Godpunk: A Tale of Swords, Sorcery, and the No-Good Journalist Who Saw It All

by BillyHiggins

Original Adventure Fantasy Horror Psychological Sci-fi Tragedy Gender Bender Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
The world is ending, and it's all George's fault. Can the ace reporter figure out who's trying to kill the universe? Can he deal with the metal dragon, Death Cult, and Angel of Death he meets along the way?

It doesn't matter, if he doesn't care. It doesn't matter if he gives up on the world.
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thats some deep shit writing right here, well done.                                                                     

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A gripping story from start to end

(I'm planning on giving this a more in depth review in the future, but for now I wanted to leave a placeholder to let others know what a great read this is)(Also, don't let gender bender dissuade you, it plays a role in the plot, but is very well handled) 

Godpunk doesn't follow typical RR story conventions.  There are no overpowered characters, a convenient plot, and a snarky but personal main character in this story.  Instead, the author combines fantasy elements with themes straight out of a Noir-Detective novel, to a truly refreshing result.

 The perspective of this story jumps around a bit, but is told mostly through the eyes of a flawed protagonist (although I doubt George would agree with that label).  The protagonist feels very human and warps the narrative tone in his wake, often in a manner which is unfavorable.  This is mostly where the "tragedy" of the story comes from.  Not contrived plot points, but as the result of imperfect characters.  Due to this, Godpunk reads more like a well produced short novella than an online fiction.

The author does not pander to specific tastes, and keeps the story well grounded.  Not to say that the fantasy elements are not in play, but that they make sense in-universe.  

 Godpunk deserves a lot more praise than I am capable of giving it, as well as more attention from the rest of the site.  If you are considering starting it, do it! It's a short, but satisfying read.  

Thanks BillyHiggins!

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 I absolutely love the pacing of this story. Has the beat of EDM music. I'm just a few chapters in and I'm completely hooked. 

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Why the hell isn't this No1?

OK so i am not really good at English but god damn me if i didn't praise this FF...It's absolutely stunning, from the beginning till the end...George is fucking amazing as a lead protagonist and his inquisitive nature is a marvel to behold...5 stars all the way!