"Do you have a moment?" Faris heard Xander say after softly knocking on a tent pole. 

"For you? All the time in the world, friend," Faris wearily smiled.

"I wanted to show you something," Xander said.

Faris watched him set a ring down that looked to be made from a piece of a worm scale. 

"Is that..." Faris said curiously.

"Yes. And I think I made a breakthrough on making it more than just a one-use magically imbued item." Xander said looking excited.

"That is remarkable. What use does it have?" Faris asked intrigued.

"It opens a port. I was hoping you would help me test it. Your sensitivity to magic is far greater than my own." Xander said looking hopeful.

"Of course," Faris was happy to help. If magic was running out, having things like this would be useful indeed.

"Great! Oh, and one more thing," Xander said.

"Yes?" Faris asked.

"That woman you sent to care for my mother..." Xander said then Faris interrupted him.

"Oh, that is no woman, That is my Progenitor. You have met your first Dragon," Faris laughed.

"That... is incredible! I can't wait to talk to them." Then Xander paused, "Them, is correct right? How do I address a Dragon?"

"Well how about just using their name, Aulder," Faris grinned, "I know it takes a lot to get used to, addressing someone with no sex when our languages are centric to those things."

"I guess it gives the Dragon language better context knowing," Xander said smiling.

"Yes," Faris said, "I will see you and your mother at dinner. Alaric and Kenna have said they can work miracles with what is left of the rations."

"Speaking of my Mother," Xander said after a pause, "Maybe we should tell her what is going on."

"She would be in more danger if she knew," Faris shrugged.

"I think if you gave her a chance she might surprise you," Xander  shrugged, "Kenna and I will not go against your orders, though, for now"

"Appreciated and noted. We leave in the morning and will breakfast at my Estate." Faris said trying to get back to a lighter mood.

"I can't wait." Xander smiled and then ducked out of the tent.

Faris fingered the ring and felt the magic swirling inside. He put it on the first finger that fit. He walked out of his tent and opened a port using the ring. it was a short distance and then he opened another port a short distance. He was impressed. Faris decided that he would test the ring and a longer distance in the morning by using it to port home. The longer the distance the more magic is used, and it would be a good way to see if it depleted the content of the ring. He ported back to his tent.

He walked in and took the ring off and laid it next to the box containing the necromancer crystal. The box came alive as the crystal reacted to the ring, and the ring vibrated in kind. Faris picked the ring up again and moved it away from the box with the crystal. Both stopped moving. He moved it closer. The box moved again, and the ring vibrated in his hands. He made a mental note to show this to Dragonis and Xander when they got home.

Faris sighed, and again walked out of his tent and ported to Alaric's tent. He went in and saw Hector sitting on the ground with his head hanging low. 

"I've really messed this all up," Hector said looking up with a tear-streaked face and red puffy eyes. His blonde hair was scraggly and looked as though he had been pulling it.

"I am sorry. I have stripped you of your knighthood," Faris said and Hector started sobbing again.

Faris sighed. He felt horrible for this, but he must be made an example. The necromancer infiltration needed to be uprooted and put on notice.

"Who promised you the appointment to be Xander's Paidus?" Faris asked sternly.

"I wasn't promised Xander, exactly. He said it would just be prominent. He wore Magus robes and a scarf around his head and face." Hector said between sobs. Faris frowned.

"When we get to my estate, I will have to send you to the jail." Faris shook his head as Hector began to wail.

"Don't you think you are being a bit harsh?" Faris turned to see Hin standing in the doorway of the tent.

"No, I don't," Faris was angry that she intruded,"What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit Hector, and to see that he is ok," She said in a tense tone while smiling. Faris did not know what to make of that.

"You would do that for me? After what I did?" Hector said looking shocked and relieved at the same time.

"Of course, I would. People make mistakes," Hin said as she smiled, "I am no saint."

"Saint?" Hector questioned.

"I only mean..." Hin was trying to explain

"Please follow me from the tent My Lady, you see he is unharmed," Faris interrupted and took Hin by her arm firmly and took her from the tent.

"Thank you," She said with a clenched jaw and jerked her arm from his grasp, then she stalked off in the direction of Xander's tent.

Faris was relieved to watch her go. She was so intense and it made him uncomfortable. It seemed everywhere she went a storm followed. He was relieved not to be caught in it anymore. He ported back to his tent. He opened his last bottle of brandy. He sat down and instead of pouring a glass, drank from the bottle. Dinner would be long and uncomfortable. 

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