Rules-Free VRMMO Life

by Mirikon

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The year is 2076, and mankind has perfected VR technology, using the Chip, an implant that interfaces directly with the human brain, using it like an organic computer. Age of Anarchy Online (AAO) is the newest game released by Icestorm, makers of the legendary World of Destiny (WoD). Unlike VR games before it, AAO promises a 110% 'Better Than Life' realism experience, and to showcase this, Icestorm announces that AAO will have no 'Out of Character' rules, save for actions like hacking or exploiting system errors. Players can do anything to NPCs and even other players, and there will be no consequences save what one may suffer in game. "Do what thou wilt, but it may be done to you in turn." Mike Greene, better known in WoD as Torgan, a max level Paladin and leader of the Lords of Light, one of the top 'light side' guilds in WoD, now sets off on a new adventure in AAO. -------------------- Author's Note: If you haven't guessed, and the mature tag didn't help clue you in, there's going to be all kinds of nastiness in this story. Violence, language, racism, sexism, sex, gore, vore, and more! If you have triggers of any kind, this is your warning. If you're looking for a nice, heartwarming tale like Sword Art Online, keep looking. There will be 'good guys' as well, but this is a story where Might IS Right. However, if you've read Watchmen and Wanted, and like what you read (READ, not the movies!), then you just may find this story in your strike zone. And for f*ck's sake, this is just a story! Don't take this as an endorsement of any of the actions in this story.

