Forte woke to the stifling smell of potions and velvet smoke in a musty basement.

“Finally, you are awake.” Vaun said.

“Wh-what happened to us?” Forte responded. “Didn’t we lose the fight?”

Vaun stared at Forte accusing eyes. “This happened.” Vaun said, opening his palm. A black dragon scale lay in the center.

“The moment you parried his blow, the swordsman used an incantation and sent a blast of green energy towards you. I immediately smoked the area and dove for you. That was when your dragon started making the strangest sound, and the swordsman froze as if he was a marble sculpture. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.” Vaun said.

“It was magic.” Vaun whispered.

“Magic.” Forte nodded. “How long have I been knocked out?”

“Only a few hours. We have to get moving.” Vaun replied. “Still have to sell our mithril tonight. Sell the mithril and avoid the Count’s soldiers. How do you want to split the silver?”

“You saved my life Vaun. It’s fifty fifty.” Forte smiled.

“Deal.” Vaun grinned like a cat. His grin faded as he seemed to remember something. “And I should tell you this now. Your dragon… he disappeared after the last fight. Into a wisp of smoke. I’m not sure what to make of it. 

Forte frowned, concerned.

“I should tell you one last thing. After we get the money, I have some personal matters to take care of. We may or may not see each other again. I wish you the best if we don’t.” Vaun said solemnly.

Forte nodded. “I understand. Need to settle my own scores as well. I believe we are fated to meet again. Something tells me that my personal matters and your personal matters are not completely unrelated. But enough of that.” 

Forte stood up an rolled up his sleeves. “Let’s get going. We have a deal to make.”

Author’s notes: Currency system is now in silvers instead of gold.


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Smart move your price system was way off one gold should equal a hundred dollars.

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