Author note: I allowed myself to skip this time Zari’s sickness – too much to do in table editor and those would not be vital in any way, as I do not plan to force MC into any battle up until he would be back to his optimal condition

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Another beautiful day started. I simply knew that few following days may be a Little but more exhausting. But first things first,

General Information
Level[18/NA]   [811/12500 exp]
RaceChimera [Divine]
ClassDark Hierophant
TitleThe one who forge his own fate

Champion slayer

Deadly Arena Champion

The Great Duelist

The Wild Mage

Mad Scientist

Strength33 (added 2) Vitality40 (added 1)
Endurance30 (added 3)Constitution33 (added 1)
Dexterity55 + 4 Reflex36 + 3 (added 1)
Intelligence58 (added 2) Wisdom45 (added 3)
Spiritualism40 (added 1)
Hiden Attributes
Luck15 + 10
Charisma6 + 20
Charm11 (added 1)
Unallocated points0


I allowed myself to focus a bit more on the physical attributes this time. I was tempted to raise vitality like mad, in the end more hp sacrificed could boost blood magic even more. But in the end I gave up this idea. Blood magic was a trump card and I do not want to abuse it. Even more since the backlash is pretty bad. I had to focus on my overall abilities more, in the end I doubt that most of my enemies would be nice enough to allow me to perform a spell just like that.


The quest from the Council was not yet placed on the board. Maybe the old man was still negotiating salaries? Who knows?


But I still have to do a few things before even thinking about going on another quests – mostly to visit our little company and see what the girls wanted, then maybe visit rogue, just to say hello, and lastly to spend a few days, maybe even nights, inside the library. Those marks, glyphs and runes… I feel a need deep inside of me to know what I am carrying on my neck, how to use it… or at first if I even want to use it in the first place!


But I have my assumptions on what it is. It may be some multifunctional tool. Like door opener or some tool that would allow you to use some devices. Why do I think so? The notification I got when I used it for the first time: “Combination accepted – Combination cannot be executed – incorrect location”. A puzzle-like-key that may be shifted into different shapes depending on the lock. But to what? A treasury? Definitely not. Heira is simply crazy, but I doubt she cares about gold itself… But maybe a treasury in which some overpowered cursed item would be located? More likely.


… no, the question is – what the hell could Heira LOCK. She? The chaos?! Jesus Christ! Forget about it! I don’t want to know!... or maybe… I am just a little… “curious”?


No need to ask “what if” now. To the warehouse!


The sky was grey. It also was a bit colder than usually and the wind blew harder, making my hood fall from time to time.


I moved quickly through some of the slums narrow corridors, moving past small thug “outposts”. The job of those were to check if no one was following me.


I walked inside the old warehouse. And here I was stopped.


  • “Halt! Do not even dare to move from here? Who are you, where did you hear about this place and what brings you here?”


I just looked calmly at guard.


  • “You are new here… aren’t you?”


  • “I am asking the question here! Stop where you are or you will end with a quarrel in your guts!”


Yes, he held a small crossbow.


  • “What’s going on here?” Clarice came from the back of the warehouse


  • “Intruder, young lady! I have stopped him from..”


  • “You stopped someone… WHO OWNS THIS FUCKING PLACE YOU IDIOT!”


  • “…W..wha…”


  • “I am so sorry for this inconvenient, teacher!”


  • “Whatever… new guy?” I didn’t want to waste too much time. Let’s just get past it already!


  • “Yes, Mister Rogue decided that additional forces may be required. In the end he finds this facility as vital.”


  • “I… I am sorry, I was told that Head Alchemist is a distinctive person… but I thought that you might be a mage send by Alchemist guild and…”


  • “Forget about it… but for the future… if I would have ill intention… do you really think a mage would have a problem with taking you down? Shoot first, best with a poisoned quarrel, in the legs. Then ask questions.”


  • “S… Sir, yes, sir.”


The smell of herbs and alcohol hit my nostrils as I walked inside production sections. About two dozens of workers with piece of cloth tied around their faces were working quickly.


  • “You told them, that they are not working with anything dangerous? There is no need for such precautions…”


  • “... If I may speak my mind…”


  • “Go on”


  • “I disagree with you, teacher. Forcing habits is important. Even if their health is not in danger now, it may change in the future as they would work with more toxic materials. If they would learn now, that they have to protect themselves, in the future we may have less, if not none, causalities while working…”


… what are you? An expert? Whatever. She has a point.


  • “Very good. The idea was good. Maybe I would prefer to be informed about such actions before, but you did well. Indeed, change breeds resistance. If something is working fine people tend to ignore possible improvements.”


  • “Thank you very much!”


She really was happy. Tsh, they all probably think I am some big-cold fish that may give them a much better future after whispering a word or two to Rogue. Who knows, maybe it was true… But I am truly terrified by their ambitions, desperation and initiative. As far as all this working there is no problem, but I am afraid, that what we have here is nothing more than a rat race. Soon they will start competing, force new ideas without consultation… and soon, somebody, somewhere will make a mistake. Or maybe I am just thinking too much?


