs ago
Chapter 083. Vol 3 - Enchantments, Clothing & Supplies ago
Chapter 084. Vol 3 - Road to Battle ago
Chapter 085. Vol 3 - Fort Acidava ago
Chapter 086. Vol 3 - Fire, Water, Iron and Gold ago
Chapter 087. Vol 3 - Into the Breach ago

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Excellent Story - A Must Follow

This is a fascinating rendition of the popular "transported/reincarnated" story template. As the synopsis denotes, the MC is transported separately from a group of souls that died during a busing accident(?). Potential readers, please be advised that it does not follow the "LitRPG" style of game windows and all that. However, it doesn't suffer in the slightest. I'd recommend you pick up this work. Few chapters, but their lengths are substantial.


After some typical god meeting shenanigans, he wakes up in the middle of a town that is currently being swarmed by goblin-esque creatures. From there, it's a fast paced headlong dive into the state of affairs for the town that is on the brink of ruin. 


This in itself (besides the sheer quality of the writing) was what hooked me. While there is a typical "summoning" that our MC missed, we get to stay away from the stereotypical political and training issues of being summoned and we instead are thrust into a more basebuilding plot  that's centered around a localized community vs. monsters defense scenario. I love it. All the while, you still stay true to advancing the MC and giving him bursts of insight to increase his control and understanding of the magic he was gifted by the gods.  


Your grammar, diction, and sentence structure are all excellent besides some occasional typos and punctuation misses. There is one habit of yours that I should comment on, ( it's one that lots of authors on the site are guilty of) and that would be the tendency to split up dialogue from supporting actions. I understand the need to separate dialogue of course in certain cases, but when you do it too much, it produces a typewriter style of reading for the audience. If you want an example, look towards the beginning of Chapter 8. It's a stylistic thing too of course, but I'd recommend being more intentional with your paragraph construction as it possesses better reading flow and would be easier on your readers. The only reason I bother mentioning it is because you're a good enough author that I can only recommend polishing tweaks.


The last thing I want to comment on is how much of a love/hate relationship I have with how much you keep us in the dark about characters' back story(*cough*Verona and Jeffrey*cough*). After all the times I've been shot in the heart by authors on this site when it comes to romance, I can't help but imagine the worst case scenario until everything has been explicitly fleshed out.  This is just a personal aside, and it has no bearing on my rating. Otherwise, I applaud the suspense as it adds a lot to the story.


Here's to hoping that you can continue to write regularly as I am certainly going to be following your tale!

  • Overall Score

I like the idea and the way you write. Hope to read much more of it.

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Great Story, just want more chapters now

A great story with pretty good world building, and an alright cast of characters.

Style- Nothing about the style is really annoying to me here, so 5/5. I don't really judge this section unless author is doing something annoying.


Story- The story itself is a little typical-ish? Reincarnation-> gifted powers by gods-> help people. Nothing really new here, but not going to fault the author for going with a tried and true method. His pacing of the story is pretty amazing though, as so far there has never been a moment where I'm thinking "Just get on with it already". He also handles the world building inside his story very well, leaving me wanting to know more about whats going on around his character in their world. Also decently builds a town setting. 5/5.


Grammar- There are a few errors every now and then throughout the chapters, but chapters are also longer then most RRL novels by quite a bit, as they get around 3-5k words a chapter. Nothing really big to hit on, author has a pretty good mastery of the language. 4.5/5


Characters- Characters here are where the story falls a little flat. Our main character was presented in a rather mysterious way in the beginning without you really knowing about him, outside of he used to be "Somebody" in a gang, which he then got demolished. Dies->Reincarnates->Becomes powerful->adapts very quickly to life. Our MC adapts a bit too quickly to the world he is thrust in, but that's bearable. What's not bearable is the way the village reacts to his arrival and how they handled themselves before it. The villagers are passed off as medieval peasants with a lack of understanding of things that the MC knows, but they are woefully lacking in most about everything. MC just gives orders left and right to the villagers, which he sorta can because he is a powerful mage, but he also trumps them in knowledge about things that weren't really pertinent to him in his former life. Such as building walls, scouting, fighting tactics with melee weapons, etc.  

The main cast of characters are also a little one sided in terms of emotions/motivation, but I think the author is working on correcting this in more recent chapters, especially with the arrival of Kal. Jeff becomes a war leader, somehow, with very little practice in the art of war outside of being big and strong looking. Verona attaches herself a little too quickly to Anton, and quickly becomes his side piece character and listens to everything he says. Admiration and trust goes a long way here with her though, which Anton quickly develops with her, but sometimes their relationship feels a bit too rushed. 


Overall- I think the story is a strong 5/5 by comparison to most RRL stories I've read, and while the author drops the ball on characters a bit in the beginning, he is learning how to weave the characters better into the story now. 

  • Overall Score

Intense prologue with detailed info on how he died, not just random Truck-san.

The characters is very interesting, every one bits of them.

MC is OP but he get tired quickly when he used his ability often, so not too OP and there's a tension in the story not just happy go lucky MC, it's somewhat dark.

Overall it's pretty good.

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Take all of the transmitigated by gods to a new world stories you know, throw them away and read this one instead. Interesting characters who have more than a paper-thin personality make it a delightful read and the crescendos the storyline builds up to are resolved satisfactorily in almost every way. 

Without spoilers, the magic system is a fresh of fresh air in terms of its origin, uses and mechanisms. Town-building aspects are also very welcome! 

Keep up the good work :) 

  • Overall Score

Extremely enjoyable

This story is truly enjoyable.  The character interaction and how they react in certain situations is really good.  One of my favorite things is how Anton and Verona's love and developed and consummated.  I get tired of reading 50 chapters of stumbling bumbling love between two (or more) people.  I can only take so many tripping into boob fondles without it going any farther before I go mad.  Their relationship seems to be developing quite well. 

Also, I am enjoying the magic system.  Didn't start off incredibly OP but it is developing at a nice pace. 

Can't wait for more.

  • Overall Score

Great story. Nice pacing and indepth story telling. Great charecters and one of my fav MC.

I would recommend it.

  • Overall Score

Loving the story and the characters! Although in the beginning Anton has a rather laid-back reaction to what seemed to be murder/monsters in the beginning, like how he wanted to disect a demi-human figure (AKA Goblin.) with no remorse or even disgust, despite being in a modern world before this. Hoping to see more from you soon!

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Good Story. I am eager to see more of it.


  • Overall Score

Character are really well made and like the story. Story is bit slow tough, you can't really see much progress at cp 15. I mean he was summoned to work against demons, he isn't going to do that from that little village with little magic.

I Love the long chapters, writing style and and characters in this ff.