"If they are ok, then why isn't he using his mirror? Why haven't they ported back?" Kenna paced nervously, "Is there any way to find them quicker?"

"The tracking spell is harder to trace than I thought without the specific ingredients," Kenna watched Dragonis put down a book onto the table beside him, "It will take more time."

Kenna stopped pacing and looked at him, "I need to do something!"

"You should go to the healer in town to get checked out," Dragonis looked at her concerned.

"I think maybe I should," Kenna agreed as she opened a port into the heart of the city.

Kenna quickly gained her old familiarity with the city. She walked a little way to the healer's place and noticed that it was luckily not busy. She stepped inside the small space. It smelled of poultices and flowers. She sat and waited for the healer. The healer came out from the room in the back and came to greet her. He was old and gray but still had a warm smile. She put her hands in his.

"The baby is a bit stressed," He smiled at her, "But I don't think either of you are the worse for wear."

Kenna let the breath she was holding go in a sigh of relief. 

"I suggest you eat and get some rest," The healer said to her as she was leaving.

Kenna opened the door of the clinic and almost stepped into someone else's port. She stopped short as two men in teacher's robes from the academy were helping a student, his face contorted in pain. She held the door open as they entered the healers place. As she closed the door she could hear him scream about his bones burning.  She could hear glass break and went in to help. The young student was thrashing and yelling about being on fire.

"There is nothing wrong with him," The healer looked both confused and alarmed.

Kenna moved closer to get better footing to help hold him down. The student grabbed her arm and looked at her with eyes mad with pain.

"I walked with Gods, they betrayed me. Find my body and put it to rest!" He screamed while squeezing her arm before the healer could knock him out with a poultice.

"What did he mean by that? Find his body?" Kenna felt numb. Her hands were shaking.

"I have never seen anything like this," The healer sounded astonished.

"How are you going to help him?" Kenna was concerned.

"All I can do is keep him calm until the someone more experienced than me can come. If you will excuse me," The healer bowed to her, "I thank you for the assistance."

Kenna bowed and looked once more to the young man asleep on the bed. She shook her head and walked back out the door. She opened a port back to Faris' estate and stepped back onto the grounds. She was still shaken from the experience at the healers. She walked past the guards and their bowing at a fast pace. She felt bad for being so rude, but she felt she had to get back to Dragonis quickly. She was still missing Xander a lot. She walked back into the library while wiping tears from her face.

"Have you found the spell yet?" Kenna wrung her hands as she watched Dragonis look up from a book.

"No. I am afraid that necromancy became a forbidden art," Dragonis sighed, "We were wrong to think to make it so was going to help us." 

"So we can't track them, and you can't feel them, so we are stuck waiting,"Kenna frowned and started to pace again.

"I am sorry," Dragonis looked pensive, "So what did the healer say?"

"Everything is ok," she told him and his face softened a bit, "I did see something strange, though."

"Strange?" He raised his eyebrows at her. She thought they looked more like ridges than actual hair. Since they were not silver but black and they reminded her of eye ridges on the sun lizards she would catch with her sister on vacations to Seramant. She shook her head to clear it.

"Well, the teachers from the academy brought in a young student that was screaming about being on fire and his bones burning, then begged me to find his body and put it to rest." Kenna frowned. 

"That is odd, and troublesome," He put his hand to his chin and sat down, "Did you get the youth's name?"

Kenna shook her head no and sat down. Her hands weren't shaking anymore, but she couldn't get the boy's mad eyes out of her head.

"He is probably still at the healer's place," Kenna shrugged, "They were going to send for someone."

"Show me," Dragonis said standing up.

Kenna led him outside. There she told the guards to send someone to the healers should anyone in the missing party port home or contact them. She then opened a port to the healer's clinic and they stepped through. They entered the clinic and the young man was still asleep on the table.

"This is important," Dragonis looked at her intensely, "What exactly did he say?"

"The Gods betrayed him, find his body, put it to rest," Kenna recited from memory.

"Help me look," Dragonis said as he started pulling up the boys sleeves and moving his arms around, "It will be a red stain birthmark in the shape of a dragon or dragon's head. Sometimes a dragon's claw."

"A birthmark?" Kenna said taking off the boys shoes and lifting his robe to look at his legs.

Dragonis lifted the robe up to see his back, turning the body over on the table, and revealing the true strength of the dragon born. Kenna stepped back nervously.

"Aha!" The exclamation made her jump.

"What?" She bit her lip and stepped closer to the table and the boy again.

"The mark," Dragonis pointed to a large mark on his back, right below his left shoulder blade in the shape of a dragon.

"What does it mean?" Kenna fumbled as she tried to put the boy's robes back to right.

"He carries the soul of a dragon," Dragonis frowned.

"What are you doing?" Kenna heard the healer come in from the back room looking angry and concerned.

"I was trying to help," Kenna stammered. 

The healer then looked at Dragonis and looked shocked, then bowed suddenly and Dragonis waved for him to stop.

"I am sorry my Lord," The healer said standing up straight, "I sent to the Crystal City College, but no one was familiar."

"Then it is lucky I happened to be here," Dragonis smiled.

"Of course," The healer said nervously and smiled mumbling more to himself, "Of course."

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