Beyond The Wall (Complete)

by Waldo

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Martial Arts


In a world seemingly much like ours, the survivors of an apocalyptic event find themselves cornered and outnumbered. In a final desperate attempt to find answers, a crew of scouts is sent south of the Wall.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: What Lies Will Rise ago
Chapter 1: The Only Answer ago
Chapter 2: Doors That Groan ago
Chapter 3: Living-kind ago
Chapter 4: Where Strength Is Born ago
Chapter 5: Peripheral Vision ago
Chapter 6: Helping Hands ago
Chapter 7: Sightless Terror ago
Chapter 8: Slap by Slap ago
Chapter 9: Partners ago
Chapter 10: Prepare For Departure ago
Chapter 11: Where Legends Begin ago
Chapter 12: Tears and Laughter ago
Chapter 13: The Calm Before ago
Chapter 14: The Storm Begins ago
Chapter 15: The Fall ago
Chapter 16: Never Again ago
Chapter 17: Sounds of Animals ago
Chapter 18: The Biggest Monster ago
Chapter 19: What Waits Inside ago
Chapter 20: Until the End ago
Chapter 21: Victorious ago
Chapter 22: First Step ago
Chapter 23: Of Night and Death ago
Chapter 24: Adapt ago
Chapter 25: Experimental ago
Chapter 26: Smiles in the Dark ago
Chapter 27: Homeward Bound ago
Chapter 28: The Deck ago
Chapter 29: Ashes ago
Chapter 30: Be Careful What You Wish For ago
Chapter 31: Opportunity ago
Chapter 32: Jade ago
Chapter 33: Pass the Card ago
Chapter 34: Two By Two ago
Chapter 35: Death Flag ago
Chapter 36: Salutations ago
Chapter 37: Seven Days ago
Chapter 38: V and Mi ago
Chapter 39: Five Days ago
Chapter 40: Four Days ago
Chapter 41: Three Days ago
Chapter 42: The Dark That Ash Brings ago
Chapter 43: Into The Wall ago
Chapter 44: Abort ago
Chapter 45: Beyond The Wall ago

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  • Overall Score

Do yourself a favor, read this story.

At the time I write this review, only 12 chapters have been released.

I would normally have waited much longer before leaving an objective review but in my opinion this story seriously deserves a decent amount of attention and those 12 first chapters came out so fast nobody reviewed yet. I shall start the dance.


The universe while using common background elements is surprisingly extremely original in the utilisation of the apocalypse theme. Even the mythic Zombie is totally refitted for this story and I got to say Waldo did a damn good job !


Character building wise, we get to know more about the MC in first position, he suits my taste perfectly; strong, angry, taciturne, reliable but more than anything Noble and Modest ! He is not perfect, far from that but I see great potential !

The secondary and sub-MC are all well describe, you won't have to ask yourself "Who's that guy yet? And this one?", they are all interesting in their own right.


In term of style, again, great potential for a successful story, I like how the author brings action and dialogue. The flow feels really good.


I don't really have anything else to say, it seems I can't find negative point to bring to light so I hope you will in order to help the author to improve even more !

Don't be afraid by the longer of the chapter too, in as much as a week, Waldo updated 12 times his story, you probably won't be bored.


I hope having been helpful and somewhat as objective as I could ! And again keep in mind those are all elements I deeply appreciate in a story, I realize other probably won't be biased this much in future review.

  • Overall Score

Original Story, Impeccably Done

This story is just well done. After the first chapter I was hooked almost immediately.


For an apocalyptic story this one is very original. This isn’t just your average zombie story, if you can even call it one. Having such harsh foes in the world would without a doubt have you hiding in your attic hoping they don’t check your house.


One thing I really like about the characters is they all seem believable. They have a past that left scars, they aren’t just some cliche or archetype. The main character is definitely an interesting person that makes me want to know more about him. To delve into the mystery of this warrior. Gotta say it is nice to see an MC who is both a badass at times but also humble.


Overall this story is definitely worth a read through that will find you in that sad state of wanting to read more when you finally catch up. But have no fear! Waldo’s updating speed is ridiculously fast at times.


Oh and the grammar? The grammar is in the top tier on this site. I may not be the best at judging grammar but the story has barely any obvious ones that I can find.


I can easily seeing this story becoming one of the top stories if it got the attention it deserves. Waldo loving your story and hope you continue for some time!

  • Overall Score

Why doesn't this have more views ?

Okay , so I feel there isn’t enough chapters to make a full review of my own and the 2 previous ones were already pretty detailed. 

All I want to say is : I WANT MOAR !!! 

This story is awesome. The only point I COULD ( but won’t ) be nitpicky about is how Vas somehow seems to be absolutely inhuman in his battle prowess. But hey , it’s the MC , if he was average joe we wouldn’t be following HIS story , and the author might surprise us with an actual explanation to this later on =D 


Anyway author , keep up the good work ! this story deserves to be written !

  • Overall Score

A interesting twist on the Zombie Apocalypse.

I don't know how to do proper reviews. What I can do, is say that if the synopsis catches your attention then you will be glad to read this story. At least until the deaths start. Maybe you'll still enjoy the story after the deaths start? I mean, you're fighting zombies that can use swords and crossbows so I'm pretty sure there's going to be deaths. 


Well, at least they can't use siege equipment, right?

Heh, even if they could, it's not like they could make any, right?



Anyway, I've enjoyed the story so far (Chapter 20) so I say read!

  • Overall Score

Excellent story just not my cup of tea. Well written and good thought pattern for the story. Would probably try something else from this author but like I said just not into the whole undead thingy.

  • Overall Score

Original Zombie Apocolype

This is a very character driven story which I think really makes this type of setting better. The world isn't revealed in one large info dump either but slowly grows more detailed as the plot continues. No game mechanics, overblown romances, or harems in this one.

Feels a little influenced by game of thrones white walkers but there is certainly no plagiarizing from other material.

Very much worth a read.

  • Overall Score

the ending is so disappointing

The story, universe, characters... are good (4.5/5)

but the writer just decided to violently end this in half a chapter...

  • Overall Score

There is so mucn build up and world building, that the ending feels a little rushed and disapointing. This is a great story and worth reading