Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?

by JayDirex

Original Drama Psychological Romance School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
An assassination romance about a generous high school teacher who's forced to make criminal decisions for the sake of a mysterious female student, all while crossing a violent mob boss who wants him dead.

Dan Capra is the man!

A charitable math teacher who’s starting a new instructor position at a prestigious girls high school in New York City.

But Dan will learn that things are not always what they seem when he meets his new student, Rica Reyes. A distractingly pretty teen who's had her eye on Dan since he walked in the class.

Rica immediately strikes a rapport with Dan, and to his delight, tells him she knows how to secure money for his education charity. But in order for Dan to get the money he must use his math skills to help a certain crime boss downtown with some numbers, and look the other way...

...when the murders start.

Tags: Crime, Romance, Teen Romance, Original Light Novel, Tsundere, Mayadere, Gangster, Light novel
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My girls are so bad!

Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- Alpha Female ago
Chapter 2- Innocent ago
Chapter 3- She's My Student ago
Chapter 4- Jailbait ago
Chapter 5- Touch ago
Chapter 6- Cold Sweat ago
Chapter 7- Date With Dan ago
Chapter 8- Mother-Daughter Rivals! ago
Chapter 9- She Likes You Dan ago
Chapter 10- The Paranoid Man ago
Chapter 11- Ask My Mother ago
Chapter 12- I'm Leaving You, Dan ago
Chapter 13- We Got A Problem ago
Chapter 14- Old Man x Defenseless Girl ago
Chapter 15- The Accident ago
Chapter 16- Men Lie ago
Chapter 17- I know You Want Me, Dan. I Always Knew. ago
Chapter 18- Fast Little Bitch on a Timeout! ago
Chapter 19- Dan's Confession ago
Chapter 20- Tara and Kitty's Interest in Dan ago
Chapter 21- Tell Me About Reyna Rai ago
Chapter 22- Because You're Mommy's Clever Girl! ago
Chapter 23- Are You The Math Teacher? ago
Chapter 24- They’re Gonna Give us Medals ago
Chapter 25- Let Me Drive! Hmph! ago
Chapter 26- The Crying Girl ago
Chapter 27- Fools and Babies ago
Chapter 28- Like a Boss! ago
Chapter 29- Get To The Guns! ago
Chapter 30- They Want My Soul ago
Chapter 31- Queen of New York ago
Chapter 32- Mind Blowing Wisdom of Two Goons ago
Chapter 33- Why are You Two Together? How Suspicious! ago
Chapter 34- That’s Why Bad Girls Love You, Dan. ago
Chapter 35- Dan's Story- Last Chapter ago
Author's References and Prequel Info in story. ago
Part 2- The Next Story ago

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So... I wrote a review about this story and it disappeared, therefore I will write it again /sigh

What I really like about this story is that there is no reincarnation, no fantasy, no supernatural or sci-fi, it’s just your typical earth (maybe with a little more action) it’s an unexploited niche in the web novel scene full with the afore mentioned tags, It’s the unexpected in your everyday life, an ice cream in a world filled with pizzas, and the Author really knows how to pull it off, it isn’t just that he is writing something new but he knows how to do it, the flow in the story is really nice, even though it has the slice of life tag, the story keeps moving forward and I haven’t found any noticeable grammar error.

The characters are well written and they feel real, Rica behaves exactly how you would expect a 14 yo girl with ties in the mob would behave in front of her crush, maybe it isn’t a likeable personality but it isn’t unexpected and that’s more that I can say for a lot of story in this site.

Her mother also, acts like a vixen with a daughter who has ties with the mafia (and I am pretty sure she also doesn’t have a clean record)

And even if you don’t believe what ymmmechai said about Dan doing god knows what with his “””charity””” thing he would still be a really nice guy who wants to have a charity, the only reservation I have is that if he really wants to have a charity, the author needs to provide Dan with a strong background and a strong desire to do so with any means necessary, even if he has to work with the mob and commit involuntary manslaughter.

