"You have to come back," Naseem pleaded, "I can't find anyone else."
"I don't have to do anything," Dragonis said as he put his compact mirror down on the desk in his room, "What do you mean you can't find anyone else?"
"Have you not heard the news?" Naseem questioned him angrily.
"News?" Dragonis heard the alarm in her voice and sat in the chair.
"It's utter chaos. He is rounding up all of the dragonborn and the Clans under cover of riots caused by Queen Ada's death," Naseem explained.
"Queen Ada's ..." Dragonis felt as though he would collapse under the weight of the news, "He? He who?"
"Prince Ban, or the head of his group of Necromancers. They are seizing control," Naseem said quietly.
"No," Dragonis whispered shocked. 
"Alaric is sick, corruption in his blood. We can't heal him, we need you." Naseem begged.
"And Faris? Is he well? You have seen him, yes?" Dragonis was beside himself.
"I had him, then lost him. It has been an extraordinary night," Naseem was getting frustrated, "If you come I will have to meet you. We had to move our tents."
"Where should we meet?" Dragonis offered eager to help.
"The fountains of Baskille, no wait, I can feel someone tracing our mirrors, Don't come!" And then her end went quiet.
Dragonis quickly waved his mirror dead too and hoped it wasn't traced. Just to be sure he waved his fingers over it again and cracked it. Now he debated on if he should inform Aulder of anything. This was already a very touchy time for them. Dragonis paced. 
A dragon's bellow came from the other room. Something had upset Aulder. Dragonis rushed into the larger room where Aulder was shaking his head and clawing at it.
"What is this?" Aulder bellowed.
"Calm Down!" Lyros shouted as he rushed past Dragonis.
Aulder growled lowly then looked at Lyros intently. Lyros Never broke his stare with the Dragon. Then at the same time, they both looked away.
"I didn't tell you because I didn't think this fatherhood thing could possibly be real, I owe you a very big apology. Twelve? Seriously?" Lyros looked happy and overwhelmed.
Dragonis looked on puzzled. 
"So this is permanent?" Aulder was a bit afraid, and hearing fear coming from their large growling mouth was unnerving for Dragonis.
"Twelve what? What is happening?" Dragonis was annoyed.
"It's a Takarien gift. A group mind of sorts." Lyros was at a loss to explain, "Genetic parents outside of the family are automatically added when the offspring prove viable and added themselves."
"So, the twelve are the children?" Dragonis suddenly wished for a seat. 
"Yes," Lyros said then he looked back to Aulder, " This is a permanent gift, I am sorry."
"Once I get used to this I can see it being useful," Aulder said more calmly now.
"I will teach you about it after," Lyros bowed slightly towards Aulder and then retreated into the living space.
"Can I speak with you?" Dragonis said but then had doubts about his instincts.
"Of course, and don't worry our conversations are private, information beyond the familial link is not readily shared by the well trained." Lyros smiled.
"But Aulder isn't well trained," Dragonis said.
"Yes, well, let us just say the random bits of thought that are leaking in are wreaking havoc on my family back home, and it is a bit delightful to see, but you wanted something?" Lyros was grinning now.
"I need your help," Dragonis said reluctantly.
"You do?" Lyros was confused.
"I have to go back, things are volatile and I can not let Aulder know the state of their home or relatives in such a sensitive time," Dragonis said nervously and Lyros nodded in agreement, "But I need someone, you, to know where I might be in case something happens."
"In case you do not return?" Lyros nodded again. 
"It seems that the dragonborn are in danger," Dragonis said.
"Then aren't you in danger?" Lyros asked concerned.
"Yes. Circumstances, however, have made action necessary," Dragonis sighed.
Lyros walked into his room and Dragonis heard him rummaging. Then Lyros returned to the outer living room and handed Dragonis a couple of objects that he did not recognize.
"What's this?" Dragonis was confused.
Lyros picked up the largest of the objects, "This is a kinetic energy pistol. A weapon."
"I won't need this, I have magic," Dragonis went to hand back the pistol.
"You all rely a bit too much on magic," Lyros said forcing the pistol back into Dragonis' hand.
"Then what are the other things?" Dragonis was curious.
"This is a transponder. You can keep it in a pocket, and I can ping it and get your location," Lyros explained.
"How interesting," Dragonis smiled while inspecting items in his hand, "What's this?"
"Ah, this is a solar charger for the transponder and the pistol. Let me show you how to plug them in," Lyros demonstrated the electronics, "These lights will tell you when to charge them by turning red when low and green when fully charged and you have to lay this out in the light."
Dragonis fiddled with the charger and the objects.
"Now let me demonstrate the pistol. This is the safety, you have to move it over like this to fire it." Lyros Shot the pistol into the pool of water, and the water exploded under the energy. Dragonis jumped, "Point and shoot, you don't have to be very accurate."
"I see," Dragonis said as he looked at the pool and the damaged decorative tile and the water all over the room.
"What do I tell Aulder about your absence?" Lyros whispered.
"Tell them that I went to confer with Jelen," Dragonis said lowly then pulled something from his pocket and giving it to Lyros whispered, "Which reminds me, This is Jelen's bloodstone and will call him to you if you need him."
Dragonis then walked out the door of the smaller part of the dwelling. He opened a port and as he stepped through he heard the crowds and the screaming. Naseem had been right. Chaos was everywhere and he wanted to find her.

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