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“This guy!”


The rude attendant actually extracted very little response from the 5 of them and Vouno, but the others instantly became angry, simply because of how well they thought of their leaders.


It felt very insulting to see the ones they admired to be treated without respect, and Sasha was the first to try running towards the guy with her fist. The others quickly wanted to follow but, a raised hand from Kairos stopped them before they rampaged.


When the attendant saw all this, an odd feeling arise within him that warned him these fellows might not be that simple, but still he did not change his attitude in the least.


“These people are merely blocking business. What can a few kids afford?”


However, Kairos soon changed his mind. He took out a treasured sword from his ring, made from the strongest material he could get his hands on by Siegfried, and imbued by his runic engraving. Throwing it safely sheathed to the attendant, he spoke without a hint of emotion, “Show this to your employer”


Then he stood back and waited.


The attendant looked as if he wanted to say something, but stopped himself and checked the weapon in hand first. When he took the blade out, a fearful tremble ran across his body uncontrollably. Though he could not identify the runes, he felt a fundamental dread and an equal amount of awe towards it.


The lightness of the weapon, the way its blade whistled against the gentle breeze, and the rare material it is made of caused him to have a feeling of anxiety stirring within.


He brushed aside what he felt, and glared at Kairos again.


“A group like this must have lucked out and stolen this weapon, or picked it up from some great warrior. But, if I show it to the shop owner, maybe I’ll be praised, or even get a raise”


He waved his hands at them telling them to wait where they are, in a way one might brush off a dog, then went into the beautiful pavilion.


Moments later, he knocked on the door to the shop owner and said politely from outside of the room, “Mr. Fritzgen, we have a group of customers that brought a treasured sword to show you”


The owner was unhappy to be disturbed. It wasn’t because he was particularly busy about anything, but because the person who came is the arrogant yet dim-witted younger brother of his wife.


If not for his wife’s urging, he would never had hired a person like this to his shop. And unfortunately, his business suffered as he had expected, when he hired him in the end. He had assigned him to many different roles before, but no matter it was serving customers or taking stock of the inventory, every attempt ultimately ended in failure.


The man was simply too full of himself to be of use.


In the end, he convinced him that standing by the door is also an important role, where he could determine who is worthy to enter the place. Of course, every regular would have his membership token and would be welcomed as before. And the new faces are all allowed in as long as they dress properly.


And so far, this ‘strategy’ had worked perfectly with his dim-witted brother-in-law.


Fritzgen’s mood is spoilt when he thought he had rid himself of this unsavoury companionship, only to be asked to look at a customer’s ‘treasure’. There is a proper appraiser in his shop, and no other employee would dare call such service upon him.

He could not show his temper towards the man either, for fear of his lovely wife. The only silver lining in all these is the fact that the younger brother-in-law looked up to him, enough to be obedient to whatever he says.


He opened the door and invited him in, then pretended to look at the sword.


At first, there wasn’t much of a reaction on his face. Weapons of rare materials are not uncommon for someone like him.


Then, he noticed its make. The splendorous shine, the impeccable balance of the sword, and the refined shita-kitae technique that could be seen from the grain pattern on its blade.


“A masterpiece” He took in a large breath and gasped.


Next, he touched the runic words that are carved with inhuman perfection on the flat of the blade. As his finger ran across the metal, an involuntary tremble of excitement ran down his spine.


“Another masterpiece” He whispered in a quiet admiration.


While he is deep in thought, the attendant decided it is a good time to explain the ‘situation’ to him.


“Mr. Fritzgen, bro, I took this sword from a young boy who wanted to show it to you. There is around 30 people in their group, and all of them children except one. I bet that they stole this weapon. Should we just keep the sword and ignore them?”


“ARE YOU AN IDIOT?” An unexpected shout made him jump. This is the first time his brother-in-law had ever shouted at him.


“W..wh…what’s wrong? They are only some travellers. Most of them kids!”


“That’s why I shouted at you! When you took this weapon, what did you think about it?”


“Umm… that it’s a pretty looking blade?”


“Besides That?!”, Fritzgen’s patience ran lower by the moment, but he held himself back from completely lashing out.


