[Second Saga]

by Arcares

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Harem Martial Arts Slice of Life Virtual Reality
Welcome to the new world and a second chance and being you. Dive into this new fantasy adventure and create your new self! Treasure? Adventures? Dragons? Demons? Everything awaits you in your new life.

Landon was born only to have his parents die at a young age. Without a memory of them he is raised at an orphanage and a new family is created in his heart. In a world where money controls everything, he must somehow find a way to bring his family happiness and one day he gets the chance he's been dreaming off. He join's Second Saga's VRMMO and fights with no experience in the gaming world. With no money, no power, and no experience he must persevere to change the fate that others had already given up on.

Not long after joining the game, an accident occurs and he is killed at level 1. However it's suppose to be impossible to die at level 1, thus the impossibility grants him a the skill that will become his first step to being a Core Gamer.
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Hope you enjoy it~
chapter size 1500-2000~
Contains some swearing Viewer discretion is advised
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The Bread God

Leader of Penguins
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 Chapter 1: I'll get stronger. ago
Chapter 2: A Chance ago
Chapter 3: A second name ago
Chapter 4: It was Luck ago
Chapter 5: I am Hydra! ago
Chapter 6: A combination of three words ago
Chapter 7: A trump card ago
Chapter 8: Death was the only answer ago
Chapter 9: Code 321 ago
Chapter 10: There's always a bad guy somewhere ago
Chapter 11: Justice always leads to a quest! ago
[Q&A], advice, future plans, (relationship status?!) etc. ago
Chapter 12: An encounter from a hopeless situation ago
Chapter 13: As expected.... ago
Chapter 14: Absolute Taunt ago
Chapter 15: I chose you! ago
Chapter 16: Good news always comes with Bad news ago
Chapter 17: There and back again ago
Chapter 18: The Great Escape ago
Chapter 19: The approaching army ago
Final chapter 20: The Undisputed Weakest ago
Volume 2 Chapter 1: Aim To Be The Strongest ago
Chapter 22: Rewards ago
Chapter 23: Farming ago
Chapter 24: The Cat girl ago
Chapter 25: Preparations ago
chapter 26: The Underwater Cave ago
Chapter 27: A Shocking Fight ago
Chapter 28: [Mercury] ago
Chapter 29: Rise Of The New Cult ago
Chapter 30: You Can't Lose! ago
Chapter 31: Disband ago
Chapter 32: Surrounded ago
Chapter 33: I didn't tell you? ago
Chapter 34: There's Always A Weakness Somewhere ago
Chapter 35: *Title is Hidden* ago
Chapter 36: Battle Of The Giants ago
Chapter 37: The Climatic Finish! ago
Chapter 38: Secret Weapon ago
Chapter 39: What Exists At The End ago
Final Chapter 40: To Accept One's Fate ago
volume 3 Chapter 41: The Demon Knight ago
Chapter 42: The Key Of Death ago
Chapter 43: The Meaning Of True Misfortune ago
Chapter 44: Fight To The Death ago
Chapter 45: A Step Forward ago
Chapter 46: Another one?! ago
Chapter 47: To Fall After All That ago
Chapter 48: Surprise! ago
Chapter 49: If You Ever Need to Relieve Stress ago
Chapter 50: Rewards After Hard Work ago
Stats, Gear, Abilties ago
Chapter 51: The World Beyond ago
Chapter 52: New Members! ago
Chapter 53: Obliteration ago
Chapter 54: A Flame In The Darkness ago
Chapter 55: Skeletal Marauders ago
Chapter 56: *Title Is Hidden* ago
Chapter 57: The Fight Above The Darkness! ago
Chapter 58: The Ring ago
Chapter 59: Within The Shadow Core! ago
Final Chapter of V3 60: Pan's Return! ago
Volume 4 Chapter 61: Raising The Bar ago
Chapter 62: The Forbidden Zone ago
Chapter 63: You?! ago
Chapter 64: It's Time You Explained ago
Chapter 65: Shall I Wash Your Back? ago
Chapter 66: The White Tree ago
Chapter 67: Note to self ago
Chapter 68: The First Repeatable Quest ago
Chapter 69: Fishing! ago
Chapter 70: Nickname ago
Chapter 71: Do You Like Me? ago
Chapter 72: Pet Window! ago
Sneak Peak......... ago
Chapter 73: Phoenix Auction House ago
Chapter 74: Enter The [White Winged Tree]! ago
Chapter 75: The First Trial ago
Chapter 76: Overcome Yourself! ago
Break ago
Chapter 77: Final Stand! ago
Chapter 78: You Truly Are The Best! ago
Chapter 79: Get It Off! ago
Final Chapter of V4 80: *Title Is Hidden* ago
Changes ago
Volume 5 Chapter 81: Inheritance ago
Chapter 82: Parents ago
Map/Cover picture~ ago
Chapter 83: Departure ago
Chapter 84: Running Away ago
Chapter 85: Oops! ago
Chapter 86: Market ago
Chapter 87: Oh So That's What It Meant ago
Chapter 88: Get Up! ago
Chapter 89: *Title Is Hidden* ago
Chapter 90: The Red-Skinned Pig ago
Chapter 91: Bearilla ago
Chapter 92: Baptism ago
Chapter 93: Bread Of Friendship ago
Chapter 94: Let's Play! ago
Chapter 95: Rich and Bob Strike Again! ago
Chapter 96: It was mine too ago
Chapter 97: A light Breeze ago
Chapter 98: Spread The Bread! ago
Chapter 99: The World Begins To Move ago
Chapter 100: Intermediate Player ago
Chapter 100.1: Glossary ago
Volume 6 Chapter 101: The First Belt ago
Chapter 102: A cushion ago
Secrets ago
Chapter 103: Set For Lathandra! ago
Chapter 104: Staying At The Capital ago
Chapter 105: Defending Gates ago
Chapter 106:The Ice Melt Guild ago
Status ago