We get to the private laboratory, everyone was already there.


  • “Okay, I was told that you have some ideas. As long as those wouldn’t make anyone die, wouldn’t blowing this small facility… I think we may learn something from that. Lemme take a look…”


Some scripts were placed on the desk. We started checking one after another, discussing possible effects or/and ways of improving the production processes.


It took a few good hours. As soon as I noticed what we were working with I almost burst into laughter. But I held it… at least until the end of our meeting.


As my dear ladies were exhausted both physically and mentally I finished our little meeting with words:


  • “I really appreciate your efforts. What we were working here were half-good basic mana and stamina recovery potions. Once again: I am REALLY happy to see your eagerness… but, as soon as the workers would get used to creation of those basic health potion… I will give you recipes of, in my humble opinion, better quality potions. Of exactly the same thing that you did here…”


Hahaha! Oh my belly! Their faces!


  • “If you knew that what we did here was nothing as good as yours… why didn’t you stop us?!”


  • “Of course I could just give you recipes. But I have a far greater plan for all of you. You have to be a bit more independent, to try finding your own versions of the same potions. Who knows, maybe in some time you would find a better solution. I really wish for that to happen. But in order to achieve this, you also have to keep thinking by yourself… Keep working hard. I will be back later for yet another check up.”


They were not happy. Not at all. This is why I added that part about having plans “about their future”,  which was nothing but a lie. Sunshine, I barely have any idea what to do with myself…



After that little inspection I walked toward the library. I was simply not in the mood to meet with Rogue.


In the section that was dedicated to glyphs, runes and foreign symbols I spent time up to the evening until, saying it bluntly, I was kicked out. This treasury of knowledge should be opened 24/7! How dare you shut the doors to the temple of knowledge! You brutes! Your actions are absolutely barbaric!


My anger was fueled by the fact, that I didn’t find a damned thing! Nothing! Marks were similar, but not the same. Only one I recognized… partly. Horned “O” – the symbol of Heira. But even here some modifications were added… horizontal line under it. Almost as I the “O” was standing on something… damned dimensional writing! How do you even look at this?! In the very moment when I thought that I saw some connections… when the pieces were slowly fitting in place, where you couldn’t see the picture, but somewhere in the backs of your mind you knew that you simply think RIGHT!... THEY FUCKING KICK YOU OUT! You are telling those fucking janitors that you are working on something very important, critically important! That outcome of your work may be a salvation! What did they say? WHAT THOSE FUKCERS SAYS?!


  • “Yeah. Sure. Library is open since dawn till dusk since Monday till Friday and for a whole 24 hours on weekends. If you have academy permission to carry out research then you should talk with the Library director. But for now, we invite you tomorrow…”


All of that was said with the voice of some kind of machine! No emotions! Thos little….







I sipped beer in the inn section with a grim expression. If gazes could kill I would be surrounded by dead bodies. I wasn’t angry, trust me. I was not sitting with some god damned ticking bomb tied to my neck. I WAS NOT ANGRY DAMN IT!


  • “Why are you so angry?” Aloizy sat next to me “Look kid, the world is beautiful! You sit here surrounded by friends near the warm fireplace, drinking beer and listening to stories about wonderful adventures! Cheer up, young man!”


<death glare>


  • “See? That’s your problem! You are far too greedy!...”


~Shh… don’t listen to him…


  • “… learn to treasure what you got! Why should you lust for something you cannot get?...”


~…define “CAN’T”,  you fat pig.


  • “…know your limits…”


~Limits… b…bwahahahah!


  • “… and you will find satisfaction!”


~Find what?


  • “Oh, and there is someone I want you to meet! Miroslav! Come here! That’s the kid I was talking about!”


An even bigger human pile of meat moved in our direction.


  • “That’s my brother – Miroslav, he is rank A, part of the S rank team lead by Gisele. Pride of the family I tell you! And here, brother this is…”


  • “Zariel! I know who you are, are you really the drinker as my brother said? I won’t believe it until I see! Let’s drink!”



…. Damn, you planned this from very beginning Aloizy!


  • “I am sorry, but I have to be in good condition tomorrow so…”


  • “Hey! Innkeeper! Give us beer! Three giga-mugs as warm up should be fine…”


  • “ I told you that…”


Aloizy over yelled me


  • “So, brother, tell us about your wonderful adventurers!”


Each time I tried to politely refuse I was yelled over. I looked desperately left and right looking for help. Everyone abandon me, turning their gazes away with polite smiles on their faces.


  • “What is going on here?!”


G…Gisele? Are you my salvation?


  • “Just creating bounds of friendship commander!”




  • “In that case I will join you!”


… WHAT THE FU…?! It’s not going to end well.







Another beautiful day started. Another grim grey sky, rain was lazily hitting the roof…. Making my head explode… my head hurts, my ears hurts everything… EVERYTHING! Even my bloody colors.


