Kenna straightened her armor and moved her hand in an arching motion and a gold light pulsed and she stepped into it. She appeared at the entrance to the tent and came in to see Hector bent over a tray of tea. She thought she saw him hurriedly put something back into his vest pocket but couldn't be sure. Probably just a tincture for relaxing. He looked at her with a slightly startled look.

"We need you to go find out who was on shift feeding the shield Just moments ago." she said.

"We?" Hector mocked,"You are not my master"

Kenna took a deep breath and let out a barely audible sigh, "Lord Faris gave the order, and I am your master as Xan's wife, don't forget that."

"I can't leave, I wasn't done with the tea. You go." Hector complained.

Kenna frowned, "It looks done to me."

Hector looked as if he would growl and then stormed out and a bright light could be seen reflecting on places inside the tent.

She picked up the cups but could not smell Astera, or anything out of place.

"Did I hear you right?" The woman sitting in the unkempt bed rolls looked at her with an assessing smile.

"Yes," Kenna blushed. She picked up the tray and set it down on the ground in front of the woman. She sat down herself.

Then she waved her hand in the general direction of the fire pit and it leapt to life with flames. Then she twirled her finger toward the top of the tent and a string pulled loose revealing an opening for the smoke. She handed The woman a cup, and their hands slightly brushed in the exchange.

"You're pregnant!" The woman looked shocked and happy then deeply confused,"How did I know that?"

"Damned Healer's mark," Kenna grumbled and motioned to the woman's hand.

"Ah," She said and smiled hugely,"I'm Hin, Xan's Mother."

"Oh, he did not..." She scowled a bit. She was angry at Xan.

"No, he did not. This didn't happen overnight." Hin said scowling a bit herself.

"No. We were married two years ago when I made Paidus." She said blushing again.

"He's been here for over two years?" Hin said shocked and confused.

"He's been here about ten," Kenna said trying to count back in her head.

"Ten! Where have I been for Ten years?" Hin cried out and then looked extremely sad.

"Only the Gods of Kalestra know that," Kenna said lowly as she offered Hin a cloth to wipe her tears on.

"Do you suppose they think I am dead?" Hin sobbed

Kenna shrugged but didn't know how to comfort her.  What the Gods had done was cruel.Hector came into the tent gaining her attention.

"There is something going on out there," He said looking a bit confused.

"Did you talk to the people at the shield?" she asked a bit confused herself.

"Yes, and not one remembers a thing." he said impatiently,"You really need to come outside to see this."

Kenna got up and stretched her hand out to Hin,"Please come with me."

Hin smiled, wiped her tears and let herself be helped up. All three walked out into the camp and saw others running to the edge of camp on the side facing the battle. Kenna and Hector rushed into the crowd.

"I don't believe it." Kenna went slack-jawed as she reached the front.

"Told you," Hector said almost absently.

Kenna saw the waves of shadow soldiers being recalled from the battlefront. All the shadow golems were leaving too. It was an orderly retreat, not rushed in any way. It was like watching storm clouds retreat.

"Why would they leave like this?" Kenna asked not really expecting an answer.

"I wish I knew," Hector shrugged.

Kenna then looked around her and realized Hin was not with her. She slightly panicked.

"Hin?" She yelled through the crowd.

"I can go find her," Hector volunteered.

"No, she is my responsibility," Kenna said as she turned to exit the throng of soldiers gaping at the retreat of the enemy army.

She walked back the way she came and found Hin sitting at a fire with a couple of other soldiers who had lost interest in the retreat. She sat nervously and smiled shyly when they tried to engage her in the conversation. 

"I am so sorry I lost you!" Kenna said as she stepped forward towards the fire.

"Oh, no, I should have told you I don't like crowds," Hin said as she smiled again at Kenna.

Hector came up behind Kenna and put a hand on her arm,"I can take her back to the tent."

"I'm going back to the tent too." Kenna was confused again," you need to report to Lord Faris about the shield personnel."

"I do? Oh, yeah..." Hector said and then he opened a bright gold lit portal and disappeared.

Kenna looked at Hin and kind of shrugged her shoulders, but she couldn't shake this feeling she had about Hector. Of course, he had done nothing yet to give her enough proof to go to Faris, but she might mention something to Xan. She took Hin's hand and walked toward the tent, and hopefully a quiet evening.

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I'm OUT, I don't know who's talking and dafuq is going on exactly.

Either start from the son's perspective or someone significant to the story.

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