Long Island



Chapter 34: A long journey's end

Raka stopped his ship just outside the cove near the fishermen village. It was still night and he decided that entering that cove with it's parked boats would be too risky. The night also impeded his vision.

As he waited for dawn he went back to feeling depressed. Yesterday, game time, had been such a perfect day. Right till the end where he bungled it all up. He hadn't meant to fall down on Sophie. Yes, he did recognize her. The game made sure to keep your base facial features the same. Although with a bit of makeup anyone could change their appearance drastically. But still, not much had changed on Sophie's face. Except perhaps her eyes.

"Ugh! Green eyes!" Raka shivered.

Still his actions were unforgivable, even if they were unintended. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that his brain had become sloppy in her company. Otherwise how wouldn't he have noticed and stopped Nobby from singing! Normally, he would have been able to do this easily but he was, in a word, starstruck. Must be because all the blood seemed to flow away from his head. Or maybe he was just trying to act cool and dignified which led to this situation.

'Now she will never talk to me again.' Raka sighed. He felt like crying but at the same time realized that it was useless.

He still remembered those last moments clearly.

As soon as he held her hand, a kind of electricity passed through his body. A kind of excitement. He wanted to revel in this feeling for just a moment longer that he completely forgot about everything else. He only woke up when a 'Stunned' status message appeared before his eyes. But by that time it was too late.

Gravity took his leaning body guiding it straight on to Sphinx. He did not know by what math or miracle, his face touched hers. But he definitely remembered the sensation of her extremely soft lips.

Raka touched his own lips as he remembered that sensation again. It was like several sea dragons had sent lightning coursing through his body. Electrifying and yet gentle at the same time.

'Maybe increasing Sensitivity ain't a bad thing.' He realized while smiling.

And then his dream turned into a nightmare as he realized what had happened. Her expression had said it all. He was worthless. He was trash. He was garbage.

'Oh how can a girl make me feel this way!' His cheeks also remembered that burning painful sensation. 'Nope...increasing Sensitivity is definitely a bad thing.'

But most of all was the feeling of remorse. 'Why couldn't have things turned out differently?' And then he felt angry again at Nobby.

'Ah...no point getting angry at a dumb bird. In the end it was my fault!' And he got even more depressed.

People often say, not to leave a depressed person alone. Because if they are alone, they feel even more miserable like how Raka was feeling now. There was only a stupid monkey and an annoying parrot around.

Raka sighed once more.

There was a person before yesterday. And there was a person after. Maybe that's what's called growing up.

Just then Raka sat straight up. "Nobby! You can speak the island's language!" Raka shouted scaring the bird out of it's slumber. He just remembered the scene of this parrot introducing itself to Sphinx.

"You you you.....why....Oh forget it! I am too sad to be angry!" And Raka laid back down.

Staring at the moving stars, Raka didn't know when he fell asleep. When he woke up, he realized someone was shouting at him.

"Hey kid...move your damn boat! You are obstructing our way! Where did you come from anyway?!" He heard.

Raka lifted his groggy head and saw that there were a couple of boats coming near. He quickly rubbed the sleep off his eyes and replied.

"Ah hello. Sorry for blocking. Actually I wanted to sell this beast." Raka said as he pointed to the ridiculously large sea dragon. "I came from Ilmentia by the way."

The fishermen had already guessed the reason but still wanted to confirm. Also, he was blocking their way.

"Hmm.. alright then, follow us." The fishermen shouted as they turned their boats around and guided him to a place nearby.

"Thanks." Raka said as he dropped anchor in this new place.

"Jump on our boat. We will take you ashore." The fishermen nodded.

As one of the boats closed in next to his ship, Raka jumped over the side on to the boat. Well, maybe jumped would not be the correct term as the deck of his ship was not very high, so the most he did was clear the railings and step gently on the boat.

"Hi I am Asim. The other one is Dakarai." The fishermen on the boat said.

"Hi, I am Raka."

"So how come you are here from Ilmentia? I don't suppose you took a wrong turn and ended up here.." Asim laughed.

"Hahaha...no. Actually I was on my way here. This sea dragon attacked me on the way." Raka said.

"By the smell I can tell that you met it atleast 3 days ago." Asim said.

"Almost 5 days ago. Well it is not the meat I was concerned for but the bones." Raka said.