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  • Overall Score

It's a good story…..as i don't like some things about your story can't give you 5 stars, sorry, keep it going

  • Overall Score

I really appreciate high ouput as a reader. Binge reading is part of my day. The problem with fast writing is very often quite visible. Quality suffers a lot in various ways.


1. Grammar

The amount of errors differ between chapters. Sometimes I had the feeling the author did not reread the chapter while other parts looked just fine. So be prepared to to see quite a few issues in this regard. Over all I'd say it's RR average, with later chapters improving.

2. Story

It's a convinient VR story which borrows from other novels. The need for money and playing a game reminded me of LMS to some extent. But such things do not bother me. The thing with this story is this:

If you do not think too much, it is pretty enjoyable to read. If you follow the "dark" path and spend some thoughts on world building (real and VR), game mechanics, character decisions and story flow one could also argue that this novel is a big pile of flaws and inconsistencies. There is almost no chapter without a "logic bug".

Why is that? Well, I guess the quantity demanded a cutback in quality

3. The characters

Well, yeah... I don't know. With the backround the mc and his sisters could be less boring and cliched. There are a lot of things not told so for me it's hard to feel an attachement to the characters with all the simplified interaction. 


All in all I read through to chapter 39. I do not feel compelled to follow the story. The mc just acts in my opinion as a stupid crybaby. Shouldn't he earn money? Why is he suddenly some martial arts genius out of nowhere? 

I guess after a rework the story could be very good. And now I am reminded of all the things which made no sense.... Feels like a neverending story....

  • Overall Score

The Bread God Shall Reign Supreme!

So I picked this story up recently and quickly started devouring it. Loved the story, sure it is another poor boy among many rich people but that start isn’t really bad and I really can’t complain about it because it allows the author to have more about the game instead of real life when the main character is a “Dark Gamer”. Hydra is a nice character who cares about his friends and wants to improve a in whatever he is doing which is respectable. Wow feel like I am rambling now…. Grammar is not bad could use a finer comb through of the chapters but overall nothing to complain about. The humor is friendly and fun and I am happy to see a story that doesn’t include a ton of sex. Wow, very all over the place but all i can say is the story is really good and more should check it out. Oh one more thing, when did he learn martial arts? That wasn't explained.

  • Overall Score

Could certainly use improvement

While the story is not terrible it is certainly not great either. Plot-wise the story is not exactly one of a kind but is readable and even enjoyable at time. Grammar and sentence structure need some work as very often ideas are not fluently articulated

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

.......a blast it!, its really good XD

Well… since i like what im reading im giving you my current score… i have read 34 chapters to the date of this post and i have commented a full wall of text on practically each chapter to put my opinion on things… 

Well, the story so far its good, its like a sclice of life in a virtual game… Not much is happening really so this makes the world you have seem small, so some comments of the players or even rumors of certain things that happens either in game or in reality can help makes the world bigger if used correctly, making those rumors appears sometimes while Hydra is walking in the town and such… rumors or comments like what is happening in the country (real world one)… like crime is getting higher in certain zones and it just happens to be the one that hydra lives… so he has to be careful for theft and the safety of his sister and his own…

Comments and rumors about whats happeing inside game like, did you hear, XXX found a hidden cave located at YYYY but was owned right after finding it!…. or did you hear that the town mayor is currently asking adventures to get iron ores in great quantities?, this could either lead to Hydra going to gather some ore, or in a later date it will lead to a quest about transporting finished armor to the frontier or something.


