Ada- Dragonborn and Queen of the realm.

Aggie- A disguise Aulder uses to look like an old woman to infiltrate the military camp.

Ake- Kazakh for Dad.

Alaric- Part Draconi elf and part Orc. Minor noble and a Knight of the realm. Is related to Kenna and Faris through marriage.

Anam- Kazakh for Mom.

Artifice/Artificing- The act of imbuing or infusing an artifact with magical power or a magical purpose.

Artificer- The mage who has learned the craft of Artificing. 

Astera- A flower that is ground and used as an herbal remedy usually in tea for anxiety or stress. 

Aulder- One of the youngest dragons to come through the rift made by the dragons and the fae to escape the war in Paeran.

Aurel- Aulder's older sibling and Parent of Dragonis. Died in the Necromancy War.

Aydahar- (Ayda) A young Kazakh boy who was attending the college for Herbalism. Carries the reincarnated soul of the High Dragon Hima. 

Ban- Draconi Elf Prince and the Heir Apparent of his Aunt Queen Ada. 

Black Crystal- A crystal that has been charged with necromatic energy and used for communication by/ necromancers because it can not be as easily traced as a mirror communication spell can be.

Communal (group) Mind- The Takarien (Lyros) race shares a link with family and other members of their extended family or friends that let them deposit a wealth of information that can later be reproduced or traded for a sum of money or political power and favors. This also lets them leave a type of note to communicate with each other through the link.

Conduit- Hin, a storm traveler, who is used as a vessel to store magical power meant for the child of the prophecy (Elda). 

Countess Gemma- Kenna's mother and noble that oversees the baronies and their freeholders. Her daughter Kenna will inherit the title and duty someday.

Daughter of Shadow- Another title that belongs to Elda. 

Dead Watch- A tradition started in the Necromancy Wars where soldiers after the battle would keep watch over their fallen comrades to make sure they would not be raised from the dead.

Death's Hand- Assassins who are in spirit (wraith) form and hunt down targets while possessing another person or sometimes plants to carry out the deed. They answer only to the High Priest Trune and the God Nidhuggr.  Only dragons and dragonborn can sense them naturally and easily destroy them. Others can be trained to sense them but it is a very narrow and delicate specialization.

Delphina- Jelen's sister and Elda's ancestor. Has fallen in love and raised many children over the years, was captured by necromancers during the war and fought in the war beside the dwarves who now give her safe harbor in their main city. Her appearance is markedly that of a peahen which is her natural animal form.

Draconi- descendants of the Dragonborn. Some descendants have very diluted dragon blood and diminished dragon legacy magic.

Dragon- There are many types of dragons in Kalestra. The ones that settled in Meskendir in dragon form resemble the standard European Dragon and are genderless and sexless until it comes time to procreate. Their children are born with a sex. They have come to favor the humanoid form because it helps them hide better from enemies. Their offspring will always be of mixed race because their inherent magic prevented them from pure reproduction. The Dragons that settled in Sebehla are of the elemental type and closely resemble the Dragons of Asia. They have a sex but have declined to have offspring like the majority of the Fae did.  There are occasional other Dragons that are transported from other places, like earth.

Dragon Accord- A written Treaty agreement among the Meskendir Dragons that no further Dragonborn would be born so that the power balance could be kept, with no one family being more powerful than the next except for the Royal Dragon and their heirs.

Dragonborn- Half-dragon and half of another Race. They can not take a dragon form, and are born with a sex.

Dragonis- Aulder's nephew and Faris' distant cousin. He is of the original Dragonborn and over a thousand years old. He declined rule of Feren, instead, he is a respected academic in the field of magic and is the curator of the Royal Library in Crystal City.

Dragonsight- An ability that only those of dragon blood can inherit. It gives a dragon the ability to see all of the magic around them, and whether it is in use or dormant.

Dryad- A tree spirit native to Kalestra and is counted as a lesser fey or fairy.

Elaa- A race of humanoid lizard-like people that were devoted as servants of the High Dragon Hima.

Elda- She is the child of prophecy destined to bring mana magic back to Kalestra and holds a hidden purpose within her. 

Fae- A powerful group of magical and mystical people Who mostly chose self-exile in the new world for their own safety and have an unwillingness to dilute their Fae blood. By treaty, no Dragon or Dragonborn may enter the sanctuary city of Sid Hayef. To most mortals, they are considered myth and stories told by grandparents.