After all, a sea dragon was a fully certified magical creature with magical bones. Its carcass would be far more valuable than its meat.

"I hear ya. You are lucky. Or powerful. Can't decide yet." Asim said.

"Incredibly lucky by my counts. Many a unfortunate ship has been lit ablaze by this creature's lightning. Men could kill it, but without the ship they would still end up dead in the sea." Dakarai said.

"Yeah. I have heard of those tales as well." Raka nodded.

Maneuvering between the various ships, they finally reached the shore.

"Come to the chief's house. Only he can decide if you can sell it here." Asim said.

Raka nodded. He also knew selling bones was not easy. If it were the same as Ilmentia, he would need to build some trust.

The fishermen village was quite similar to the one in Ilmentia. There were just far more houses. Being a desert island, much of the food was obtained through the sea rather than agriculture. The chief's house was a bigger house and the chief a wrinkly old man with white hair and beard. He had a walking stick in his hand and he walked with his back bent.

"Welcome young man. I am Nubar. The men tell me you come to sell a sea dragon."

"I am Raka sir. I would like to sell the bones of the sea dragon. I believe as it is a magical beast, its bones would have value."

"It is true that a sea dragon's bones are considered magical and have value. But we do not trade in magical bones with strangers. You must understand that it is a business of trust. Do you have a reference who can vouch for you?" Nubar asked.

"I do not know anyone in Khardoum. But I know the fishermen in Ilmentia. Would their testimony stand?" Raka asked.

Nubar looked at the other people and then nodded.

"If you know the fishermen of Ilmentia, would you tell me some of their names?" Nubar asked.

"Um, there is Farun and Guran." Raka said.

"I know Guran. Could you tell me something about him?" Nubar asked.

"Um...middle aged guy, muscular, broad, about my height, clean shaven, strict, often drinks.." Raka started.

"Had a wife named Selena and has a daughter named Katrina who is also..." Raka continued.

"That is enough." Nubar immediately interrupted.

"I am convinced." Nubar smiled. "How do you know him?"

"Ah, I learned fishing and sailing from him so I guess he is my teacher." Raka said.

"Very well. I will allow you to trade here. Do you know how to cut up a sea dragon?" Nubar asked.

"Actually I don't. I brought the whole thing with me. I was hoping someone among you may know." Raka smiled sheepishly.

Nubar gave a look of surprise. "You brought the whole sea dragon?!"

"Ah yes. But its meat has already rot so don't expect that." Raka added.

Nubar shook his head. "Ah...you are one of the Goddess's children.."

Raka simply stayed silent.

"Asim, help him out. You will have to wait for a bit, the merchants should arrive in a few hours. You can sell the bones then. If you haven't sold magical bones before and by the looks of you, you haven't, then I would suggest not selling any cheaper than 1500 gold coins. Oh by the way, as you will be using our market, we will be charging 10 gold coins." Nubar said.

"That's alright. Here are the 10 gold coins." Raka handed out the coins.

Back at the boat, he and Asim worked together to separate the rotten flesh from the bones. Rotten fish smells bad. Cut up rotten fish smells worse. Fortunately for Raka, Asim was well prepared. He had brought nose clips and more than one!

The carcass of a 20 metre long 2-3 metre wide fish is as big. They had to make several trips just to bring those bones ashore. Raka decided to keep the bones in place on the beach, so as to give off a grand appearance. 'Sales depends on looks' someone very wise had once said.

"Hey Asim, here's a silver for helping out." Raka laughed as he popped him a coin. Asim simply gave a wide grin.

As the sun rose up high, the merchants arrived. Lots of them. If the beach in Ilmentia was a busy fish market, this was like the opening of a superstore. The merchants were not only buying. They were selling as well. In fact the main street of the village became an impromptu festival in just a few minutes.

The fish merchants made their way to the beach. Along with many fishermen selling loads of fish, Raka stood in one corner of the beach, right next to an almost complete carcass of a sea dragon.

'It looks impressive.' Though he was more impressed with himself cause he was the one who killed it.

"Hey, what bones are these?" Someone asked.

"Look at that! A complete carcass. What animal is it from?"

"It's a sea dragon! Yes, I am right! Who is selling it? Sell it to me for 500 gold."

"Sea dragon? Really? Hey ask the chief if he is sure of that. If it is real, I will pay 600."