I like the interactions of Hydra with the NPCS… its clearly different than most other players so it would be a good contrast if you could display other players opinions or actions regarding the NPCs… like finding another party that has NPCs with them and they dont treat them as a person at all (used person instead of human since they are other races and person is something more general) or seen that NPCs are almost always ignored if its not realated to some quest… (THIS IS TIPICAL)…


As for the current pet of Hydra i do hope that he does more than finding random stuff in the floor sometimes…. well i wanted to say other things but they are not currently in my mind so meh… will add things on the comments on the chapters as things go by

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Style no real issues but nothing to note so a 4.5 is my review.

Story is perfect in my opinion.

Grammar has no major flaws struggles a little with quotations comas and semi-colons but nothing major.

The characters are once again perfect in my opinion.


Might be an exadration but currently for ongoing novels you might laugh so hard you bust a heart valve caution advised.

Shadow Reaver
  • Overall Score

Hail Hydra and the Bread God!

This is quite an entertaining story, it feels like I'm reading Ark again from the captivating humour and fights.

It also feels like Insania online because the story has a silly protaganist. Any way hail the Bread God and Cygnas! For cookies and bread! 

  • Overall Score

I think, if all of authors out there like this one


He always make fun on all of thinks...


Keep the good work




  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


Well first of all let’s just start off with what I believe I’d rate my own story~  Simply put I’d give it a 4.0-4.4 rating why? well let’s talk about a few things here~  Tbh somethings are obviously biased but I’ll try and be as objective as possible and even when Biased I’ll still be using points from the story to justify them~


Okay I’m not going to say my story is perfect boy do I KNOW it’s not! It is my first story on RRL and tbh the concept of cliches or anything I don’t know much about them I have not read a single story on RRL so keep that in mind.


K well let’s start off with the points that people have talked badly about firstly:

1) The 24 log out.

Well Simply put in a world where a monopoly exists doing such a thing does not lose money (that’s blunt and simple no need to explain how monopolies work).  Next well in the case for Guild wars (has no happened yet but who knows), important time sensitive quests it forces the users to be more careful and actually gives a penalty to dying where as simply respawning is never detrimental.  These are just a few reasons I don’t think I need to go more in depth about that.  On the flip side its very possible to do it without however so far I feel for the future of my story its needed.


2) Illogical bugs.

K well this is vague so I’m going to ASSUME this is talking about the luck factor in the game.  Well let’s be straight up and honest.  First of all this is a comedy centered novel.  Yes there is action yes there is drama yes there are other things. However my main goal was producing a story where people laughed.  So if someone believes the idea that having bread thrown at them is not demeaning well I think personally you’re a badass for talking it so easily~

Other bug possibilities?  *Spoiler* the Pan bread evolution, yeah that’s far fetched but welcome to a game world where luck is a thing and had magic.  Honestly I know everyone’s read something that is far fetched.  Did you expect it?  No?  Then simply put it worked.  Also it’s not even like Pan solely destryoed the boss monster anyways.

3) Cliche!

Well this is another point I don’t get.  But like I said I haven’t read any series.  So if anyone used the Rune idea well thats pretty sweet that we both thought of it~  Bread as a a taunt?  Can’t say thats cliche.  Landon being a Core gamer (AKA Dark gamer)?  Wel lsimply put Landon isn’t poor.  He doesnt’ NEED money.  He WANTS money in order to create better lives for the kids at the orphanage.  Whether this has been sued or not I’m not sure again.  Thus the idea of mkaing money cliche how its being used I don’t think as much so, as Landon personally can live himself without making money on the game.


4) Imagination!  

Well this is important!  Cause as an author my style is to keep a lot of secrets, evolve the characters and the world as I go.  Sorry I’m not handing you everything on your lap for you to read to yourself.  For new readers, any who don’t wish to create the world together with me probably won’t enjoy the story, that simply put is a style of mine.  This is neither a good thing or a bad thing as some people just have different tastes in these regards.  I personally hate reading a story where I can see everything coming from a mile away.

5) Never ending!

Well good.  I don’t want it to be less than 100 chapters nor do  I want it to be less than 200.  Want to read a long story?  Join for the ride as long as I have fans supporting me I will write.

