I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

by kentusrpg

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero

Katsuragi Kenta was a gamer. He did exactly what he needed to obtain the games he wanted and the time to play them; nothing more, nothing less. When his entire class is transported to a fantasy world, Kenta is suddenly an expert on their situation and the world around them. Naturally, he sets out on his own to escape his two faced classmates.

Two months later he returns and discovers that Momokawa Kyou, formerly the most popular girl in class, was left behind by their classmates. The two strike up an uneasy alliance despite despising each other. What’s more, they may have to work together to survive a curse.

Kenta will have his hands full surviving his new fantasy world. If the monsters don't get him, Kyou just might!

Warning: Tagged 15+ for Sexual Innuendos, Strong Language and Violence.

Cover artwork made by MioChin
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Professional Hamster

Group War
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 01 - Prologue ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 1-1 – Fantasy in Reality ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-1 – The Chasm ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-1 – The Challenge ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-1 – Rise, Hero ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 01 - Epilogue ago
Volume 01 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 1 & Forsaken ago
Volume 01 - Afterword ago
Volume 02 - Prologue ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 1-1 – The King, the Princess and the Quest ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-1 – The Heroes, the Monster and the Plan ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-1 – The Etna, the Fourbirds and the Separation ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-1 – The Curse, the Wife and someone else ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 02 - Epilogue ago
Volume 02 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 2 & The Wish, the Reality, and the Decision ago
Volume 02 - Afterword ago
Volume 03 - Prologue ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 1-1 – How to form a party ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-1 – How to socialize with Elves ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 3-1 – How to become popular with girls ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-1 – How to fix relationship problems ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 5-1 – How to be yourself ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 5-2 ago
Volume 03 - Epilogue ago
Volume 03 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 3, How to celebrate Christmas in a fantasy world & How to have a great time with humans ago
Volume 03 - Afterword ago
Volume 04 - Prologue ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-1 – Class-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-1 – Party-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-1 – Close-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-1 – Follow-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-1 – Finish-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-3 ago
Volume 04 - Epilogue ago
Volume 04 - Extras - I hate being wed in the Pokémon World & Girls-up! ago
Volume 04 - Anniversary Extra - Grow-up! ago
Volume 04 - Afterword ago
Volume 05 - Preview ago

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  • Overall Score

The MC is supposed to be an intelligent hardcore gamer right? So why would he routinely equip items with unknown effects? That's just asking to be cursed and he should've known better. It's not even explained beyond a throwaway line about getting screwed by a merchant if he doesn't identify them himself. So right off the bat the main set-up for the story is straining my suspension of disbelief but it's not a deal-breaker. The action scenes are awkward and sometimes hard to follow but readable so again not a deal-breaker. The MC and waifu are unlikable and their interactions are mostly cliche and annoying. Still somehow not a deal-breaker.


Ultimately this story seems to be the kind where the MC stumbles from one unfortunate event to the next somehow surviving despite all logic and probability saying he should've died but doesn't because Plot Armor, I guess? Up to where I've read it hasn't been explained but I get the annoying impression that it's all just the gods playing puppet master which, I think, is a terrible cop-out. I'm giving this a 2.5 (50%) because so far it has been annoying and entertaining in equal amounts.

  • Overall Score

I have not seen a story with the tag Harem so good since Mushoku Tensei, and considering that i feels as if others who have been using Harem so far as a cheap way to attract readers, you have done a good job as I do not feel it here. Have my congratulations and please continue to do what you have done with this story. ^-^

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Between Kenta and Kyou, I think it's very hard to tell which of the 2 characters is more annoying. They are both so full of bullshit that it's almost unbelievable. As such, it's imposible for me to enjoy this story.

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Laugh out loud funny litRPG

 So as many know, I am a sucker for litRPG stories.  I wasn't expecting much from this one because the cover used to be awful.

As the old adage goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

I am upgrading this review to an "advanced" review.  This story is one of the most fun stories I read now, and as soon as I see a new chapter pop up I'm all over it like Kanye on a mirror.

The in-depth review


What doesn't work---------------------------------------------------------


The writer is not a native English speaker and it shows.  There is wonky grammar, strange word choices, and torturous sentence structure throughout the story.