The price kept on increasing as the merchants pit against each other. Just as it was about to die down, Raka said.

"I am not selling any less than 2000 gold." Raka said.

"2000 is too much friend. 1000 is more than enough."

"I can go as far as 1100. No more."

"1200..." "1250" "1260"

But Raka stood stock still.

"Ok I will pay 1500, but no more." Finally someone said. Yet Raka did not move.

"Come brother. This will not do. You know we need to make profit as well. How bout you let it go for 1700. I will meet you half way." That same person added. Raka made a pose of thinking deeply. But then nodded in the negative.

"Sorry, no deal." Raka said.

The man frowned hard. But then he walked closer to look at the bones. He made a careful inspection of each and every one. He even looked closely at the small ones which Raka had laid out over a cloth on the sand. Finally he said.

"Alright. I will pay 2000. But just because the bones are too good. I wouldn't want your efforts to go to waste." He reluctantly agreed.

"Deal!" Raka smiled.

They exchanged money and the man brought his own men to collect the bones.

'Hah...miser.' Raka complained. It was the supply chain law. The old chief had said a minimum of 1500 gold. It meant that at a minimum, it would be sold at 2500 gold anywhere in the cities. At the maximum, the price could go to 5000 or more. And that was just the price of the raw materials. Once it is processed and magical things are made from them, each piece, from the smallest to the largest would have its own price in the hundreds or thousands.

'Yet this miser was making it look like he was helping me out.' Raka sighed as he thanked Neona once again in his heart. 'Seriously, I should give her a gift to show my appreciation for being the only honest merchant I met. Thanks to her, I made quite a bit of money.' Raka was happy. Yet he also understood that the sea dragon was supposedly a low level magical creature. The danger in collecting these bones was far higher than its supposed price.

'A fisherman's life is difficult.' Raka sighed.

'Time to go.' Raka decided to log off. For the first time in many real time days, he would sleep for a long time.


Raka logged back in after a long rest. It was sundown again in the game. Raka looked at the dying sun and sighed.

'Time to move on.'

He went to the chief and bid a short farewell and asked for some information about how to get to the island of the dwarves.

"Ah you best get to Maccaba. The crossing between the island and the dwarvish lands is filled with danger. Ships often make convoys and move together. The port master should help you find a convoy." Nubar said.

"Thanks. I will do just that." And Raka left.

The city of Maccaba was three game days from the fishermen village. 

They made good time following the wind. When they could see they found that the land had turned from green to grey and yellow. There was just sand as far as the eye could see and beyond.

"Wow it's hot!" Raka complained. He was sweating bucketloads. Even the sea felt hot like the desert. He gulped in some more water. "Nobby, monkey, you guys better not empty the barrel again."

Raka stuck to the coastline so that he could stop whenever he wanted. Though the view certainly left a lot to be desired. Not a bird or a creature. There was only sand. Atleast there wasn't a sea dragon chasing them this time.

On the sunrise of the third day, a large city came into view. There was a huge magnificent palace with minarets and towers which could be seen from miles away. As they reached near, the entire scale of the large city emerged. Thousands of buildings of all sorts. From the poorest shacks to the richest manors. There were also dozens of ships who were making their way into or out of the city.

The port city of Maccaba was a major stop for all trade between the island of the dwarves and the four human islands. Kinda like Singapore, it was the one place where anything could be found, bought or sold. It was also the trade routes, which made it rich beyond anything. Many people of all sorts came here looking for a better life.

Raka approached the busy port and saw a man waving at him.

"Monkey! Take the sails down!"

He himself took out the drive paddle and started to slowly maneuver the ship towards that man. As he reached the jetty, he threw out the mooring ropes and the man tied it off to a jetty arm. Raka manipulated the power of the drive paddle to stop the boat.

'My control is improving.' Raka observed. There was one aspect of improving control by increasing Mana. But there was also another aspect of improving control of the magic itself. Like the difference between a barbarian wielding a club and a warrior with a sword, good control of magic allowed far more variation.

"Hello, I am Roman. I work for the port master of Maccaba. May I know for what purpose have you come?" The man said.

"Hello. I am Raka. Are you Ilmentian by any chance?" Raka said.

"Yes, sir. I am originally from Ilmentia." Roman smiled.

