The Toys of the Fool

by lin4t

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance School Life Virtual Reality
Sequel to 'The Unfortunate Fool', 25 years; a century has passed in the world of Royal Road and things have changed quite a bit. The game now even more popular than before having several billions of users online at a time is at it's peak, the continent united as one as the Ahreupen Kingdom under the rule of Emperor Weed. In the mist of this, six new players have joined this game under the request of an old man to find his granddaughter who is hiding in this game with no return. Soon enough they catch the attention of a certain Independent Guild under the leadership of a certain person.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Series Setting Prologue - A Century's Pass ago
Series Prologue - The Prophecy of Misfortune ago
Arc 1 Prologue - The Sleeping Sheep Centre ago
Vol.1 Prologue - Invitation to the New World ago
TOC, Information and other stuff ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1 - The Tactician ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2 - The Tank ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3 - The Druid ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4 - The Magician ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5 - The Rogue ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6 - The Sword Priest ago
Vol.1 Chapter 7 - Defeat and Victory ago
Vol.1 Chapter 8 - Kobolds and Goblins ago
Vol.1 Chapter 9 - Goblin Chief ago
Vol.1 Chapter 10 - The Wandering Zolerd ago
Vol.1 Epilogue - Despair and New Hope ago
Vol.2 Prologue - Invitation to the Guild ago
Vol.2 Chapter 1 - Show of Power ago
Vol.2 Chapter 2 - The Super Easy Relaxing Training ago
Vol.2 Chapter 3 - Explanations and Gifts ago
Vol.2 Chapter 4 - Individual Training ago
Vol.2 Chapter 5 - Guild Quest ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6 - Dragon Crossing Mountains ago
Vol.2 Chapter 7 - The Demon King ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8 - The End of the Guild Quest ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9 - The Eternal Dungeon ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10 - Behemoth ago
Vol.2 Epilogue - New Beginnings and Returns ago
Vol.3 Prologue - Empowerment Rejected ago
Vol.3 Chapter 1 - The Beginning of Things ago
Vol.3 Chapter 2 - Conflict of Interests ago
Vol.3 Chapter 3 - The Burning City ago
Vol.3 Chapter 4 - A Day Off ago
Vol.3 Chapter 5 - Return of Viv ago
Vol.3 Chapter 6 - A Past Remembered(I) ago
Vol.3 Chapter 7 - A Past Remembered(II) ago
Vol.3 Chapter 8 - A Past Remembered(III) ago
Vol.3 Chapter 9 - A Past Remembered(IV) ago
Vol.3 Chapter 10 - A Past Remembered(V) ago
Vol.3 Epilogue - New Trip and Goals ago
Arc 1 Epilogue - Coming to Reality ago
Arc 2 Prologue - The Tale of a lost Legend ago
Vol.4 Prologue - Kidnapping Children ago
Vol.4 Chapter 1 - Rules to Travelling #1: Preparations ago
Vol.4 Chapter 2 - Rules to Travelling #2: Survival Skills ago
Vol.4 Chapter 3 - Rules to Travelling #3: Train Basic Skills ago
Vol.4 Chapter 4 - Rules to Travelling #4: Always be Alert ago
Vol.4 Chapter 5 - Rules to Travelling #5: Explore Places ago
Vol.4 Chapter 6 - Rules to Travelling #6: Do Not Trust Strangers ago
Vol.4 Chapter 7 - Rules to Travelling #7: Find your way ago
Vol.4 Chapter 8 - Rules to Travelling #8: Fight through Trouble ago
Vol.4 Chapter 9 - Rules to Travelling #9: Learn about some Truths ago
Vol.4 Chapter 10 - Rules to Travelling #10: Explore a Cave ago
Vol.4 Epilogue - The End of a 6 Month Trip ago
Vol.5 Prologue - Lily City ago
Vol.5 Chapter 1 - The Laboratory (I) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 2 - The Laboratory (II) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 3 - The Laboratory (III) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 4 - The Laboratory (IV) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 5 - The Laboratory (Final) ago
Vol.5 Intermission - School Life Start! ago
Vol.5 Chapter 6 - Eden Academy ago
Vol.5 Chapter 7 - Tournament (I) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 8 - Tournament (II) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 9 - Tournament (III) ago
Vol.5 Chapter 10 - Tournament (Final) ago
Vol.5 Epilogue - In the End ago
Vol.5 Extra Chapter - Trying to change his gender ago
Vol.6 Prologue - To Stall for a Year ago
Vol.6 Chapter 1 - Time Passing ago
Vol.6 Chapter 2 - Moonight Town Siege ago
Vol.6 Chapter 3 - The Mines ago
Vol.6 Extra Chapter - The Day Christmas Froze ago
Vol.6 Chapter 4 - Returning back to Training ago
Vol.6 Chapter 5 - Whole Bunch of Stuff ago
Vol.6 Chapter 6 - Hunting a Chimera ago
Vol.6 Chapter 7 - Released from Training ago
Vol.6 Chapter 8 - To Break the Limit ago
Vol.6 Chapter 9 - A Side Effect ago
Vol.6 Chapter 10 - Demon Worshippers ago
Vol.6 Epilogue - A Bridge to the Next Stage ago
Arc 2 Epilogue - The Coming of a King ago
Arc 2 Extra Chapter - To try and learn proper magic ago
Arc 2 Extra Chapter - I am a Magic King ago
Arc 2 Extra Chapter - Marriage Consoling ago
Arc 2 Monologue – The Thoughts of Six People ago
Arc 3 Prologue - The Appearance of a King ago
Vol.7 Prologue - Their Meeting Once Again ago
Vol.7 Chapter 1 - The Second Trial ago
Vol.7 Chapter 2 - Repeating Deaths ago
Vol.7 Chapter 3 - The Prize and Punishment ago
Vol.7 Chapter 4 - Training is Endless ago
Vol.7 Chapter 5 - Complicated Reasons ago
Vol.7 Chapter 6 - Into the Night ago
Vol.7 Chapter 7 - Towards a new City ago
Vol.7 Chapter 8 - Boss Battles and Unique Drops ago
Vol.7 Chapter 9 - Conflict among Friends ago
Vol.7 Chapter 10 - Where Light and Dark Meet ago
Vol.7 Epilogue - Where they Part ago
Vol.8 Prologue - Lost and Alone ago
Vol.8 Chapter 1 - Weakness ago
Vol.8 Chapter 2 - Struggle ago
Vol.8 Chapter 3 - Pre-Invasion ago
Vol.8 Chapter 4 - Invasion Time & Afterwards ago
Status update + Partial hiatus note ago
Volume 8 Summary ago
Volume 9 Summary ago
Volume 10 Summary ago