It also suffers from tense changes fairly often.  If anything, the story reads like it was written in another language and then translated to English, which it probably was even if only mentally.


The MC can be really annoying sometimes, and this is a pretty basic weakness of comedy stories.  If a joke hits, it's funny.  If a joke falls flat, we get irritated as readers.  I think this is just a part of the genre.


The LitRPG aspects of the story are hit and miss.  We're rarely actually told how the system itself works so it doesn't really impact the story much other than as a plot device.

WP points (no spoilers) seems to be handled in more detail, but we still never get a list of upgrades nor are we told what anything costs.


Ultimately, this doesn't impact the story much since at its heart it is a comedy.

Last but not least, the supporting characters aren't introduced or dealt with very well.  It's very difficult to keep track of who is who.  I'm slowly getting used to the side characters but the writer should probably include more clues so readers can pick up what role all the *Superfriends* group has when we read scenes with them in it.

What works--------------------------------------------------------------------


I'm pretty impressed so far. I can already tell the writer has put some thought into the world building and plot, which is a fresh breath of air.

We get little glimpses of things happening in the background, like the struggles between gods, the way the world is moving towards war, and all these things actually enhance the main stage mysteries of the story.  By this I mean why teens were summoned to this world to be heroes.

And while the MC is a paranoid, negative misanthrope, he does ask a lot of intelligent questions about his situation that still haven't been answered yet.  It's excellent story telling.

I've said multiple times that this story is a comedy and it is.  At its heart, this is a story about a guy who doesn't really want romantic entanglements at all being thrown into the role of a harem protag with girls he fundamentally doesn't understand.

He's not gay, he's interested in women physically, but he's very negative, immature, and in real life would probably need at least 5 years before he started dating.  Well, he doesn't get that luxury.

Furthermore, because of how the writer has structured some of the conflict, at least one of the females in the harem is /also/ a negative, miserable person.  She also happens to be pretty and manipulative.

This aspect of the story is genius.  We can't disparage the MC for seeing the worst in people when he's right at least half the time.

The characters kind of run together a little bit, but they all have their own personalities.  I'm really not sure why the author chose to use Japanese teens in the story, but it doesn't detract from the plot at all.

This story is literally laugh out funny, especially now that I'm reading book 2.  I liked the plot of the first book and how the MCs dealt with lizard people, but Book 2 is much more situational.

Once the character Rine is introduced, I think the story really shines and I get the feeling we are going to get more of that as time goes on.


I think that similar to my own story, book 1 of this story was sort of an introduction to the world and the characters.  Now that Book 2 has started, I feel like we're actually going in the direction that the writer originally intended.

...and it's glorious.


Final thoughts---------------------------------------------------------------

I would suggest people who like litRPG/transported type stories should check this one out.

The grammar and word choice are weird at times, but the writer has a lot of skill.  The story itself flows so well that I can easily read it as a native English speaker despite the hiccups.


As I said before, I really enjoy this story and I read each new chapter as soon as it pops up.  It's a fun ride, and so far every new chapter has actually made me belly laugh.  That's not easy for me as a reader. 


If this style of story or this kind of humor suits you, you're going to /love/ this story.


Give it a chance.



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In this review I'll be just ranting because the story didn't go the way I wanted. Yeah, yeah, I'm spoiled but whatever. By the way, I've only read the first volume, I don't even know how the harem part went or will go, I just saw the harem tag a bit too late.


This is will also be very short, not much of a review. Thing is, this is quite good. The writing is nice and pleasing, the style is good and the characters are well made. My two problems with it is that the MC is too weak willed but that is the minor one.


The one that bugs me to no end is that this had so much potential to have character growth, but it turned harem. Now, the problem with harems is that it is almost impossible to make a good one, I've never read one that pleased me and will probably never find one good enough. But nevertheless, I still read a lot of harems because the story is good. 


But this one had so much potential as a sole love interest. He already has a wife, and it would be great to see their character development, but now, new wifes will probably appear and fuck their relationship!


Phew. Ranting is good for the soul. I'm just having the shittiest day and wanted to give some ranting, sorry for that.


Anyway, this is just my close minded opinion, don't mind it. Continue writing this story and do what you want with it, you have a lot of potential ^^

Feuer der Veraenderung
  • Overall Score

Warning the story contains good written non OP flawed characters

I like the story. Volume 1 was great. Volume 2 wasn't as good as 1. Volume 3 at the other hand was amazing and Volume 4 has started good.