6) Cry baby

Nah, this one is 100% not true.  But this one could be a possible failure on my part due to writing.  So if you feel he’s a cry baby give me a message explain where you think he’s particulary showing ters of SADNESS as opposed to just depression as a figure of speech.

7)  Grammar!!!~~~~!!!~~!~!~

Well, the only thing I can say about this is truthfully, the time it takes to write is already so long and as I enjoy writing I don’t enjoy editing.  I don’t have an editor or a proofreader.  Thus I hope to continue to notice the mistakes more and more.  If you point out my habits eventually I can learn to stop them and fix them from there on out~


No just no.  It’s not a novel for sex or gore or massive amounts of killing.  I’m sorry a story of mindless slaughter and boring sex details can only go so for with me.  I’ll straight up tell you it’s not my intention do have my characters seen as killing machines.

Well that’s all about the bad stuff lets talk about the good stuff~



This novel is hilarious.  Let’s be honest I introduce ton’s of references even which 90% of them won’t even be noticed.  The MC isn’t OP but somehow always manages to survive. Yes he still dies but within reason.  This novel shows a massive amount of luck of lack there of.  Which can be funny in most situations.  Truthfully I laugh even while writing.  Rune magic?  A VR where magic is casted by writing?  Depending on the magic runes change appearance and depending on the perfection of it the power may increase?  Can fail if to low?  Can be casted super fast when written fast?  Sounds pretty cool to me!


*spoiler* Hydra creates a religion….. of bread.  Now… I’m going to be real honest you either like that or don’t but let’s be honest anyone will laugh at such an idea.  ALL HAIL THE BREAD GOD is as simple as that.

A red panda as a pet. (let me just add this here for you to think about yourselves)

The story expands as you read.  It seems small but eventually you with the character will uncover the world together.  It’s an adventure that allows you to imagine it together with Hydra.  this is my hope and I truly am trying to attempt to allow everyone to feel this as we go.


Something I’m trying to improve on.  Simply put I can only hope for an editor willing to jump on board or a proofreader.


Landon: A strong willed boy, who easily shows his emotions.  He’s ignorant of life because he was raised without any schooling.  Even when his friends leave to get stronger as not to rely on him, he isn’t too fazed and thinks of it more as a challenge to get even stronger.  He’s a warrior at heart after being trained in martial arts for some time.  He’s not op and relies on using his head to find critical weaknesses and his quickness to dodge.  He’s silly and acts on impulse most of the time, as anything smart comes to mind (or at least he hopes its smart) he will act immediately on it.  He doesn’t care for logical things and cares deeply about his friends and will always try his best EVEN in the face of the worst possible sitautions.  Although he shows his depressed state he still tries no matter what may happen.  

[Shadow Lurkers]: A group of students who came together earlier in MMORPGS on a PC guild.  As pro gamers they naturally knew all the ins and outs that a MMO had to offer.  However this only came to PC games and although all knowing their personal strengths when fighting are a bit weak and thus they decide to grow stronger.  


A tough girl similar in age to Landon’s sisters, who evidently likes to tease  Hydra.  She strongly, believes in his aiblities in the face of all troubles after being saved by him.  He defeated an army (although not through strength and through wits) he was still able to overcome the impossible.  She carries a lot of secret and even now they are only starting to be uncovered.  She’s flawlessly beautiful and although tries and acts strong, her inner childish leaks out at times.


A knight with a deep past and although cared for life after meeting Hydra, one can only say that he’s starting to recover.  He sees a lot of potential within Hydra and wishes to train Hydra into an incredible leader in the future!  He is fearless and even with one arm he is stronger than hundreds.  As a previous knight his honour and pride stands above any of the people Hydra currently knows.


Right now boring characters yes, however later they will become more than simple fill ins.  Azla is energetic and has a firery passion while Lisa is conservative and thoughtful.  As non blood related sister’s and without a family of their own they cherish the time with their elder brother Landon above all else.


Well I think for now this is good enough!  I may update this but the main reason for writing this was to comment about the bad and good things aobut this story.  I haven’t seen a review that truly allows anyone to know anything about this story and with just a synopsis, I feel those were are hesitating aren’t able to get enough out of the reviews either!  Hopefully this adresses those concerns, and by no means am I trying to defend my story.  I only hope to improve from here on out and allow the story to evolve!  


So if you wish to join in this adventure please do!  You can join the rest of the Bread Order members!


yours truly, 




  • Overall Score

This story is a pretty good read that makes you want to read even more.