Aydahar woke to the Goblins arguing over who would get tea first. He sat up and realized someone had been in to not only cover him with a small blanket but also brought in a kettle of hot water and one cup with an infuser already set in it. There was also a bit of toasted bread. He smiled. It had to be Zvarra, he hoped it was.
"You both can have tea, just share," Ayda said as he poured the hot water.
"Your servants were expected to take breakfast with us," Zvarra explained as she entered the cabin.
"They are not my servants. They were my guides," Aydahar said grinning and happy to see her again.
"Terrible guides then," Zvarra said offhandedly.
"We had just made it to Carmago when the necromancers came and demanded the healers and draconi," Ayda said a bit upset.
"Carmago no longer exists, I take it they had refused?" Zvarra said seating herself on the bed.
"Yes," Aydahar was disturbed by thinking of it.
"You still think you are my Lord Hima?" Zvarra said getting to the point.
"It's an odd thing to be the same but separate. But we are both here. Please call me Ayda," He said giving a small bow.
"Ayda has tempered your arrogance, My Lord Hima," Zvarra said smiling. Ayda felt his heart jump.
"Indeed?" Aydahar laughed, "It is good to be home, even if I know it can't last."
"Your daughter despairs your body will never be laid to rest. I am afraid your reincarnation would only make that possibility more real," Zvarra laid a hand on Ayda's arm and he felt her touch tingle for a moment,"You understand why you can not see her?"
"We want to see her," Ayda grew frustrated, "It is the reason for this journey, otherwise I would have stayed in Feren with my parents."
"I think it would only hurt her, and since you left me in charge of her, I decide. I'm sorry," Zvarra said as she stood up to leave.
"What will become of us then?" He asked on behalf of the silent staring goblins, hoping to garner some sympathy.
"The goblins will be taken back to their home, you can stay here as long as you wish," Zvarra opened the door then looked back, "We have walled ourselves off in case of invasion, so no one will be able to port, I apologize."
"What about a mirror?" Aydahar asked.
"I am sorry, nothing traceable," Zvarra frowned, "I can send a courier."
"Then I will write out a letter, thank you." Ayda smiled and went to the desk and shuffled around looking for paper, an ink stone, and pen.
"Lift the top," Zvarra said as she left the dwelling and closed the door. 
"Ah," Ayda grabbed the paper and supplies and quickly wrote out two missives.
One to his parents advising they convince the tribe to go into the mountains, and one in dragon, asking Jotunn the Frost dragon to help keep them safe. He handed the letters to one of the goblins.
"Go with her courier and see that my parents are moved, then see that the Dragon gets the second one." The goblin saluted him as if they were in the same military. It made Ayda grin. The other goblin quickly took up the salute too and promised that they both would see his wishes fulfilled. 
Ayda opened the door and found there was only one guard. He nodded as he exited. The guard nodded back and blinked with both sets of eyelids. As Aydahar moved out into the city the guard followed. Ayda nodded to him once again then motioned him forward. The guard acquiesced and bent his head forward to see what Ayda wanted.
"These goblins will hold my messages and accompany Zvarra's courier on my behalf. I will be staying here a few days more," Ayda advised the guard.
"As you wish, my lord," Came the reply. 
He watched as the goblins gave the same salute and then followed the guard through the paths between the buildings. He admired their bravery and loyalty. How could anyone think they were less than any other species on this planet. Then he remembered his own arrogance toward what he felt were lesser species before the Elaa found him. They became his loyal servants, and Hima regretted it in hindsight. He could not think of them that way now. He had loved Zvarra greatly and never told her, and now he didn't think she would be receptive to it. He never treated them as fully equal. Being half god, and half dragon made him horribly haughty. He looked for her. He just wanted to see that lovely silver scaled face of hers, how it had been kept so young and beautiful by his blood, the gift he gave her.
He caught sight of her. Beautiful silver scales sparkling under the drab beige of her coat and hood. He longed to see her drenched in golden silks and rose colored gems. That coy smile of hers. He smiled too. All those feelings for her were overwhelming but then realized he didn't really get to pursue that since he already had an arranged marriage waiting for him upon his graduation from apothecary college. He was now human. He had lived long enough as a dragon, this life was meant for the one who had lived it before he was awake. He watched her still and saw her open a panel by whispering to it, and he could think of nothing but her lips and the way her tongue would flit upon them like a flower blooming. He quickly followed her before the rune had flashed back to life.
He saw her here and there gracefully treading what looked like a treacherous path up the side of a mountain. He followed as well as he could. He felt clumsy, and he could not make the path look right, he knew magic was the cause, and he was waylaid by the same magic as it drug him down almost to a standstill. He was frustrated and confused. He looked ahead of him but could not see her anymore. Then before he could look behind him a small figure swiftly toppled him, it was Zvarra, and she looked in a foul mood.
"Ayda also makes you stupid, My Lord," Zvarra chided.
"I only wanted to see you again," Aydahar said between gasps from having the wind knocked from him.
"You could have seen me in the village, why follow me?" Now Zvarra drew a curved knife and held it calmly in front of her ready to strike.
"I love you," Ayda blurted and then blushed heavily,"Hima loves you,"
"You don't get to say that," Zvarra growled as she moved the knife closer to Ayda.
Ayda lie there with his hands up and passive, he winced the closer the knife got. Zvarra let it touch his cheek and the blade was so sharp it drew blood before he could feel the cut. Zvarra brought the knife to her mouth and licked the blood from it. Then a terrible sounding chuckle of scorn and anger came from her.
"Blood of a coward and not of my God, or my Lord," She stood from her squat over him and stepped away and then spit into the bushes,"You do not belong here, go home boy."
Ayda watched her ascend the mountain path and fade from his sight.

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