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Dam fking hilarious. Dude, after you read this, the smile on your face will be as wide as the jokers'

The style of writing is quite advanced and well thought out. Each chapter is thought out and the different ongoing points-of-view in real life and in-game are perfectly balanced. The fact that the real lives of the characters are not totally neglected shows how well the author is doing at writing out his grand plan.   The story is a unique OP story that started before the OP wave from Arifueta caught on and totally melted many ff authors minds about what a good ff is. So many copy cat light novels and ffs out there. The talent of the author really comes out with the mixing of the old characters with the new characters. The plot, as the chapters increase, thickens with more questions than answers and totally catch your attention. Despite not revealing much about the overall goal of this sequel, the new MCs goals drive the story forward and slowly meshes with the old characters goals. And the comedy! This guy has a great sense of humor, hilarity always ensues, even in the most serious events and climaxes, the characters always fuck up somewhere and cause chaos.   The best thing is that such events are brought on due to the relationships of the characters with each other and their personalities. The personalities of the new cast are broad and diverse. Each are fleshed out well and give off the feeling of truly being a person in the story. They have feelings, fears, goals, and bouts of madness. Really, what makes this story so great and drives it home are the characters. They grow on you and develop into better, or into worse, people (That commando Sain!). No characters are neglected and the development is not rushed with suspension bridge gimmicks, it is slow and nicely paced.   Grammar, there are quite a couple of simple grammar mistakes in the more recent chapters now. But they do not severely, totally, destroy the potential of the story. Very readable and gets a passing grade.   Well? What are you waiting for? Start reading!  
  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Keep up the great work

A quick review for now.

First of all those who rates 1 star are definitely critiques pro wanabes  since if someone do the least effort in making a story they’d have the least of 2 star rate unless they think with their ass, and here we got a person with over 15 volume of creativity including both works and 10+ volumes more in the making so just there the story deserve at least a 4 star rating.

