Black Blood (Dropped...)

by AaronDragon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Romance Tragedy Harem Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The multiverse is a big place, and it is also constantly in flux. As such sometimes mistakes occur, impossibilities that should have never come into existence. An aspect of corruption born naturally of a mortal and a divine, a Void that is a singularity instead of a duality, a being that came to be before existence ever was, a forgotten that is not damned, the possibilities are infinite and limitless, and thus so are the possible mistakes in this grand multiverse. But are not mistakes more entertaining to watch? When being reincarnated there are some things that you just cant control. Losing most of your memories is not a great start. Pissing off your patron goddess is not a good follow up. Rounding that out with reincarnating as something not exactly… human… Needless to say this guy is in for an interesting life. Fans of B.B : Check out bonus content chapters by becoming my patron!!! Support me on my Patreon: [{(Note, this story contains: torture, gore, violence, sexual content, and other mature stuff. read at your own risk.)}]

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13th Lord of Fantasy

Leader of Penguins
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Void ago
Chapter 1: Birth and Traumatic Experiences ago
Chapter 3: Soooooo.... what your saying is I'm vampire crack? ago
Side story: the previous life of Feraisa Dragovich ago
Chapter 4: My First Bloody Birthday Bash ago
Chapter 5: Birth of Sally......... Wait you mean HER name WASN'T Sally? ago
Chapter 6: THE LIST and Weaponizing Cuteness... ago
Black Bloods only poll: how is the story? ago
100 follower special: Life In The Nosferatusa Palace (RE-post/Edited version... ) ago
Chapter 8: You mean people KIDNAP cute things?.................... ago
Chapter 9: The things you learn about yourself in prison ago
Chapter 10: Sally's lesson on pets, gods, and the divine BIRDS 'N THE BEES ago
Chapter 11: Escaping prison with style...... and with blood....... and fire......... ago
side story: Divine family issues....... Hellatia's troubles. ago
side story: Tiffany, the dawn of fluffiness, and things best forgotten............ ago
Side story: Death of a Demon King, birth of a Chosen........ ago
Chapter 12: Years gone by, my appearance, and the start of something ago
Chapter 13: Meeting Auntie Lizote! and watching mom's break down......... ago
100 favorite annoncement!!!!: (not a chapter that comes later.....) ago
Chapter 14: how mom got a divorce, and I got engaged..... twice...... ago
Chapter 15: Bonding with Lizote, Alchemy, and painful lessons............... ago
addressing concerns and the editor challenge ago
Chapter 16: New pets, An underworld empire, And time torture ago
IMPORTANT TO AUTHOR!!!: change in schedule, and addressing comments for the LAST time ago
Side story: A pet's perspective............. ago
bonus teaser, and the LAST last announcement on RR (I MEAN it this time) ago
Chapter 17: Temples, Faith, and Secrets ago
Chapter 18: How I became a recognized genius..... WAIT WHAT?!?! ago
Chapter 19: Rage, Death, Divine hope, and Vengeance ago
Chapter 20: Of distant pasts, And falling kingdoms ago
Bonus 2 Teaser ago
Chapter 21: Hail to the king baby...... Wait, but I'm not a king though? ago
Bonus 1: the Full Version............ Top 10 (weekly) View special ago
Chapter 22: Thinning the blood that binds family ago
Black Blood's Theorist Guide: Caution there be spoilers and information aplenty ahead ago
Side Story: Losses and Gains ago
Chapter 23: Ending the blood that binds family ago
999 follower Special: Minds and Origins, the weight her little shoulders holds.... ago
theorist contest : if someone wins there is a prize..... ago
Chapter 24: Being forced to lend a hand........... ago
Good News, Bad News...... ago
Chapter 25: My dream, A few new friends, and Chuunibyou ago
Side Story/Theorist bonus: Something less than friendship........ ago
Chapter 26: My sweet Ride, Calling family, And unexpected upgrades ............. ago
Chapter 27: A hot Dragoness, Ride appreciation, And more upgrades!!!! ........... ago
Chapter 28: Acknowledging my weakness, And planning for the future .................. ago
Chapter 29: Doing battle with the fair maiden AND the fierce dragon? ago
Side Story, Rin: A treasure worth fighting for.............. ago
READ THIS, SERIOUSLY!!!: The last bonus teaser, new story news, and a short break ago
A Dungeon arrives!!! The start of a new story........... ago
Chapter 30: Lizote's leaving, And two sisters in one .............. ago
About the Hiatus........ ago
News and changes for B.B. ago
Stuff to read: Alt VS. Alex ago
An Unfortunate and Early End... ago
Short plot Summary (Spoilers... Wait... Oh, uh... Nevermind...) ago
Not D.I... But tell me what you think... ago

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I like this novel!!!

 A  very good and engaging story that has you  laughing your ass off when you’re reading and on the edge of your seat waiting for more when you’re not.

There are no overly dramatic moments except one (so far) and I think the author was sick that day.

Zombie Unicorne
  • Overall Score

I actually like how the story progressed.

The buildup toward him being this evil mastermind is actually good and well paced. It could never have gone better in my opinion.


Plus, I just don’t get how people thought that this fic would proceed in a completely other direction that was never implied in the first place.

  • Overall Score

Keep up the good work

Love the story so far. The plot is full of mistery and the characters are very likeable. Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score

I like where this novel is going. Keep it up author, and pls don't drop it (or i will find you........... and beg you to start it back up!)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I've got to say, I picked up this book being quite sceptical. I had no reason to like it... at the start!

The book turned around on me and appealed in a dark kinda way that your inner evil will LOVE.


The book does have a few grammar errors and I find the spacing/formatting is not the best, but it's an amazing book you'll probably not regret.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

One of my favorite fics

 I really love the story its funny and always has me wanting to read more.

I have no problems with the style and grammar mistakes are so few the story is fine but not perfect.

As for the character he is narcissistic and sadistic but I like that about him I mean he spent fucking who knows how long in the void with goddam numbers now he is a evil prince of a kingdom I mean I'll be like him to if I went through all this stuff.

A Simple Necromancer
  • Overall Score

The story itself is great. You have a yandere who use to be a assassin who at the same time is addicted to her master’s blood, a mother with a incest fetish, and another assassin who has a thing for cute things.

  • Overall Score

Anyone who likes true harem will love this.

  • Overall Score
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Story = Reader Crack

 A  very good and engaging story that has you  laughing your ass off when you’re reading and on the edge of your seat waiting for more when you’re not.

There are no overly dramatic moments except one (so far) and I think the author was sick that day.

The story it self is engaging if the plot is a bit “thrown together at the last secondish” in the beginning.

The chapters are well edited and well written with no engrish involved what so ever.

The character himself is ingenious and probably the best thing about this story (though the cultishly  devoted harem members aren’t bad either). The best way to describe the character would be as a sadistic insanely “MANLY MAN OF MANLINESS” (cute child) and is always entertaining to see done right.

  • Overall Score

HAha :D Its a blast. Although its written in comical hyperactive way, you did it right! (which usually doesn't work). It really complements the dark elements in novel so you don't take it that seriously and novel retains maximum enjoyment. 

Overall really well done novel. One of my fav lol novels.