The crowd outside gave Naseem the opportunity to get into the estate unseen. She waited until the Prince and the other man left the room and let herself in. She only saw Hector and Alaric. 
"No, no, no," Naseem whispered to herself. She knelt by Hector and he had no breath.
She could feel the residue of a portal. She moved her hand in the air to see if she could find where it lead but the closing was too violent upon his death to give her an imprint. She moved toward Alaric, and he still had breath but was under a sleeping spell she thought better not to break. It felt wrong and smelled of necromancy corruption.
She moved to the desk where some papers were laying in the open but gave no information other than troop movements the hunter clans had already given away to her. She sighed then heard the one man come back. She became a fox and hid in a dark corner. She saw him kick Hector's body out of the middle of the floor. Then he pulled a black crystal from under his robe. She could feel it vibrate.
"Is it done?" She heard him ask. Then he paused. She realized she would not get the other half of the conversation. 
"Good," He said, "We just need to finish rounding up those on the list,"
Another long pause.
"Yes, it will be done." The man said and then he put away his crystal.
Naseem was extremely frustrated. No Faris or Hin, no information, and The Clans were on the warpath.  Then the man walked to Alaric and broke the spell with a snap, she felt the release, it was a deeper spell using the blood. Blood magic, corruption, what would a necromancer not do? The magic was thick and suffocating to her, and she could feel how deeply it still held Alaric, though, he was awake now.
"Where would Hector send The Conduit?" The man demanded.
Alaric spit in his face and the man used the hold on his blood to cause pain. Alaric didn't cry out, instead, he began to sing. Low and fluid, the song itself held magic. She felt it waft up and out all the while the man kept increasing the pain in Alaric's veins. 
She heard the people outside stop their ruckus for a moment, and then a large animal broke the wall and window and ran straight into the man knocking him down. It was a large blue animal, horns from it's nose to the middle of its spine. A Ceros. The great beast trampled the man, and Naseem moved from the shadows and assumed human form. She put a hand to the great beast's nose, and it leaned into it. Naseem smiled.
"Help me up," Alaric's voice was a hoarse whisper.
"Of course," Naseem put his arm over her shoulder and lifted him. 
"It still hurts," He tried to laugh like it was part of a joke.
"I know, it's still active somehow, but he's dead." Naseem had never heard of spells outliving the one who made them.
"I need..." Alaric tried to say then fell silent.
Naseem quickly opened a port and walked them through. They both collapsed onto the ground in front of a Large tent. She saw Her parents come out and help Alaric up, and she climbed to her feet. 
"I was worried." Her father said and he helped them inside.
"Why are the clans assaulting the estate?" Naseem asked.
"After the prince imprisoned the Clan leaders, they started rounding up other members of the clan." Her father said still incredulous, "And there is more."
"More?" Naseem queried sharply.
"The Queen is dead." Her father lowered his head
"Dead? Are You sure?" Naseem couldn't believe it.
"They are saying it was an assassination," Her father sat up straight.
"Necromancers," Naseem hissed.
"Are you sure?" her father asked.
"They are working with Prince Ban, but I have nothing that proves it," Naseem was angry.
Naseem heard Alaric groan.
"Can you remove blood magic corruption?" Naseem asked her mother.
"I can try," Her mother said as she sat next to Alaric. She felt her mother reach for the blood in his veins. The pain diminished but the fever would not budge. Alaric would need a dragon or Dragonborn to heal him.
"I did what I could," Her mother said sadly.
"I know. Thank you." Naseem said and she walked over and hugged her mother.
"I am glad you came along," Alaric grimaced.
"Me too." Naseem smiled reassuringly.
"So what happens now?" Alaric asked.
"For you nothing but rest," Naseem smiled.
"And for you?" Alaric said as he drifted off to sleep.
"I will try to find someone who can remove this corruption," Naseem said as she hugged her parents.
"Be careful, There is unrest everywhere, especially the capital." Her father said.
Naseem nodded and then opened a port. She walked through and could hear shouting and screaming. She took her fox form and quickly avoided the largest of the mobs. All of the residents of the Dragonborn she knew were empty and had been ransacked, she could not find a single one of them in the city. She knew in her gut that the Necromancers under cover of the unrest were using this to get rid of anyone that could oppose them. They meant to take the country, and the Prince was helping them. She decided to seek out Ada's old spymaster and see if he knew anything that could help. She melted into the shadows and sniffed in the darkness for him.

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