Faris- A Draconi Elf That inherited rule of Feren. Has worked hard to make sure that all the people in his land are given equal opportunities under his law. He goes against the ideals of the Crown and other Nobles to do so, by including what they consider lesser races as citizens of his land and given all the rights of that citizenship. He gives free education and combat training to all his citizens, also giving any of them a chance to earn the minor noble title of Knight. 

Feren- A large city-state that sits on the border of the wastes and the rest of Meskendir. It's economy and population have been steadily growing because of the immigration of undesirable races seeking equality and a better life.

Fey- considered a lesser fairy from the Fae, they are usually native to Kalestra

Game Master- A person in charge of a Larping event and is responsible for story and plot. 

God Gifted- A term used to describe those that are given an elemental mark or the healing mark. Though it is rare, even native-born Kalestrans can be gifted with a mark. The only exception is that the dragons, dragonborn,  draconi, or Fae can not be God Gifted.

Gods of Kalestra- A pantheon of Gods made up of native and foreign gods and deities brought together to monitor and keep balance through their collective power over the Kalestral Storms and the Elemental Planes. They do not force worship or take individual credit for any act.  

God Spark- The essence of a God, demigod, or deity that gives them limited power and control over Kalestra.

Green Leaf- A Symbol of the Kalestral plane of the Gods and represents the power to heal.

Hatyri- Elda's Fae title as the child of the prophecy.

Havadar- Xander's Fae title for his role in the prophecy.

Healer- A person who has been God Gifted with the Mark of the Healer.

Hector- Xander's Paidus and the second person Hin met on Kalestra.

High Dragon Hima- A dragon descended from the Old gods of Paeran and has a different kind of legacy magic from the other Dragons of Meskendir. Was also born a male even though he is the same race as the Meskendir Dragons.

Hin- A Storm Traveler from earth being used as a conduit of power for the child of the prophecy and mother to Xander.

Itzal- a rogue God who willfully fell to Kalestra and is the God of Shadows. He no longer is part of the Council of Gods.  Was banished to a Void by the Pantheon for unnatural crimes against the Dragons of Meskendir.

Jelen- King of the Fae. His animal form is a great brown Stag. His sister Delphina is Elda's Ancestor.

Jotunn- An ancient Frost Giant Dragon brought by a storm still in his egg and hatched with the first generation of Dragonborn.

Kalestral Storm- A storm controlled by the gods of Kalestra that bring travelers from other worlds that will help contribute to the world's balance of power or magic.

Kenna- Xander's wife, and Faris' cousin. She is the future Countess of Feren. She is part elf and part human and is god gifted with the Mark of fire. She is also a Knight of Feren.

Kipu- A plant grown readily and in large quantities for its pain relieving qualities.

Knight/Knighthood- Traditionally the training, education and title held for those Draconi Noble males who would inherit no lands or other titles of their own. In Feren however, Faris opened this up to anyone who was a citizen, regardless of nobility.

Kouri- A sheath normally of colored scales that the dragonborn, some draconi, and dragons in humanoid form can call to armor themselves in and forms around them like a second skin.

Larp/Larping- A Live Action Role Playing event.

Lich- An animated skeletal corpse held together by rituals binding the mage's Mana and Soul to his bones.

Lich Trune- Was a Draconi Elf that now serves as the High Priest to the god of Death and has taken Lich form. When it comes to magic he is highly experimental and uses all of his resources.

Legacy Magic (Blood Legacy)- Magic that is carried in the blood and is race specific. It exists and works independently of the natural and native magic of Kalestra.

Leiric-  She was Faris' lead commander of his army at the battle of Codger's Crossing.

Lyros- A storm traveler from across the universe. He is a Takerien From the planet Sagadaa. Unlike storm travelers prior to him, his advanced technology was not rendered useless. His people revere knowledge and have a group mind where the collective family knowledge is stored and shared. No matter how far away they are from each other they are able to access it.

Magic Weave- A traditional form of magic on Kalestra using the natural native magic and weaving it into threads to use in a spell.

Mark of Air- A god gifted mark that connects a person to the Plane of Air, and the ability to use all the magical abilities of that element.

