Oh for the love of....why do I have a reverse harem?[COMPLETED]

by TimeKing

Original Action Comedy Romance Gender Bender Harem School Life Slice of Life
What's worse than a man becoming the heroine of an otome game? NONE!

The MC gets hit by the almighty truck-san and wakes up in the middle of a class, with a female body. Not even summoned nor reincarnated, just waking up with a different body, what's that supposed to be?

Join our MC in his nightmarish life filled with male, male, male, and...magic? there's magic?
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Ivanator The Great
  • Overall Score

It's only been a few chapters but i'm looking forward to it!

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so far so good.. hope you can update periodically..


keep up the good work

  • Overall Score

Humorous and entertaining!

Can't get enough of this story, please update more!

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This is a good story but the author is evil since he finished the story but put a huge bait in front of us readers i really hope that he make a sequel i want to know more of the world

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Hmm *Insert fast food slogan here*

This is in my honest opinion a joy to read.

My only real gripes are the slow release and short chapters.
This is my selfishness but PLease sir, May I have some more?~

I won't pay you because I'm stingy but honestly if there was more content and was consolidated into an ebook i could see myself paying. But more first okay?


  • Overall Score

Gender Bender lover here :D

*Haa.... Haa....* (Heavy Panting)

*Slurp* (Wipes Drool)


A Gender Bender and Whats more a REVERSE HAREM !!!


*psshhhh......* (Nose Bleed spraying like fountain)

*Bam* (Collapsed)


*aah.... I... have... no....... Regrets*

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OK start and funny premise but is lacking consistantcy

The initial premise is actually pretty funny, but why the heck is this Guy/Girl of an MC being so accommodating to the boys that are trying to get the MC's interest?  It seems really odd that the MC who is very attracted to girls and not at all to guys, has not made any girlfriends and is letting 'herself' get pursued by these guys that seem to want 'her'.  'She' should easily be able to avoid most of the vermin/boys between 'her' martial arts and just the fact that 'she' is a girl now.  As long as 'she' is able to surround 'herself' with girls it would be very tough for any guys to get near 'her'.

'She' is supposed to be very skilled with martial arts and such so why is 'she' being pushed into being involved with boys?  The development is just getting to the point where 'she' is just letting these guys ignore 'her' will and force themselves on 'her'.