Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance

A boy, alone in the mountains. Covered in snow. Defenseless. Hunted by monsters. On the verge of death, he discovers a black dragon egg. Soon, the hunter will become the hunted.

Rewritten chapters so far: Prologue

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Fall from Nobility ago
Interlude: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ago
Chapter 1: The price of meat ago
Chapter 2: Dinner for two ago
Chapter 3: Monsters ago
Chapter 4: A Nightmare is born ago
Chapter 5: Bandits on the Western Plains ago
Chapter 6: Rain, Thunder, and a Magic Shop ago
Chapter 7: Dragon Fire ago
Chapter 8: Count Florien ago
Chapter 9: Registering as an F-Class Adventurer ago
Chapter 10: A Dangerous Game ago
Chapter 11: Late to the party ago
Chapter 12: Skirmish in the Woods ago
Chapter 13: The two swords ago
Chapter 14: The Price of Magic ago
Chapter 15: Fair Winds ago
Chapter 16: Horace Hammerhead ago
Chapter 17: Of Mice and Mages ago
Chapter 18: The Origins of Dark Magic ago
Chapter 19: Beneath the Mage’s Guild ago
Chapter 20: Innkeeper’s woes ago
Chapter 21: The Tome  ago
Chapter 22: Encounter with a new race ago
Chapter 23: Orc settlement ago
Chapter 24: Songs of the Forest ago
Chapter 25: The city of Istanbal ago
Chapter 26: The Rock of Gibraltar ago
Chapter 27: The Three Trials ago
Chapter 28: The Amulet of Darkness ago
Chapter 29: Dwarven Miners ago
Chapter 30: Founding the city of Avalon ago
Chapter 31: The Free City of Adith ago
Chapter 32: Strange Company ago
Chapter 33: Reclaiming the Outpost ago
Chapter 34: A Generous Offer   ago
Chapter 35: The voice of Nightmare ago
Chapter 36: The Deadly Plot ago
Chapter 37: School Supplies ago
Chapter 38: The Academy ago
Chapter 39: Classes ago
Chapter 40: Planning ago
Chapter 41: Struggle to Survive ago
Chapter 42: The Chaos Ring ago
Chapter 43: Strangers in the Dark ago
Update on status, new story ago

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Good Witch
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This is a great story, the plotline is original, the characters are awesome but I gotta level with you bro, your naming skills suck. So far we have a black dragon called Nightmare, met an elf named Leif, and pirates called Blackbeard, Captain Jack and Captain Cook. 

It's just a tad lazy

  • Overall Score

Your story is great so far but I strongly suggest you get a new picture for your book. Technically speaking you can be sued for pladjurism I know that is not your intent but its a good idea even if the chances are slim that you would be sued as you are not making a profit off it its better safe then sorry as they say.


I gotta say this story is one of the best I have seen on Royal road in a long time.

  • Overall Score

Grammar and spelling needs a tiny bit of tweaking,  but over all I am liking the idea and content of the story! Thanks for your time!

  • Overall Score

This is realy interesting so please don`t stop. I beg of you

  • Overall Score

all i ask is that you do not stop writing out of nowhere, it hurts to see good stories just disappear

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story line seems fine i think, could make a nice story. but thats it, the story lacks emotion, it feels like you just retell some events and the character development etc is just too shallow. dialoages often feel too forced as compared to a natural flow that gives information, character and story development and TENSION, thats what it lacks, its boring to read. also im not so pleased at that lazy naming style which is kinda bothering, either go for a fantasy setting and use fantasy names or go for real world setting, but dont go using names of both to suit yourself, just needlessly throws the reader out of the story for just a short moment of "hah lol he used that name".

feels more like im reading an early draft than a story. dont understand how this gets so popular...

  • Overall Score

Nice pic, very misleading though

waiting until this story grows. then lets see

  • Overall Score

still to early to give a solid review! but its pretty good! just very slow updates >..>

  • Overall Score
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Has a lot of potential and interesting story. My only problem other than grammar was that the beginning was too rushed and not well written. So much background information was left out and not enough characterization. So despite those faults I can see that the author is doing his best so I give it at least 4 stars for their effort. Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

The first few chapters felt a bit...      

Boring and kinda confusing...

But I guess the story got better as it went?