Dragonis looked around momentarily confused. The city was crowded with angry mobs shouting or wailing. The majority were concentrated nearer the palace. There was a small fire somewhere causing the city to look hazy. He looked around at the chaos and it struck him that he had no idea where Naseem would be or what exactly he should do. Then he smelled the necromancers and turned to at least hide. He found an alcove that was not well lit and slipped into the shadow.
Then he saw Baldahor, the Captain of the Queen's personal guard. He was pale blue and mostly dragon except for the humanoid frame. He squinted and Dragonis knew he saw him. Then the necromancers came in closer. They had been chasing him, but it looked like it was more on Baldahor's terms than theirs. He pressed his finger to his lips and Dragonis nodded. When the men were close enough Baldahor turned to face them with a roar and breathing dragon fire. The necromancers were nothing but ash. 
"Come with me," Baldahor offered no other explanation, but Dragonis was happy to follow.
As magic was being flung indiscriminately they managed to avoid most citizens and came to a small door in an unlit alley. Baldahor opened it and motioned for Dragonis to go in before him. Then Dragonis dropped to one knee.
"My Queen!" Dragonis was thrilled to see her still alive.
"Stand please, let there be no ceremony between us cousin, I lost my crown, not my head." And she smiled at him.
"As you wish, my lady," He smiled back, "Do you have anywhere else to go? You won't be safe here for long."
"At the moment, no. Any suggestions?" Ada raised an eyebrow.
"I can sneak you into Sebehla, Aulder and I are taking refuge in Maenik." Dragonis offered gladly.
"Then what? Do I petition for asylum too?" Ada sounded sad and angry.
"What other choice is there? Do you want to give those things out there a second chance at your life?" Dragonis felt the rebuff personally.
"I understand," She sighed and Dragonis opened a port directly into his living quarters where a very naked Lyros ran for cover.
"I thought you weren't supposed to do those things indoors!" Lyros yelled from the other side of his now closed door.
"My apologies, but there were extenuating circumstances," Dragonis remained solemn and spoke to the door, "May I introduce Queen Ada and her personal guard Baldahor."
"Well Queen no longer, but pleased to meet you," Ada smiled. 
Lyros came out but was not any more presentable than before in pants and not much else. Dragonis could see what Aulder saw in him. He approved the choice. 
"I want to show you the eggs!" Lyros said excitedly and didn't see Dragonis shaking his head. Lyros looked at him questioningly.
Dragonis sighed, "Aulder has clutched, against the accord. They had noble intentions, my lady."
"Yes and I can see most of those intentions standing before me," Ada smiled at Lyros, and Dragonis choked and coughed loudly.
"Um, Thank you?" Lyros was embarrassed. 
"You said something about eggs?" Ada said curiously.
"Ah, yes," Lyros said as he opened the door to the larger compartment.
Aulder opened one eye then closed it.
Their breath made everything feel sticky, "I am caught, Well met Queen Ada."
She bowed, "Well met indeed, it seems despite how this looks, I am at your mercy."
"And what should my mercy consist of?" Aulder opened their large eye again.
"To approach the Dragon Lords on my behalf for asylum, until I can once again claim my crown," Ada said.
"Oh, is that all?" Aulder chuckled. 
"Well, I would require help and it seems I must be reliant on your kindness," Ada shrugged.
"So you are imposing on Dragonis' behest then?" Aulder looked to him.
"We have the same enemy, I thought..." Dragonis tried to explain.
"It is alright, I am in a good mood for the moment," Aulder closed their eyes and laid their large head down, " I think we can make room." 

"Thank you, Cousin Aulder for your gracious hospitality," Ada curtsied to them and turned around to claim a bedroom.

"It's ok, I am moving closer to the eggs," Lyros said as he walked into the large compartment and waded into the pool where the eggs were.
"Twelve," Dragonis whispered and then shook his head. That had to be the biggest clutch on record. 
He looked at the door to his own room and offered it to Baldahor who had been waiting quietly, but instead, he took up a spot in front of Ada's door. Dragonis then looked to the table and the cracked mirror. He hoped that Naseem and the others were well. He felt guilty he had no way of finding them.  No way to warn them of anything. He hoped that they at least would be safe. Nothing ever just worked as planned did it. Dragonis sighed and headed into his bedroom. He was in sudden need of a nap.

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