Grammar is not perfect… well is there any famous author that does not have an editor? please..!

style  i’d rate 5 stars full not because of the author alone but because of where the story is created from – Legendary Moonlight Sculpture- and since the changes made this one unique is definitely deserve 5 stars.

Characters….i’d say not too good and not too bad , 6 individuals sharing life inside and outside the game while keeping secrets from each other hiding their real self while it keeps seeping out slowly but surely until the others start noticing the small  changes , so the characters and personality are still in the making so cant make a final judgement  to myself .


All in all im disappointed the story is not Rank 1 in the list i had to search a lot today to find it out of the top 50 , when someone make a story with over 300 chapter and doesn't get appreciated  where is he gonna get his motivation?

Please lin4t  don’t stop writing  i haven’t read the last volume  but im saving up to read a lot at once  , this is the only story that i see going to ACTUALLY HAVE A FKING ENDING!!!!

sigh.. i hate unfinished stories  and i have yet to find more than 3 ?maybe 2….   .

  • Overall Score
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Alrighty, Ive been reading this ever since the first part, and it hasnt let me down. The updates are frequent , but doesnt harm the story for the most part. It is a RECOMMENDED read AFTER and ONLY AFTER you read the PREQUEL, because it will make more sense that way. You can also not only see the characters,but also the author, undergo a metamorphosis through abilities, techniques, personality, and maturity.. KEEP IT UP!!
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This story is great, i beleive no one would regret reading it and i’m your fan since the begining of tuf.
But i must say that your greatest work was the unfortunate fool which i think that should be in the top3 of the site.
The reason for my previous statement is that in ttf, there are too many mcs and they are not nearly as interesting as eden and his friends.

Despite saying that, i love both of your works and your speed is unbelievable, the grammar mistakes aren't much of a hindrance.

  • Overall Score


While i liked it at first and read throught it from your first "book" to this one, i can't deal much more with all the involved sadism and torture displayed by Eden & companions.

You lost me as a reader not because i don't like the way you're writing but just because of this constant showing of cruelty displayed by Eden, i think your story so far should be tagged as mature content (displayed in red)  just for this.

And i don't understand how at first the kids would accept to be mistreated in such way, are they sociopathic doll ? They're not showing much emotion.

And lastly how is it that the IA is which seemed to dislike the cheating in the first part and have some form of moral seems totaly apathetic to Eden and the like going all crazy in the game ?

  • Overall Score

Started off Decent, But Then...

I thought the first volume was fine. A good story about a group of people leveling up together to find the missing person.


After that though, it turned into a story of super broken OP characters doing OP shit. Honestly, in volume 2 the "MCs" are barely mentioned anymore. It's all about Eden and Co casting death to the universe magic. Where's the fun in that? And what about our supposed MCs? Reading about broken OP characters is about as fun as watching a kid step on some ants.Which is to say not interesting at all. 


You lost your story when those characters took center stage and I don't want to read about them anymore. 

  • Overall Score

First part is decent. We get

  • Overpowered characters that simply blow everyone out of the way, i didn’t like it. But i know some do.
  • An interesting premise
  • A story that lacks focus, but is continually moving
  • Subtle undercurrents that add to the mystery of the story
  • And a story that is driven by its interesting, quirky trio


The second part just meanders.

  • The goal isn’t clear at all. We get hints of some epic underlying story but the mystery fails to grip. The reveal of the mystery isn't well done, and as such it flunks.
  • The pacing is too slow
  • Character wise, all the main characters have been boring and unforgettable.
  • The world-building and ideas remain great though


Wish it could be better.

  • Overall Score

This makes me very happy because eden

What can you not like about this?  Except Eden I wish to see some crazy fights thought for Eden I wanna know if his stats are in the 10k when hes buffed with his skills; and I really wanna see a dragon breath towards a fort with an insta kill of every one.
  • Overall Score
i have finished prequel of this FF and enjoying this one too, keep up the good work.
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

One of the best, deserves the top 10. :3

The story is so good, it is well written. The grammar is also good. If you still haven't read it, read it now. I'm catching up with the updates :3   Kudos to the author! Thanks for giving us this amazing story :3