I am going to stay in my room forever. No force nor creature, no devil nor goddess will drag me from he…


  • “ZAAAARIII! HOOOOW AAAARE YOOOOU FEEELEEEING?” Someone shouted from behind my door… door that was pounded strongly. And loudly.








He finished quietly as I opened the door


  • “…My, my you look as if you were chewed up and spat out by a Behemoth!”


  • “Good day to you too, Al. Now go find yourself a place to die. As far away from my room as would be possible…”


  • “Oh, you still have bad humor? Fret not, we will have morning galls of whiskey. It always helps!...”


  • “No. No, nonononononononon! Alcohol is the last thing I need now…”


  • “My babushka always said: you have a hangover not because you drink alcohol, but because you stopped! Fight fire with fire! Come on! I will take you to the inn…”


I tried to shut the door. Unfortunately someone’s feet made it impossible to be shut completely.


Then some with inhuman strength forced already mention door to be opened wide, I was dropped over the shoulder and carried down…


… what the hell is happening here?


  • “Oy, I brought him!” Another yell that made me shiver


  • “Stop yelling or I will rip your throat out!” I hissed


In that moment my tormentor’s brother appeared


  • “My, my… you look as if you were chewed and spat out by a Behemoth!”


  • “That’s EXACTLY what I said just a moment ago!”


… those monsters really are related…


  • “Anyway kid, commander is waiting for you…”


… all three of them? In the morning? Great.


  • “Master Jericho is with her, you shouldn’t make them wait any longer…” I was somewhat gently put on the floor and with a few light pushes I was shown the direction.


I walked with eyes half-closed hitting some chair on my way…


  • “I see your point, but he is still F rank! This mission is far too dangerous!”


  • “He has great potential, but I am afraid he is a bit lazy, he needs certain conditions to be met to show his full capabilities. One of those conditions is that his life has to be more or less in danger, atop of that he is quite reliable…”


And in that moment they noticed me. With shadows under my eyes, absent gaze and unstable walk. In the wild I could be easily mistaken for a Zombie.


  • “My, my… you look as if you were…” Gisele started


  • “Don’t…even…dare… say… another… word…”


Jericho looked at me with a worried gaze


  • “Are you okay?”


And how do I look!?


  • “Just… just take those two beasts away from me…”


  • “Anyway… “ Gisele started “… do you remember about quest that Loki told us about? It’s true that it was mainly for mages, and our guild has very few of them… but I am against the idea of assigning you. If we would fight against each other and I knew your capabilities…”


Hm… ah yes, quest… there was something like that…


  • “Count me in…”


  • “But your rank is far too low!” Gisele tried to dissuade me


  • “I heard that when a group of people would be assigned they rank is added together and then divided by the number of people. This is how you get a party rank? Only two of us have C rank, in that case. And I can tell that there are couple more adventurers coming..”


  • “Indeed..” Jericho joined the conversation “… Marika which is B, yet another B+ rank that you do not know and Nyx from Gisele party which is A+”


  • “So we are between B+ and A-… if we have minuses near ranks…”


  • “We don’t. But it’s just as you said…”


  • “I still think it’s a bad idea…”


…So I have to use my secret weapon? I hate it but… may that point I added to charm does its trick…


I lowered my head


  • “I see…” I said with as quiet and sad voice as I could “… sister Gisele doesn’t like me… I… I can understand that… I am weak, annoying, over and over again I am bringing only troubles to everyone around… I almost got Loki, Mrogul and Marika killed… if I only hadn’t found that floor… their lives wouldn’t have bin in danger…”


  • “It’s not what I had in mind…”


Her confidence crumbled a little


  • “I see… I have been running over and over again… to some place… I thought that maybe I would be accepted somewhere… that I may have found a place that I could call home… but in the end, no one could ever take me in… How delusional I was…”


  • “No, I don’t think like that at all!”


We are almost there…


  • “Y… you don’t? Really?”


  • “Absolutely not! It’s just… If something would happen to the rookie under my care I would never forgave myself!”


  • “B…but sister is amazing! How someone could even be in danger if sister is around?!...” I noticed it some time ago… she reacts funny when she is called sister “… I… I just wanted to see how amazing you are… you are respected so much here… I thought that if I would witness how amazing big sister is… then maybe… just maybe… I could be… just a little like you…”


Her face told me everything. This is my victory.


  • “I… I see. I… I will do my best to guide you!”


Completely devastated she walked away. Thank you, charm point.


Jericho looked at me partly angry and partly amused


  • “You are a monster… Please, she is easy to trick but has a very noble heart. Do not bully her to much…”


  • “Fear not. If one would abuse his or hers charm, it would lose its effect.”



[Exploration of Ruins of the Ancients]
Quest rankA
Council asked you to escort and guard the investigation team.

Ruins of Ancients are knows for their still working defense systems, and as they were know for their abnormal skills in abusing magic you can suspect only one thing: you will not get bored there easily

Rewards- Exp will depends on your job done during the mission

- 80 silver coins


Tomorrow hm? Thanks the goddesses I still have time to cure my… headache…


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