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Leader of Penguins
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Age of Anarchy Online ago
Chapter 1 - Heroes ago
Chapter 2 - Character Creation, Part 1 ago
Chapter 3 - Character Creation, Part 2 ago
Chapter 4 - Character Creation, Part 3 ago
Chapter 5 - Character Creation, Part 4 ago
Chapter 6 - Tutorial, Part 1 ago
Chapter 7 - Tutorial, Part 2 ago
Chapter 8 - The Cabin ago
Chapter 9 - The Ruin ago
Chapter 10 - First Conquest ago
Chapter 11 - Before the Altar ago
Chapter 12 - The Priestess and the Princesses ago
Chapter 13 - First Night in Fathon ago
Chapter 14 - Testing ago
Chapter 15 - Class Change ago
Chapter 16 - Professional Opinions and Work History ago
Chapter 17 - Slave Market ago
Chapter 18 - Guild Card and Second Night ago
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Chapter 19 - Preparing for a Journey ago
Chapter 20 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 21 - Fierce Battle ago
Chapter 22 - The Lair ago
Chapter 23 - Gepheart Village ago
Chapter 24 - Wyrmwood Border ago
Chapter 25 - Meeting the King ago
Chapter 26 - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 27 - Down to the Grind ago
Chapter 28 - Class Act ago
Chapter 29 - Dungeon Research ago
Chapter 30 - To the Pits ago
Chapter 31 - Traps and Trap ago
Chapter 32 - Hunger and Longing ago
Chapter 33 - Frozen Time, Fiery Rage ago
Chapter 34 - Shattered Pride ago
Chapter 35 - Wild Abandon ago
Chapter 36 - Demon's Pawn ago
Chapter 37 - Exorcism of Pride ago
Chapter 38 - The Guild ago
Chapter 39 - Traveling to the Caverns ago
Chapter 40 - Ullelone Village ago
Chapter 41 - Forebodings of War ago
Chapter 42 - Answers ago
Chapter 43 - Operation: Jailbreak ago
NAC: Update ago
Chapter 45 - Demon's Duel ago
Chapter 44 - Operation: Jailbreak, Part 2 ago
Chapter 46 - Trade Chat II ago
Chapter 47 - Gates of the Underdark ago
Chapter 48 - The Next Step ago
Chapter 49 - Gaining the Keep ago
Chapter 50 - The Trial of Ascension, Part I ago
Chapter 51 - The Trial of Ascension, Part II ago
Chapter 52 - The Trial of Ascension, Part III ago
Chapter 53 - The Results of the Trial ago
Chapter 54 - Lithaes Village ago
Chapter 55 - Base Building for Beginners ago
Chapter 56 - Initiative and Boundaries ago
Chapter 57 - Cursed Mine ago
Chapter 58 - Knightmares ago
Chapter 59 - Dark Daughter ago
Chapter 60 - The Liberation of Duskhaven ago
Chapter 61 - Trade Chat III ago
Chapter 62 - Return to Fathon ago
Chapter 63 - I Deserved That ago
Chapter 64 - Blood Rites ago
Chapter 65 - Raiding the Renegades ago
Chapter 66 - Bloodmaul and Shyrl ago
Chapter 67 - Hunting the Dead ago
Chapter 68 - The Vault ago
Chapter 69 - Hammer of Death ago
Chapter 70 - Blacklake ago
Chapter 71 - Wild Oats ago
Chapter 72 - Away from Human Lands ago
Chapter 73 - Sharp. Pointy. TEETH! ago
Chapter 74 - The Lost Archive ago
Chapter 75 - Goblin Loremistress ago
Chapter 76 - Hunting the Hunters ago
Chapter 77 - Abyssal Rift ago
Chapter 78 - Trade Chat IV ago
Chapter 79 - Trolling the Trolls ago
Chapter 80 - Black Rock Hold ago
Chapter 81 - About as Expected ago
Chapter 82 - Entering the Cells ago
Chapter 83 - The Warden ago
Chapter 84 - Firewatch ago
Chapter 85 - The Door in the Mountain ago
Chapter 86 - Monwihr ago
Chapter 87 - Hardbottle Clan ago
Chapter 88 - A Request ago
Chapter 89 – Villains’ Feast ago
Chapter 90 - Trial of the Gods: Moradin ago
Chapter 91 - Trial of the Gods: Lolth ago
Chapter 92 - Trial of the Gods: Tempus ago
Chapter 93 - Trial of the Gods: Necron ago
Chapter 94 - Trial of the Gods: Loviatar ago
Chapter 95 - Trial of the Gods: Sharess ago
Chapter 96 - The Trial's Reward ago
Chapter 97 - Leaving Dwarven Lands ago
Chapter 98 - The Slime Mistress ago
Chapter 99 - The Deep One ago
Chapter 100 - Phantom Shop ago
Chapter 101 - The Border ago
Chapter 102 - Sudden Assault ago
Chapter 103 - Coup de Main ago
Chapter 104 - Trade Chat V ago
Chapter 105 - Family Matters ago
Chapter 106 - Preparing for the Crucible ago
Chapter 107 - Crucible of the Drow, pt 1 ago
Chapter 108 - Crucible of the Drow, Pt 2 ago
Chapter 109 - Into the Dark ago
Chapter 110 - Dungeon of the Lost Legion, Pt 1 ago
Chapter 111 - Dungeon of the Lost Legion, Pt 2 ago
Chapter 112 - Reset and Recover ago
Chapter 113 - The Labyrinth of the Spider Queen ago
Chapter 114 - The Ancient Drider ago
Chapter 115 - Blade in the Dark ago
Chapter 116 - The Crypt of Vaemzu ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 117 - Trade Chat VI ago
Chapter 119 - The Phantom Bridge ago
Chapter 120 - The Gates of Amyaththalas ago
Chapter 121 - The Deep Crystal Inn ago
Chapter 122 - The Grand Temple of Lolth ago
Chapter 123 - Audience With the High Priestess ago
Chapter 124 - The Queen of Dragons ago
Chapter 125 - A Consort's Duty ago
Chapter 126 - A Summons to House Kalreban ago
Chapter 127 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 128 - The Grand Slave Market ago
Chapter 129 - Selections ago
Chapter 130 - The Academy ago
Chapter 131 - The Archmage ago
Chapter 132 - The Binding ago
Chapter 133 - The Disavowed ago
Chapter 134 - Preparing for War ago
Chapter 135 - The Fields of Amhelin ago
Chapter 136 - Conference on the Eve of War ago
Chapter 137 - Blades in the Dark ago
Chapter 138 - Rain of a Thousand Flames ago
Chapter 139 - Battle at Dawn ago
Chapter 140 - Dragonflame ago