“That, it’s probably worth something, because of its rare metal?”


“That’s right! Even you could only tell that much when you work in our shop, but do you see people coming to our shop, asking for the owner for just a weapon of this type of material?”


“Of course not! Brother-in-Law has got the most prestigious shop in the entire undercity! Those lowborns know better than to strut their useless weapons in our territory”


“Then why did you bring this to me?”


“I…I.. I just thought that maybe this weapon might be more expensive than the usual ones?”, the attendant had felt a strange feeling that he could not throw off, after he first laid his eyes upon its blade.


It is true that if any other weapon of this same material is passed to him, he would not have bothered his brother-in-law. It is still made of a rare material that the shop would take in, but not something that normally warrants special attentions.


“I… Why did I brought this shitty weapon to him? … Damnit! It’s all those kids’ fault. Making me confused like this. I’m going to make sure they…”


A cough interrupted his line of thought.


Then Fritzgen, who had calmed himself down, explained to him, “You don’t even know the value of this weapon. Yet these travellers you described knew it, and confidently asked you to find me, instead of any other shop or person.


This means only one thing”


“T…that… Brother-in-law is too famous?”


“No, you idiot. It means that they also know the value of this weapon, and dared to stroll in our territory within the most dangerous black market and fearlessly hand over the sword to you. This amount of guts and foresight means that it is someone who we best be cautious about, yet you tell me to steal their sword? See why I called you an idiot?”


“I..I..I’m sorry brother. I see now, I’ll get them into the shop right away!”


“Go bring them here! Politely! And ask the others to prepare the best refreshments we have!”


“Yes? Yes! Right away!” He ran off like a puppy with its tail tuck under its legs after being scolded.


A few moments later, Kairos’ group has been invited to the large office of the shop’s owner. The attendant’s attitude had changed completely, after his short absence. They looked at the rare equipment and artefacts hang onto the walls of this room, as decorations, and shuddered at the value of all these unused treasures.


Only Kairos who has his own shop that sells high-quality weapons, did not bat an eye.


He looked straight at the owner, who introduced himself as Fritzgen, and then coolly said, “I’m willing to trade this weapon for some things that I need”


The owner raised an eyebrow at this young boy representing the group, while the only adult in their group is sprawled comfortably on the cushioned chair, sipping on his expensive tea.


“You might not know this, but the weapon is capable of sealing all forms of energy and unleashing unparalleled flames. And it has been graded as Immortal rank, Huang grade by the trade federate.

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Dragrath @Dragrath ago

Alright I'm finally caught up again! So Kairos is using on eof his creations again eh? Well it does have a fundamental flaw that hasn't been mentioned, It carries true Dragons in it that will eventually outgrow it but kairos's group will be long gone by then right?

Also has Kairos made/given techniques/advice for any of the other members of the Snowdrifts? I know they are weaker than Kairos and his sworn brothers but I don't know by  how much exactly(especially after that last arc)

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

12/19/2016 5:25:52 AMDragrath Wrote:

Alright I'm finally caught up again! So Kairos is using on eof his creations again eh? Well it does have a fundamental flaw that hasn't been mentioned, It carries true Dragons in it that will eventually outgrow it but kairos's group will be long gone by then right?

Also has Kairos made/given techniques/advice for any of the other members of the Snowdrifts? I know they are weaker than Kairos and his sworn brothers but I don't know by  how much exactly(especially after that last arc)

 The first part is actually something i've planned for the future (Kairos' mansion has a dragon's lair prepared for that)

How it would happen is guessable but i'll keep it secret for now, or else the feeling will be gone in that chapter.

For the second part of your comment, each of them just started their own cultivation. there is a surprise twist i prepared. It's not a very big part of the story but it will answer your question ^^

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

By the way, it's nice to see your comment Dragrath hahaha. Welcome back xD

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

12/18/2016 6:25:47 PMYA_smerti Wrote:

Thanks for the upload. 

 Enjoy the chapter ^^

Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

Starting to wish I had written a table out for how you rank things in this series for different things cause I keep forgetting how powerful things are in relationship to the terms used to describe them. It sounds like he is giving a powerful version of one his earlier versions of the sword. Thanks for the chapter. 

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