"So has anyone actually done this before?" Hin asked while clasping her hands nervously.
"Not in a very long time and not by me," Aydahar answered. He and Dragonis were marking the floor with circles and runes she didn't recognize.
"And this will transfer the power from me to her?" Hin wanted reassurance.
"As I said, madam, this is all theory, it is a ritual from Paeran," Dragonis said as he bent over and changed a rune slightly.
"That was your world before Kalestra?" Hin asked.
"Yes, I never saw it, I was born to Kalestra," Dragonis said shrugging.
"Paeran was beautiful once, but the war between the Fae and the Dragons made it a bleak and dark place," Aydahar said with a sadness, "Magical corruption is what we fled from in the end."
"Whose?" Hin asked.
"Whose what?" Dragonis asked.
"Corruption," Hin said.
"Ah, well, the dragons. There was a group of dragons that became power mad, and we fought them. It's more complicated than that, but it is a story for another time." Aydahar smiled, "come and sit here."
Hin sat in the middle of a circle and Aydahar set a crystal down in front of her and made sure it was touching the runes in front of it. Dragonis finished up the other large circle. 
"Bring the child in please,"Dragonis said without looking at anyone.
Kenna left the room and returned with Elda. She looked nervous. Hin smiled at her.
"It's ok sweetie, I am scared too," Hin looked at Elda and smiled again, "Just follow the directions of these nice men, and we will be ok."
"She needs to sit here," Aydahar motioned to the biggest circle across from Hin.
Elda slowly walked to the circle and sat down. They put a crystal in front of her and it also touched the runes in front of it on the floor. 
"Both of you touch the crystal," Aydahar said to them.
"lightly." Dragonis clarified.
"No matter what do not take your fingers from the crystal," Aydahar looked at them and Elda nodded,  "Now repeat after me Hin, Maru."
"Maru," Hin said softly and smiled at the girl to reassure her.
Hin felt a tug somewhere inside her, then a pull like things were being torn from her. It started to hurt but she fought hard to keep smiling and looking the girl in the eyes. Her hands began shaking and then all she could do was fight to keep her fingers on the crystal, it became the only thing she concentrated on. Then she heard the girl cry out, and Hin opened her eyes to see the circles, the runes, and the crystals all glowing a bright white.
Elda was crying and Hin fought her impulse to reach for her. Then it was over. Everything went dead, and Hin reached for Elda. But her body did not move. Elda slumped over. Then on Elda's right hand a leaf appeared, and the leaf grew vines in 4 directions and then the mark for water, earth, air, and fire became compass points to her leaf. She had all the powers of the planes of Kalestra. Even though she was part dragon and fae, who never receive a god gift. Everyone was silent.
"Was it supposed to feel like that?" Hin said finding her voice.
Kenna rushed over and scooped up Elda and Xander went to his mom and helped her up off the floor. 
"Now Hin, we must make plans for your stay here," Faris said.
"I can cook and clean, and I am good at service in general. On earth, I spent a lifetime in customer service." Hin said to reassure everyone that she could do this.
"You should know that humans are not looked on well by most nobility. I will have Alaric be your contact, and he will then relay the messages. Are you sure you still want to do this? If you are caught..." Faris let his words drop.
"I understand," Hin said, "At least I think I do. I don't think I should hear more of your plans. I can't promise that I will keep my secrets let alone yours if it comes to that."
"Then I will open a port for you to the estate, speak to Lottie about being hired on. Tell her I sent you." Faris said. 
Hin walked over to Kenna and Xander. She hugged them both tightly. Then picked up her backpack.
"Everyone be safe," Hin said as she looked around before stepping into the port.
She found herself outside the great estate and went to find a small door. She knew that there would be a servants entrance somewhere in this place. They weren't allowed usually to go in the main door. Now that a prince was in residence she knew it would be enforced. She found a small door with two guards. They wore bright blue and black uniforms. She approached nervously.
"I was told to seek Lottie out for a job," Hin said mustering her courage.
"I'll show her the way," one of the guards sighed and he opened the door and Hin followed him.
The corridor was narrow and the guard's sword scraped the wall as they walked. She saw people peek their heads out of doorways at her and the noise now and then. The guard knocked on a door. A blonde elf opened the door.
"Yes?" She said happily.
"Got one here wanting a job," The guard motioned to Hin and she stepped forward. 
"Thanks," Lottie said with a smile. The guard went back down the hallway with his sword scraping the side of the corridor.
"Come in," Lottie said as she closed the door behind Hin.

"I was sent by Faris, he said you would hire me," Hin said almost in a whisper.

"I was worried about him. With everything going on. Is he alright?" worry briefly crossed her face then was replaced by another smile, "So, what are you good at?"
"Yes he is and I can cook and clean," Hin answered.
"Have you cooked meals for more than a thousand?" Lottie asked pointedly
"Er, no." Hin admitted, "but I used to help my mom with banquets and family reunions, so hundreds." 
"You probably will be better at cleaning. We'll put you on staff. I will find a uniform to fit you, and give you a room, and here," Lottie said handing her a jar of beige liquid, "You will need to cover up that god gift of yours. Do you know how to heal or are you new?"
"I... well no one taught me." Hin sighed.
"Ah. Too bad." Lottie grimaced, "Alright let me show you to your room. You will be bunking with Naseem."
"Thank you," Hin said as they walked the hallway.
"Just do your job, and that will be thanks enough," Lottie said opening a door to the room and then she walked away, "You start tomorrow."

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