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I am not a real fan of "realistic" stories that completely lack an fantasy part, and it feels kinda out of place but this story deserves far more attention, the few chapters (16) that are out have more content and depth then other stories have in several fold of the chapters.

I am hopeful of a SUBTLE fantasy undertone, I am sure that this'll kick up the reader base by a bit! Maybe a poll would be good?

On another note, this story is a bit more on the mature side. Not as horny teenagers with a tick for gore mature but mature mature!

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How are you NOT reading this story?

I don't understand why more people aren't reading this story. It's so damn good! And so well written. I care about all of the characters, even though I think they are all criminals but, after chapter fifteen I have to tell people you just have to read this story!


But another reviewer said this is an unexplored genre, and I agree coz *spoiler there's no magic or VR (not that I am aware at this point). But the style flows so well, the writing is clean, the grammar is perfect and the story is an unpredictable thriller, drama with violence and it's good.  I recommend it!


and I ship Dan and Reyna. I like them they're cute.


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The mystery of Dan and his charms (Minor spoilers....I think)

This is a captivating story with twists and turns and romance and fights and math….yup….gotta love that math.

Just when you think that the MC is dense….BOOM he pulls out an ace from his sleeve and throws it in your face. TL;DR Read the story because it is amazingly addicting.


I suck at writing reviews I think.

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This story has a lot of potential!

There's only four chapters out right now so what can I say? 

    Storyline is good . Characters are good so far. Grammar is good. The only thing I can think of to critisize is your lack of descriptions of the characters. Right now there is no vivid description of any of your characters looks. Which I'm sure you will rectify that mistake soon.


but as I said there isn't a lot to go off of right now. This story defenetly has potential to be one of the best fictions on rr in my humble opinion. 

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early chap pretty boring but i can see that it's starting to build the hype. Good beginning and you can start to guess a few chapters into the future. It says that the the mc donates money BUT i believe there's more to it. Like a dark side of it or just a code for something. JUST A THEORY and don't take it seriously. This story mc is be op and knows women and not like the rest of the idiot mc out there.

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review up to chapter 4:


now usually a proper review needs more content, but this is meant an encouragement for the reader as much as it is meant for the author.


grammar and style are good, goes really well with the flow.


of course there is also not much happening storywise yet, but we are already drawn into a world that seems more than it is. No clue right now if there will be supernatural elements, but either way promising. The teacher Dan seems like a cool guy at first impression and we already get to know that there is more to the students (and also him?) that meets the eye while we are getting drawn into the action at Rica’s pace ;D 


the story can go in all directions from here on and curious to see what will happen. Only advice for new readers is to wait for more chapters before starting or else you cringe in suspense about what is going to happen next.


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The Yandere Darkling's Review of: Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?

Another complete story by: JayDirex entails another journey involving his infamous Rifle Girl characters, and they're always just sooo bad! (-but the end of this story mad me love em more than ever!)

So good! So minimalist! (Just the way I like it, haha). I can tell Jay is having fun with entering POV's instead of staying an omniscient video camera most of the time (like he used to).

Everyone has a goal, everyone has a schedule, no one important feels 2D.
Rica is adorable.
Reyna is a villain (whom I now deem my favorite character, because of that last chapter).
Dan is a cute boss-man? (...not sure how that happened.)
Blood is spilled, mercy doesn't exist.
Twas a crazy ride.
There is one thing I would have tweaked, but, I won't mention it :P

Loved the story! I'll be honoured to "proofread" the next one too!

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This story is really good. The characters are all well done, and are very likable. The story has many twists and turns but it all comes together in the end. It is a good take on a modern day setting where everything that happens is believable. Overall the story is very well written and you grow attached to the characters while reading the story.

  • Overall Score

Everything I wanted in light novel.

This story had action, comedy, romance and blood. Also the story was easy to pick up and also included hints to prequels that could be made later. Good job author.