He cherished the feel of air in his tattered wings. Soon the last of the dragon's flesh would be gone, and he would not be able to fly over the wastes outside of his cave. The beauty of his skeletal dragon form was the epitome of what he ruled. The most beautiful of all the beauty that was death. He felt the buzzing in his head and upon landing took humanoid form. He then sent himself through the link. On the other end was his most trusted High Priest Lich Trune, and newly come to the form.

"You have finished your transformation, I am well pleased," He said through the link.

"Thank you, My Lord God Nidhuggr," Trune replied and he could feel his pride through the link.

"So, what good news have you for me?" Nidhuggr grinned.

"The tracking potion worked. We found the girl. She is starting to come into her powers," Trune said

"That is good. We must act quickly and kill her before she reaches her full potential." Nidhuggr replied.

"Yes, but there has been a problem." Trune hesitated in the link, and Nidhuggr grew frustrated.

"Problem?" Nidhuggr bellowed through the link and he felt Trune flinch,"We have the conduit tracked and we know where the girl is through the conduit, I assume." 

"It's the girl. We can no longer track her through the conduit. She has disappeared from the city. Someone is shielding her." Trune said. 

"WHO?" Nihduggr sent through the link with all his anger. He felt Trune retreat for just a moment then he heard him quietly through the link.

"My Lord God, we think your brother has found a way back from exile and is interfering," Trune almost whispered,"He has also been able to recall his army from your control."

"The shadow army is nothing, merely a diversion. He wouldn't have enough power to hide her from me alone. Find who is helping him and we find the girl." Nidhuggr said a bit more pleased.

"And the conduit?" Trune asked.

"Send one of Death's Hand, she is no longer needed and she still poses a threat. Tell them to possess that brainless sport and then ignite his crystal, we rid ourselves then of anything that might lead them to you, or me." Nidhuggr was feeling more confident in his plan,"And send someone to find the girl and whoever is helping her. She needs to die and soon."

"Yes My Lord God Nidhuggr," Trune said reverently and cut the link.

This would do nicely. They couldn't help but use magic. Once the land was drained of it, the only ones who could stand against him would be the Dragons or Dragonborn. They were driven almost to extinction in the Necromancy war. His delicious war, that had his brother exiled instead of him.

He took to his magnificent Dragon Lich form and felt the flesh in his wings full of rot as they would tear in the wind. He landed on the edge of the wastes and sat there. With his God spark, he searched with his mind for his Brother. He found him, or part of him in the shadows. 

"Dear Brother Itzal. Why you are hardly yourself," Nidhuggr laughed.

"I am what you made me. Why seek me now?" Itzal paused and Nidhuggr felt Itzal's amusement, "What's the matter, lose something?"

"Oh, don't worry brother, soon I will have what I wanted." Nidhuggr let his confidence trail through the link,"I am good at waiting and hiding, which you were not."

"That is because I do not hide in the body of my victim," Itzal said and Nidhuggr could feel his disgust and it amused him.

"And not one who'd believe you, mortal or God, even if you did tell them." Nidhuggr laughed. He felt Itzal retreat from the link. He felt glorious.

He took to the air again and swiftly flew to the top of his mountain where his cave was and perched. He bellowed triumphant in his joy, and the wastes trembled.

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