Many of the negativ reviews seem to be coming from people who want to see all knowing and OP characters, if you want this sort of characters than the story isn't for you. If you want at the other hand a funny story with growing characters than this story is right for you.

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  • Character Score

In a genre as tired as summoned anti-hero harem where every trope has alerady been used, abused, subverted, inverted and reverted kenturpg manages produce a well made story.

The writing style captures that of light novels very well and what grammar oddities it contains just help it feel more like a fan translation adding to its charm.

"I hate[...]" reads as a very well executed instance of the genre but contains attempts at subverions ranging from a princess side-kick which is both badass and childish or an Elf race which is somewhat alien. When reading, these subversions don't feel like they change the style of story at all but they add depth and stretch the genre to the limits without breaking it.

One should be warned though that the story and charchter development are super slow, It makes things more relaistic but can get a bit tiring so buckle down and prepare for a long ride.

I personally liked the first two volumes the most, it had very nice dynamic with the MC being capable in-theory but in-practice being saved by the first girl.

Oh, also don't come to this story expecting to like any of the main liners. I'm not saying you won't but they are all deeply flawed individuals. But the charachters are all roundish if not round, even if they won't seem that way at first glance and if you're willing to extend quite a bit of forgivness and bear with them while they grow up in this unforgiving world I bet we'll get much satisfaction seeing how they mature.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Welcome to "How to Tame your MC"

This story is a manual for those males who like being OVERLY PASSIVE, in their relations, everyone who has at least a bit of experience with the opposite gender know that if you let a woman shape a man to her likes, she will eventually grow bored and leave him and find another one to re-shape.


Style 3.5/5 


good style, one of the fortes of this fic indeed but sometimes switching from 3rd PoV to MC PoV can be something tricky.


Story 1.5/5


Well if you have seen your share of animes you will find that its not the first time where you get an MC forced into a relation with another female, sadly its not the best way to make a relation but if worked with good head on the shoulders it can actually become a pretty good end game story

Sadly so far this review is after ending Vol.1.


Grammar 4/5


Another forte of this fan fic, you will find little to no grammar mistakes in this story and its actually good if you can bear with the main troupé interactions.


Character 1/5


In the beggining i was thinking that the Male lead would be great as it was depicted as the "trust issues gamer otaku" but as the story develops you will find him becoming a tamed dog by our mystical and overpowered female lead.


why do i call her OP? well this is your common rpg-stats-world like  setting meaning there is stats in equips and your current classes, and yet our Priest/Cleric Female lead one shots a mob way over her lvl with a knife, that had pretty good stats but...its just not easy to believe.


all in all its a good time killer story but not of the best due to our mc being lead by the nose by our all powerfull Female Lead pseudo priest/cleric.




  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

From decent to badly written

The story started out alright overall. The MC starts out as a total waste, but somehow manages to turn things into his favor. Slowly things start to look up, interesting events happen and he ends up linked to Kyou. This is where things take a turn for the worse....


Kyou's character is so badly written and flawed it cant help but make you cringe. She has no character and there is no characterbuilding . All she does troughout the story is bitch and moan. Yet for some reason, Kenta is seen as an antisocial asshole for taking decisive and realistic actions. After 3 vorlumes hardly anything has changed at all. 

The author is trying to forcefully add humor to the story by constantly chastising the MC with abuse and insults. He is simply too passive and Kyou literally gets away with anything. It is so over the top it's not funny at all. The interaction between the characters are awkward, cringeworthy and annoying.

There are many more flaws which i am not going to state, since other people have already mentioned those. I really hoped that over time the story would improve, but it simply has not. Even with all the feedback.



The MC is unlikable, Kyou is just a terrible written character, and Rin is so-so.

  • Overall Score

I read a lot of fantasy books and stories.. and this one is funny and improves all the time. As the story continues The characters getting the depth that was missing in the first to third volumes. The fighting seines improves greatly, when the last one Kenta had (till now) was his best, and one of the more enjoyable I read on Royale roadl. I don’t understand the way people see the characters as only annoying and find this story worth the time and the waiting for the chapters.