"Ah! I am interested in joining a convoy headed to the island of the dwarves. I was led to believe the port master would help with that?" Raka asked.

"If it is just a convoy you wish to join, then I can point you to the guild office. They are the ones who deal with it." Roman said.

"That would be wonderful. But I would like to meet the port master for a different purpose. If you could arrange that. Oh and for your good service.." Raka gave a silver coin.

"Thank you sir. I will go ask the port master if he has time. How long would you be staying in the city?" Roman smiled some more.

"That depends. I wish to join the earliest convoy." Raka said.

"Yes sir. I will inform the port master." Roman nodded.

"That would be good. Oh I haven't asked about the charges for this jetty." Raka suddenly remembered.

"Yes sir. That would be 15 silvers a day. We allow docking for three days. After that you will have to find a nearby beach. But if you need to load or unload, I believe it will cost you a lot more. You would have to ask the dockmaster for that." Roman explained.

"That's all right. Well then, could you point me to the guild office?"

The docks were busy as hell. There were noises, shouting and shrieking of all kinds emanating from all places. Large amounts of cargo were being loaded onto or unloaded from large merchant ships. To the side there were some jetties having large ships which seemed like they were always moored there.

'Either they are owned by really important people or they are warships.' Raka guessed.

Raka found the guild office quite easily. Apparently, it was also the busiest office on the port. There was a crowd lining up to enter. All sorts of merchant talk was being exchanged along the line. Raka lined up also.

"Tonight I am going to enjoy Lily. She is the hottest thing in the Blue Lantern. Oh what wouldn't I do for her smile. Her voice is like a nightingale and her songs make my heart flutter so..."

"Hahaha...I warn you. She is not so easily taken. You have many contenders."

"*Sigh. Oh well, she will always remain in my dreams."

"Hahahah....yes that she will."

"Sugar is getting expensive."

"The trouble between the two kingdoms is already causing prices to rise."

"What is it this time?"

"Dunno. But the word along the grapevine is that it has to do something with the Ilmentia Queen's visit. Apparently she is only visiting the south kingdom."

"Why does the north care anyway. They have ignored it before."

"Yeah. Only this time it seems to be something special. Why would the north care otherwise."

"Seems the Pink Mistress is losing money."

"Yes all because of Lily. People call her the Diva. She is so beautiful...the girl of my dreams."


Raka stood quietly listening to all the chatter. Some of them did bring a smile. The crowd of people kept moving and after a while Raka entered the office. There were many staff handling people.

"Please come this way." A clerk asked him to his counter. "Please state your business."

"I would like to join a convoy to the dwarvish lands." Raka said.

The man stared at him.

"Sir, usually people tell me which port they need a convoy to." He said.

"Ah..well, actually any convoy heading for any port of Mar'han'bi will do. The earliest would be good." Raka smiled sheepishly.

The clerk stared at him for a moment more and then asked.

"Could you tell me the place of your origin and your ship registration? Are you part of any guild?"

"Ah! I am from Ilmentia. My ship is the Dawn Dream. Here is the registration. And no I am not part of any guild." Raka said as he passed the registration documents to the clerk.

Registration of ships was necessary so that they could belong to a country. Kinda like how they do it in real world. Fishing boats however did not need to be registered as they don't really travel from port to port. Unregistered ships can get into all sorts of trouble. They could also be charged for piracy. Raka actually didn't know about this until Guran handed him the ship's registration papers the night before he left.

The clerk returned the papers and said, "there is a convoy of 15 ships which will leave tomorrow for the port of Hya'cinth. Would you like to be part of this?"

"Yes. That will be good., thank you." Raka said.

"Alright then, the ships will leave 8 am tomorrow morning. Please report to the guild office atleast an hour before." The clerk said handing a paper with the details.

"Um..could you also give me a list of all the ships which will be part of the convoy?" Raka asked.

"Just a moment please." The clerk sorted through some papers and then wrote down the names of the ships on a slip.

"Thank you." Raka left.

Next, Raka visited the port master's office. The port master is like the harbourmaster in the real world. His main job is to enforce regulations of the port. He is also responsible for overseeing matters of the law as the representative of the kingdom. Naturally, the visitors to his office would only be people who are in trouble or had found one.

Raka entered the office to find a couple of burly guys with red eyes and minor injuries shackled in cuffs, sitting on the side. A muscular man dressed in a blue military uniform was sitting on the desk writing something.

