The Silver scaled woman paced inside her elaborately decorated cave. Gold had been hammered into the walls and shaped as fantastic dragon rune spells of protection. The furniture was small and delicate, not of human or elf make. It was only the Elaa and the Fae that could make wood into such a fine shape and have it remain as strong as the tree it came from. Everything had runes and spells put into its structure. These were made for someone highly esteemed by the Elaa and in dire need of protection. This woman was indeed both of those things.
The silver woman was nervous and kept pacing to a thick wall of ice that split the large cave practically in half. A small woman in a hooded cape appeared and knelt close to the entrance holding up a silver and black candle. The silver woman rushed to her and took the candle and the small woman lowered her hood to reveal that she was actually a humanoid lizard woman of the Elaa.
The silver woman took the candle and put it in a notch that was in the middle of the ice wall. She lit it and runes in the ice and on the wall inside the frozen half of the cave came to life in a bright gold light. The Elaa woman held her breath.
"You should not have summoned me," The shadow coughed.
"I needed to know you were still here, still trying," Her face showed fine features beneath a layer of silver scales and her long silver hair was tied up in a bun with an ornate silver hair clamp. More silver hung from it loosely to resemble icicles and they caught the light when she moved.
"I put you in danger now, he can track me, please if you still love me..." The shadow almost wailed.
"I do," The Silver woman put her hand to the ice wall, "I do still love you."
"Then don't let me be the reason he finds you," The shadow begged.
The silver woman pressed her hand harder to the ice and the Elaa woman approached the candle and blew it out.
"You had no right!" The silver woman screamed turning on the smaller Elaa woman.
"Sit!" She hissed and the silver woman obeyed, "I have every right, given to me by your father. You are to be safe. You are to be hidden. You know the rules."
The silver woman put her hands to her face and sobbed. The Elaa woman clucked her tongue and went into the kitchen and poked the fire in the stove. Then she put on a tea pot to boil. The Elaa woman then took some herbs from the shelf and put them in a ball shaped infuser and put it into a cup. Then poured the hot water as it just started to boil. 
"Here, this will make you feel better," The Elaa woman said while handing her the cup of tea.
"Thank you." The silver woman said as she wiped tears from her face and taking the cup, "I just hate waiting. I have been sleeping and waiting for hundreds of years while a miscreant god wears my father like a costume."
"I know it's hard, we must exercise patience now," The small Elaa woman said calmly.
"I know, I know. All the pieces are in play," The silver woman said with an exasperated sigh.
"Now you sound just like Saido," The Elaa woman clucked her tongue again.
"I'm tired of waiting," The Silver woman complained, "My father should be laid to rest, as he promised."
"Soon, My lady, soon." The Elaa woman said in a very calming manner.
The Elaa set the cup down from the silver woman's hands onto a small table, then helped her up. Together they walked to a lounge and The silver woman lay down.
"What would I do without you Zvarra?" The Silver Woman asked as she drowsed close to sleep.
Zvarra smiled. She tucked a small sheet around her Silver Lady and then quietly walked out the door. She waved her hand and the opening to the cave began to shimmer then moments later it looked like part of the mountain, as if the opening never existed. A small group of other Elaa met Zvarra further down the path. The path seemed to disappear behind her. 
"The Lady Rusvanna is well, after waking only three days ago, we must wait," Zvarra said to them as they shot worried glances amongst themselves.
The group slowly went back down the mountain, their lanterns twinkling in the light wind. A storm was blowing on the other side of the mountains, they would remain untouched by it except for the slightest of cooling breezes. Zvarra looked up and saw that the third moon had finally risen. It was larger than the other two, and tonight it nearly dominated the sky.

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