"Where is he going to stay?" Kenna was worried that the newest guest would be upsetting to the squires and pages if he were kept in the dorm.

"I will put him in my room, it is private, and I will sleep on the floor," He carried the student into the building. The manchild still slept from the poultice that was pressed against his mouth and nose.

"So you never explained the whole 'find my body' thing," Kenna looked at him expectantly.

"When a dragon's body is used for magic against its will and enough of it is used, the soul can not cross over or find peace," Dragonis sounded happy to explain, "After the necromancy war we thought we had reclaimed most of the artifacts except maybe some dragon bone knives. Nothing big enough that could leave a soul anchored, or so I thought."

"So you missed something?" Kenna queried, "Why would there not be something like this boy happen on the record before then?"

"There might be a more comprehensive record at the Royal Library or at the college," Dragonis conceded, "However, I do not have the time to visit until after we find your husband and the others."

"Let's get him settled," Kenna said as she ushered them into the living quarters on the main wing. 

They walked to where Dragonis had been sleeping the past two nights. He had gotten here before the others and had made the empty estate his own. They laid the boy down on the bed and made sure he was still breathing evenly. Then they heard a commotion in the courtyard. Kenna and Dragonis went to see what the ruckus was. 

Out of a port stepped everyone and some new visitors. Someone tall and blue. His skin seemed to be speckled with white tiny stars. He was easily the tallest and largest person here. Kenna gaped at the size of him. Then she saw two birds exit the port. One a crow that quickly flew to the petite girl's shoulder. Another bird that seemed ill or hurt. It was running but falling over frequently and chirping in an alarming manner. She saw the blue man pick it up. He held it gently in his hands while it seemed to become disoriented and fell over limply.

Kenna ran relieved to see Xan. They embraced and whispered their worry and love to each other's ears alone. Then Kenna took another look around.

"Hon, where is your mother?" Kenna started looking around.

"She was just behind us!" Now Xan looked around, " We have to go back to look."

"Let me, You look like you need rest." She smiled and smoothed his hair back from his face, "Who are the guests?"

"That is the girl!" Xan excitedly whispered.

"Really? So young," Kenna smiled sadly.

"I am so glad you are ok," Xan said as he hugged her close.

"Of course, I'm ok. I am so relieved to know you are," Kenna smiled and kissed him lightly all over the side of his face,"So who is the blue guy?"

"I don't know really," Xan paused and looked in his direction,"he was with Aulder and my mom. Something about crash landing here on the planet. His tech still works."

"Odd. Lots of odd things happening lately," She turned to one of the guards present and ordered him to prepare gear for the search.

"It's raining there, I don't want you and the baby to get sick," Xander said giving her a slow smile, "Here take this."

"What is it?" Kenna asked taking the smooth cold stone like object.

"It's a blood stone. It will call Jelen to aid you," Xan said

"Jelen?" Kenna was confused.

"The King of the Fae," he tried to stay calm, "I met the King of the Fae and traveled to the Sanctuary of Sid Hayef!"

"So the legends are true?" Kenna looked wide-eyed at her excited husband. He nodded yes happily and then gave her another hug lifting her off the ground.

The guard came back with several others and all with packs full of gear and a tent. Kenna put on a rain jacket that was offered, it would help keep off more than the magical shields alone would. 

"Could you be a dear and open a port?" Kenna said motioned in front of her.

"Be safe," Xan whispered and opened the port to the last place he remembered, the crash site.

Kenna and the men put up their rain shields and walked through the port. She surveyed the site and took in the destruction. Trees down everywhere except those inhabited by Dryads. 

"Set up camp here, then I want to start search teams in a grid pattern from the camp," Kenna said loudly to be heard over the rain. 

She helped men set up the big tent that would serve as headquarters, then selected teams and sent them out with pocket mirrors.  She walked to the main mirror and moved her hand across and whispered Faris' name. 

"All set up then?" Faris looked at her with a tired haggard face. 

"Yes My Lord, Teams have been dispatched with mirrors," Kenna said worriedly.

"Please don't 'My Lord' me cousin, I am in too bad of a mood to be gracious," Faris winced as though he had a pain, "Just keep us updated and stay safe."

Faris waved the mirror back and ended the conversation before she could reply. Kenna sighed and settled into what she hoped would not be a long wait  for news of Xander's Mother.

My apologies. I tried to post Friday night/Saturday morning from my laptop and then lost about three paragraphs to a glitch. So I decided not to risk the remaining chapter and I am posting it now that I am back from travelling and at my desktop.

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