"I hate writing reports! Can't you people find somewhere else to cause trouble!" He shouted at the two. And as he did he also saw the visitor.

"Who might you be?" He asked brusquely.

"I am Raka."

"Ah yes. Roman said you wanted to meet me. I am Captain Mosegi. How can I help you?" His tone instantly turned polite.

Raka did not answer but first sat down on a chair. He took a moment to evaluate this man. And then slowly said,

"I have a matter of utmost importance. However, I need to find a good trustworthy person among the owners of these ships." Raka handed over the list.

Captain Mosegi looked at the list, his eyes widened as he recognized what it represented.

"This is the convoy which leaves tomorrow morning?" He simply looked up and asked.

Raka stayed silent.

"Hmm...the captain of Santa Monica is a good person. Name of Kilthan. I know him personally." Mosegi said.

"And where would I find this good person?" Raka asked.

"Ah..I would wager a guess he would be in the Blue Lantern bar. Or he will be in a couple of hours anyway." Mosegi replied.

"Very well. I appreciate your cooperation." And Raka moved to shake hands with Mosegi. As he did, he quietly slipped him a few silver coins. Mosegi simply smiled in response.

"Could you describe him?" Raka finally said.

"Do not worry sir, he is hard to miss. He is a dwarf."

As Raka started to leave, he remembered something. "Tell me, do the men working for you know the dwarvish language?"

"Yes, they do. We often have to deal with the dwarves ships." Mosegi answerd.

Raka nodded satisfied and left.

For the next couple of hours, Raka spent his time thusly. First he went looking for books on learning dwarvish language in the library which turned out to be failure. Secondly, he went around purchasing supplies for the journey.

After two hours, evening arrived on the island. The entertainment street opened for business. For a first timer, it was both paradise and hell!

Raka walked in this gaudy street which in daytime carried the aura of desolation and beggary, yet now, it was shining with many bright lights and weird loud music. Scantily dressed women with too much makeup stood on the balconies catcalling out to men and women below.

There were the prince and the pauper, the fashionably rich and insanely addicted. Raka couldn't see but from what he had found out during the day, the seedy alleys on the side led to gambling dens and fight cages.

Among this hullabaloo stood the Blue Lantern bar.

Raka opened the door to some delicious smells and attractive fragrances. Waitresses who were sexily dressed showed off their fine figures as they walked around serving large tankards. Occasionally a slap would be heard. Either in action or in response, followed by laughter. Often, a coin or two passed under the skirt, perhaps as an apology.

"*cough" Raka could not help himself. Keeping his calm took all the willpower he had. Or rather he was stumped. He did not need willpower..to not move. There is a reason why people don't go these places alone.

"Hey good looking, what are you standing around for? Want a drink or some company?" A stocky woman with glaring makeup who made her dress seem impossible woke him up from his daze.

"Drink. And I am looking for a dwarf." Raka managed to get his voice out.

"Certainly love. The dwarf's buried somewhere around there. If you don't find him, look me up. I will help ya." She came dangerously close as she said that.

"Haha...I will go look." Raka shivered.

The dwarf in question was actually occupying a lone table which had three empty tankards while a filled one was in front of him. He lifted the tankard and brought it to his mouth. But before the splashing liquid entered his mouth, his hands stopped. He put the tankard back down on the table and sighed loudly.

Raka quietly joined in at his table.

"Who are you?" With his soulful time interrupted the dwarf sounded surly.

"A friend. How about letting this friend buy you a drink and you listen?" Raka said. 'That's how they do it in the movies.'

The dwarf looked at him for a moment and then nodded. Soon another waitress came and dropped two tankards.

"Here's to your health." Raka toasted and sipped. The dwarf simply gulped half the tankard.

"Speak." He said brusquely.

"Are you the one called Kilthan, the captain of the Santa Monica?"

"Yes. And I say, who are you?"

"I am Raka. I am the captain of a small ship called the Dawn Dream."

"Ne'er heard of it." Kilthan said.

Raka smiled wryly. "I have a proposal which might make you some extra money. With no risk."

"Sounds like a load of bull. But I will humor ya."

"Towing." Raka said.

"What?" the dwarf was confused.

"Actually, I would like your services in towing my ship to Hya'cinth." Raka smiled.