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Elina Violets
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Reveals one's kinky side

First of all, for those that keep saying stuff like "this is so kinky, yadayada I'll give this a negative review cause I couldn't handle all the copulate-related scenes" I want to say this: "Clearly you didn't read the entire description the author has given this story, because there they already wrote that this story has sex-infested scenes, and even have the warning that this story fiction contains:

  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

so I really do not understand why some of you seem to be whining about it being like this. I understand that this is not everyone's favorite type of story, and that's completely understandable, but to hate it because it uses, in the author's own words, 'sexy-time to build the story', is a bit insulting the author that already warned you that sexy-time will be present in the story. Honestly I admire how nonchalant the author has been about that type of hate, because they could of just as well stopped writing all together because an overload of negative crittisism can really damage an author's will to continue writing, so I applaud you author, your determination is outstanding."

The second thing I want to say to the author is that I really don't mind that some sexy-time is patreon-only, as long as it trully does not disrupt the storyline itself. I get enough sexy-time from what you use to build the story, so if you want to earn some cash from those good extra scenes is fine by me :3

So on to the ratings!

  • Style: I see you have developed your own style of writing that really compliments the flow of the story, so I have no complaints here.
  • Story: It is indeed an awesome story, but in the latter chapters I really got overwhelmed by all the things the mc has to go do. That in itself is actually a positive sign that your character can still do many things to keep the story running, but it kept this 'need to do this, then do that'-string of events that it came over as overwhelming. I would suggest there being chapters of True down-time for the mc; where his to-do list should be out of sight (for atleast a moment). For the rest the author balances the times of action and the times of rest pretty well, so the rest is also good in my book.
  • Grammar: I am really amazed by how good the grammar is, it's so good that even honest dislikers of the story have rated it pretty well. It even came to that I find it an accomplishment if I found even one letter out of place, and I have only had one or two accomplishments in finding such errors (there was this once that a hir/shi character has been accidentally called a she, but even that could have been auto-correct thinking it was correct).
  • Characters: the characters we have been interacting with have all been pretty 3-d to me, and all have a reason for doing what they are doing, some having a pretty interesting backstory which leaded them to be in the mc's 'party'. The only one that puts me a bit off is the hir/shi character, being a bit of a fan-made character (which shi partly is). I feel the mc doesn't look eye-to-eye to this character, but that can also just be me.


This has been my opinion and my review, you don't have to agree, but I hope it proves justice to how good the story is :3

Have a nice day~

- Elina Violets

  • Overall Score

The human eating was just too much. Otherwise the story is fantastic

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

clearly some people missed the point by quite a lot


 you got guys like "Rota" who have their own opinions and sadly decide that they should openly share it with everyone then state they don't give a dam about the other side of the argument or those guys (Inugami and some others) that don't understand that porn is porn yes......but the best porn has a story line! who the hell goes to porn site just to people going at it anymore? like all the classics had a story line I.e the pizza guy with a extra sausage pizza......back on topic here


these a review buried in this page called "OP item creation even though they're low leveled." by "koutacchi"


this Review is a classic setting of "set the world on fire to watch it burn" sort of review


Overall Score 0.5 (<- this is the problem)

Style Score 2.5

Story Score 4

Grammar Score 4

Character Score 3

 2.5+4+4+3= 13.5 out of 20         13.5 over 4 is roughly if rounded up 3.5 (3.375) ergo 3.5/5 overall rating


 (not trying to pick on you koutacchi but you set yourself up for this one)


next we have the all so loved reviews that complain about the over all rating of the Novel (PG,PG-13,M,R-18)

uuhmmm so you came on to this website that is located in the internet (which doesn't have a filter by the way that's the search engine with the filter) then go in to a Mature rated novel on a site that has many Mature rated novels then ignore the the Author's warning about Mature content similar to Watchmen (should have raised so red flags in your little prepubescent minds right there) then write reviews tanking the ratings of the novel despite the warnings for the content.....

sigh people if you think the content is to mature for you go read a different novel

and if the novel is not to your liking go find a different one instead of wasting your time writing a review about how it's much better then your own attempts of writing (may or may not be true excuse yourself if you are not part of that group) and now my time because i have to now belittle your sad attempts of killing a novel for it being it thank you all so very much.