Mark of Earth- A god gifted mark that connects a person to the Plane of Earth, and the ability to use all the magical abilities of that element.

Mark of Fire- A god gifted mark that connects a person to the Plane of Fire, and the ability to use all the magical abilities of that element.

Mark of Healing- A god gifted mark that connects a person to the Plane of Gods, and the ability to use all the healing magical abilities. Does not grant the marked with any godlike powers.

Mark of Water- A god gifted mark that connects a person to the Plane of Water, and the ability to use all the magical abilities of that element.

Marta- Elda's Father and current prisoner of Niduggr

Meskindir- Name of the country founded by the Dragons after coming through the portal.

Mirror Spell- Basic magic that allows the user to use any mirror as a communication device.

Nebiri- Elda's distant cousin and a daughter of the Puma Hunting Clan that lives in the wilds outside of Feren. She is part Fae and had a rare encounter that awakened her Fae blood. She was brought to Sid Hayef for her safety.

Necromancer- A mage that practices necromancy and other necromatic arts.

Necromatic Arts- The magical art of corruption using spells, potions, or imbuing objects with dark magic.

Necromancy- The magical art of raising and commanding the dead.

Necromancy War- A war fought between Meskindir and Necromancers who poisoned the land, with Dragon kind taking the most casualties.

Nidhuggr- The name the god of death took for himself after the Norse dragon who gnawed at the roots of the tree of life.

Paeran- A war-torn world that the dragons and Fae escaped by working together to open a portal to Kalestra, and creating the first Kalestral storm.

Paidus- A Knight's second in combat and the last rank before becoming a Knight. They are also in charge of everything under the knight including servants, squires, and paiges. 

Paige- The starting rank and grade in school. Everyone in Feren serves as one and receives their education as one. They then go on to their chosen  skill or trade (college) if they do not choose to become a Paidus.

Panka- Elda's mother and a prisoner of Nidhuggr.

Portal Spell (port)-Basic magic that allows the user to bend two points closer to each other and can only be used to go places the spell user has seen before and can visualize.

Ravenna- Queen of the Fae, married to Jelen, and resembles a raven in human form, and takes the form of a raven.

Rusvanna- High Dragon Hima's daughter. Was captured during the Necromancy War and fought against the necromancers. Went into hiding directly after the war.

Ryino- Lyros' mechanical engineer and betrays him to the pirates.

Saido- Itzal's high priest and emissary. Part god he carries the magic of dreams and sleep and has the ability to become a crow and transform others.

Sebehla- Country inhabited by Elemental dragons that chose not to mix with the mortals, are friendly but reclusive, are born with a sex.

Shadow- A being made entirely of shadow that serves as spy and messenger. Can be easily killed with light or fire. Answers to Itzal but were manipulated by his brother Nidhuggr to serve him.

Shadow Golem- Large constructs made of stone or metal that is bound to a shadow soul.

Shadow Knight- A construct of a shadow soul bound to a suit of armor.

Sid Hayef- The hidden sanctuary city of the Fae that exists between the planes of Kalestra.

Squire- Mid-rank and grade in school. Usually, after this the student will begin to specialize in their studies and decide to go on to college, mage school, begin a trade skill internship, or become a Paidus.

Storm Traveler- A being brought from somewhere else by a Kalestral Storm.

Takarien- A large water born humanoid race that breathes through their skin. They share a group mind with those of their family and extended family where the breadth of their collective knowledge is stored. The race values knowledge above all, as a means to power and lucrative networking.

Terren- A worm companion that mainly dwells on the Plane of Earth, and is a companion and protector of Xander. Also, serves as a messenger of the gods. Linked telepathically to Xander. Also, sheds scales that can be used in magic or for armor.

Wastes- A land south of Meskendir that was badly and irreversibly affected by the necromancy war and the necromatic arts. Was also the site of the largest battle in the necromancy war. 

Xander (Xan) The son of Hin and husband of Kenna. He serves the prophecy as Elda's protector and mentor.

Zvarra- An Elaa and High Dragon Hima's most valued guard. She serves his daughter faithfully while also acting as leader of the Freehold they run below the mountain retreat.

Just something my partner and I came up with and thought it might help. I do have new chapters! I will start posting again.  =)  (Surgery went amazingly well.)

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