The dwarf stared at him for a moment.

"Brother, seems you need this drink more than me." He cracked up laughing.

Raka sighed. "I will pay 1 gold for each day till we get to Hya'cinth."

This got the dwarf's attention. He rubbed his chin as he pondered. Raka could almost guess what he was thinking. 1 gold every day for 2 weeks. If he was towing, his ship would be even slower and would take a little more time. Was the delay worth the gold?

"Make it 2 gold and we have a deal." The dwarf said.

This time Raka made a pose of thinking deeply, while he watched a waitress get pulled onto a lap instead. And then slap the man back. 'Hmm should be enough time to make an impression.'

"Alright. 2 gold it is. But you better take care of the ship. And there are two animals who live on the ship." Raka said.

"Hmm, can't you put them in a cage and put them on my ship?" Kilthan said.

"No. Oh and I might keep dropping in to check on the progress." Raka added. "As you may have guessed, I am one of the Goddess' children. We keep appearing and disappearing due to her business. But if you keep the ship alright, you would get your pay."

Kilthan nodded.

"Alright! It's Lily!" A lovely young woman came out from the back and took the stage. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress which showed her natural curves. Her brown hair was tied and it glittered in the light. She smiled.

The lights dimmed. Only the light shone where she stood. Silence fell. A soft voice began.

"I see a ship, sailing the sea,

Carries my heart, to be with me~..."


Swamy stared at the powerpoint presentation. The subject was one of the least liked in college called 'The Ethics of Virtual Life.' As per its brief, it researched the behavioral changes of a player between the real and virtual life. Only, it was nothing like it sounded. After all, the only way to observe changes were to do surveys with all sorts of stupid questions in them.

'Why do you roleplay?' Seriously! Why would anyone want to tell you why they were acting stupid?

Swamy sighed. The first day after his week long leave, he woke up late, had to miss breakfast, run partway because of a traffic jam and all so that he could come to this! He sighed once again.

In the mess hall the friends gathered. Or they were supposed to but somehow none of them were in class today. 'Bunking, I guess.' But during lunch they should miraculously appear from their hidey-holes.

Soon they came.

"Hi Swamy. Long time." Rajan said.

"Hey Rajan." Swamy said.

"Hey Swamy, what have been upto?" Manish said.

"Nothing much." Swamy said.

"Hi Swamy." Sneha said.

"Hi." Swamy replied.

"Hi Raka." Himali said.

"Hi." Swamy smiled.

And then he froze. He looked up and saw four evil smiles closing all his routes of escape.

"Hahaha...oh hello Raka. I did not recognize you there." Rajan smiled as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"True that. You are a celebrity, you know." Manish grabbed his other shoulder.

"Ha...ha..." Swamy tried to laugh as well.

And then the pressure of their arms increased.

"So you will explain to us everything now, won't you my brother." Rajan said as he increased the pressure.

"If you don't, we will still make you." Manish said as he also increased the pressure.

Somehow their smiles reminded him a lot like a vicious dog who found a rabbit.

"ha..ha...well..alright I will explain." Swamy sighed.

Some time later...

"You own a ship?!" Rajan said.

"You met the Queen?!" Himali said.

"You fought a sea dragon?!" Manish said.

"Wow..." Sneha said.

Somehow these four had been listening to everything Swamy said with rapt attention. True, Swamy did skip over some parts and didn't reveal some things, but what he told them still made their eyes go round. From vicious dogs they seemed to have become cute puppies.

"Hahaha...yeah. So how did you guys find out?" Swamy asked.

In response, Rajan simply handed over his cellphone which had the Long Island forums open. The top post naturally caught Swamy's eye.

'I met Raka'. It was posted by Sphinx.

There was just a video posted with no descriptions given. When Swamy opened the video, he saw a boat arriving on a beach and himself landing. Apparently Sphinx had uploaded her video of the day. But as the video moved further, it simply jumped to the Flytrap fight.

'She has edited a lot of things.'

Then the video abruptly ended just when he introduced himself. Swamy nodded as he returned the cellphone back.

"So how did you come by the ship?"

"Yeah, where do you buy pets?"

"What is a sea dragon like..."

"What Age are you?"

Swamy sighed. 'Guess I won't get to spend the next few days in peace.'


With Kilthan towing his ship, Raka was finally free to return to his normal schedule. Appearing once every three days, Raka was initially worried. But his worries eventually faded away.