Author unlike most of those mentioned above I look over at my message box you got an issue with the way i just handled this and want the review removed send me a quick message saying so

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

People look AT the description,

I am not sure if I am the only one here, but one of the only things I am grateful for elementary school is they taught me to read the description of a book before actually reading the book itself. Like for example one comments said this story is "Really Really Creepy". Well the author clearly said it will have Violence, language, racism, sexism, sex, gore, vore, and more. There books that are even more creepy, trust me. But non of them have reviews saying the book is to creepy. Right doesn't that sound stupid saying a book is to creepy, when the author say itself it will be creepy. 


So people for crying out loud, read the description first.

Also guess what, when you say the book is creepy, well that kind of a complement, as this fiction is done in that way a purpose. So instead of me seeing one stars for creepiness, it should be seeing five stars. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Do NOT read if you've never dreamed about playing a RPG on Team Evil

Ever play the old paper & pencil roleplaying games where you got to play the bad guy?  That is this story, expect all those things you might try and do as the bad guy.


While the story and main characters are very good and have some depth to them.  There is one main issue I have -

The story is very good if you read everything at once.  As it has a very continuous flow and each chapter builds off of the last chapter.  Reading it one chapter every couple of days breaks up the story and gives it a bit of a choppy feeling.


Couple people have made posts about the OP nature of the main character.  The main character is not OP.  He plays to his strengths, does his best to avoid his weakness, and is smart enough to get help (one way or another - remember he's playing on team evil) to cover areas he's not strong in.



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Had to change my review, Author decided to put a paywall on the story

The Author seems to have decided to put the story behind a paywall. Decides to give the ‘complete’ storyline if your a patreon of his. Unless you pay, you won’t get the full interaction and events that happen. Dissapointed.

  • Overall Score

Its a good read depending on your taste. Haters gonna hate. I mean lots of pseudo femnists and beta SJWs had thier panties in a bunch all raging and raving how "immoral" it is. Now I am not saying it is at George R R Martin's level, but for an amateur author its a well constructed story. Don't get disheartened by the -ve reviews and keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I'm too old for this sh*t!

This story easily places itself well below the average quality.
The opness is annoying, i can understand the inital stats trope but the unique self made gears whith their profession skill low or at most basic level is just dumb and a little insulting to readers. 

A mix between wish fulfilment and attempt to shock value, a template story written by a 13 years old trying(and failing) to be edgy.



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Well, I'll be damned...

not gracing this with any detailed report excerpt.


This story is the first thing i have read in a long time that actually causes my internal monologue to glitch repeat "blah" over and over inplace of the story. That said, I still missed nothing noticeable.


Came for a "gender bender" tag and found it gone after reading 1 chapter.


all major decisions were passed off to readers, and even without entering the game, the balance is already being broken.


Oh, and out of all the sick crap you posted and likely will continue to post, 20" by 3"... really?? you are the only halfwit on the planet who want actually want that and still think that every man alive is like you. but hey, some science for you, at least we get to watch you die from blood deficiency the day you get your first erection.


this story easily places itself well below the quality of the average story. And no number of negative ratings on this review will change anything, would not even bother me in the least.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Prereading the story:

The idea looks very good, though the top reviews are somewhat bad. Then again, I also like storys like Steal, another story with a similar premise.

URL for Steal:


Postreading the story:

The story is very well written and well structured. The characters are mostly 3d, but they arn't quite there yet. Overall, this is a very debase and fun story.