Hin woke first, and she quickly got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned Both Kenna and Xander were up and moving around. She rummaged in her backpack and found her solar charger for her cell phone. She plugged it in and took it outside to charge. She left it in a fairly sunny spot. Before she could enter the tent Hector appeared behind her.

"Would you care to go to breakfast?" He asked with a bow.

"Stop that, and sure. I'm hungry," Hin said taking Hector's arm while they walked, "How long have you known my son? Has he had a good life here?" 

"I have only been serving him for a year, just since he gained his knighthood." Hector paused and seemed lost for a moment, "I knew of him for about eight or nine years before. Always had his nose in a book, or training on the grounds with anyone who would."

"He sounds driven," Hin said smiling.

"Oh, more than most. We used to joke that he never cracked a smile or went to sleep," Hector blushed with guilt.

"How mean. How sad." Hin said half to herself.

"Well he smiles plenty now with Lady Kenna," Hector said, "They met at a sword competition. She won."

Hin laughed.

"Ah, here we are; take a seat and I will grab you some food," Hector said amiably.

Hin sat and waited for Hector. She watched him go through the line and smiled as he brought two trays toward the table.

"Now let me go get you some tea," Hector said as he set them down. Hin looked to her plate and was surprised to see eggs and a meat that smelled a lot like sausage. There was also bread, thick and dense. She tore it into pieces and found it was still slightly warm.

"Here you go," Hector set down a cup of tea in front of her. She nodded her thanks. She felt a pang and realized she was missing coffee and home. She scooted the plate and tea away with a sad look on her face.

"Something wrong?" Hector looked at her quizzically.

"I miss home," Hin said as she picked at the bread,"Everything is a bit familiar and yet it's just not home. I think that makes it worse."

"Earth, right?" Hector said through mouthfuls of eggs.

"More than that. It was a husband, and children, and grandchildren. It was peace and security. Whatever this is... I am too old for it." Hin said in a very sad voice.

Hector listened and then pointed out,"The Gods only bring those wanting to come. So deep down in your most secret of hearts, you wished this. Otherwise, you would still be where you were."

Hin looked at him crossly and was about to rebut when Kenna announced her presence by knocking Hin's tea from the table. Hin gasped in shock. This seemed so unlike the woman she had met the day before. Hector scowled.

"I am so sorry!" Kenna seemed to be sincere enough.

"It's fine. I will just get more." Hin said as she moved to get up.

"No, let me, it will be an honor." Kenna said with a bow and moved off.

"I really wish people would stop doing that." Hin sighed.

"Doing what?" Hector asked.

"Bowing," Hin said.

"Get used to it. You have a son of a considerable station, It's going to happen a lot," Hector chuckled.

"He certainly isn't my little boy anymore," Hin said sadly. Hector sympathetically patted her hand that was on the table. She smiled at him.

Kenna once again announced her presence with tea. She set down a cup making a bit of show of keeping it as far from Hector as possible. Hin looked at her a bit quizzically but caught a glimpse of Hectors face that was more smoldering anger than surprise or confusion. This made her curious, but she did not give it voice.

"Hector, Xan has need of his Paidus," Kenna said plainly. 

Hector tapped the tabletop with a knuckle, then got up from the table and glared at Kenna, "I am sure Alaric needs his too." 

After Hector stormed off Kenna became a bit more cheerful. Hin looked at Kenna and then kind of took a deep breath.

"So, are you going to tell me what that was about?" Hin asked a bit upset.

"I don't have solid proof, but I swear he keeps trying to slip something into your drinks," Kenna whispered.

"I don't understand, you think he is trying to ...hurt me?" Hin was incredulous, "He has been nothing but supportive so far."

"You don't want to see it. I don't want to see it either. He is supposed to be my husband's trusted second, his Paidus. It's just a feeling." Kenna relented a bit, "He is right, though, I must be off to see to Alaric."

Hin watched her leave the tent, then turned back to her tray. She picked at it and ate very little. She cleaned up the trays left from others from the table and took them up with hers. She didn't like things left  to burden others when she could easily do it herself.

After returning the trays she left and returned to her son's tent. She knew everyone was off packing up or doing whatever they do in a war camp after the last battle. She picked up her half-charged cell phone and started thumbing through the pictures, and she started crying.

She set the phone and charger back down harshly and wiped her face, "What am I doing?"

She noticed a shadow and looked up to its source, shielding her eyes from the sun.

"I hope you are adjusting," Faris stood over her, looking stiff and uncomfortable.

"Not really," Hin frowned. She saw Faris slightly frown too then draw in a breath like an inward sigh.

"I-" Faris was about to say something when Hin interrupted him.

"I am sorry, I don't know what you are expecting from me," Hin said a bit more angrily than she intended to.

"Your arrival has set things in motion, things I don't quite understand," Faris stumbled over the words.

"And will you tell me when you do?" Hin looked at his expression then shook her head, "yeah, I didn't think so."

"I should leave you now," Faris said quickly as he retreated into a port and was gone.

Hin picked back up her phone and sighed. Instead of looking at more pictures she decided that she would walk around and take them. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

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