The journey of almost four and a half long weeks, game time, was finally coming to an end.

Raka looked up and saw land on the horizon. They had reached the island of the dwarves.

"Finally! Yes!" Raka could not help shouting.

Slowly the land came closer and closer and filled the entire horizon. Yet, he still had to wait patiently. It would be another half hour or so before they would come in sight of the port. And even more till he stepped on land.

As the ship entered port, loud sounds started ringing forth. Kilthan waved and then untied the leading rope. Raka waved back and pulled out his drive paddle. He still followed behind looking wide eyed all around.

'There are so many dwarves.' Raka had only seen those dwarf pirates so he assumed most dwarves would be as strong or evil looking but now that he saw, there were all kinds. There were skinny dwarfs and stocky dwarfs. Short dwarfs and tall dwarfs. Female dwarfs and male dwarfs. 'Or rather, they allowed the females to work on the port..'

'Or should I say ladies. They are part of the human race too.' Raka corrected himself.

Soon they were guided to their respective jetties. Though Raka did not understand a word they were shouting, he still managed to safely park his boat. He stepped onto the wooden platform. Just then,

pa pa pah!

For becoming the first player to reach a new shore and being a representative of Ilmentia, you have been awarded 100 contribution points towards the Nation of Ilmentia.

Fame increases by 100.

System Announcement

Raka has unlocked the Fare Dwarf race. This race can now be selected during character creation.

Raka has unlocked the Mare Dwarf race. This race can now be selected during character creation.

System Announcement

Raka has unlocked the Race Transformation System.

[p=center]System Announcement[/p]

Race Transformation System has been unlocked. Your character can change races under these conditions:
1) Discover the race - Meet a NPC of the race. (Communication or recognition is not required)
2) Reach the native lands - Defined by the populace of the race. It may be where most of the population lives or some other land based on their beliefs.

Please understand that the memory system may be affected (memories of NPCs) depending on the race chosen or by frequently changing races.

To prevent abuse, the following limitations are applied:
1) Changing races using this system locks all your previous races. You may not revert back to any of your previous races.
2) Stat points are reduced by 10%. The rest of the stat points may be reallocated to adhere to requirements of the new race.
3) Skills may change to adhere to requirements of the new race.
4) Age is reduced by 10%.

Please choose wisely.

You may change your race. Would you like to change your race now?


Authors Note: This is the end of another story arc. So I will call it the end of Volume 3.

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xtremeloldude @xtremeloldude ago

i don't think he'll take that, but perhaps he'll meet an interesting race later on, that'd be cool
i hope he'll find a way to explain to sphynx/Sophie what happened

thanks for the chapter

Simon662 @Simon662 ago

Thanks for the chapter !

BlueHaze @BlueHaze ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Scarecrow @Scarecrow ago

There goes his obscurity. Not only he is not aware that there is someone out there who wants to obstruct him, but now the other party also knows what he looks like. *Challenge intensifies*

01/07/2015 19:42:06xtremeloldude Wrote: [ -> ]i don't think he'll take that, but perhaps he'll meet an interesting race later on, that'd be cool
i hope he'll find a way to explain to sphynx/Sophie what happened

thanks for the chapter

But if he changed race, then the two most important thing he has built up might crumbles, or gone. Which is his reputation and connections.

DoktorPrimat @DoktorPrimat ago

Thank you for the chapter!
Ah, the land of the Dwarwes! Of Mead and beer, meat and gold, of digging and smithing! Hurray!

If Raka became a dwarf... It would be so awesome.

How does the -10% in Age reduction work? wasn't Age the knowlegde of the game?

Keep up the good work mate!


All Hail the Penguin Empire!


TwoFeet @TwoFeet ago

@scarecrow Changing races will only affect memories, if you choose like an enemy race, get it :) Or if you frequently change them.

@doktor It's about perspective. The knowledge of the game includes knowledge of your race and abilities. If you change race, your knowledge will also need to change. Like magic. Humans can use all. Dwarfs cannot. Just an example.

Scarecrow @Scarecrow ago

@TwoFeet, So the npc will still recognize him? For example the Queen.

Sriper @Sriper ago

Great chapter, a little sad he is now so far away from all does that help him be what he is now. He has those mirrors, but its not the same...