The trade federate, being an inter-empire organisation, are indeed trustworthy auditors. When Fritzgen detected faint trace of soul marking on the weapon, he traced the exact spot and inserted his Ki in, revealing the authenticity emblem. Trademark of the trade federate.


“This piece of art is indeed immortal rank. An immortal weapon… my goodness. This is extremely rare, and you say it has both seal and runic abilites?”


Kairos smiled and nodded. The abilities of the weapons he sold is still a heavily guarded secret within Saint Empire, though he suspects many people within the Empire or even outside of it have already gotten their hands on one and is now researching how to duplicate its effects like what the Devilhearts had done.


He, the creator of these weapons, felt however, that the reverse engineering of his creations would not go so smoothly. Both the method he used to carve the runes and create the sealing method is unique. He doubts anyone else has dragons made of Ki within themselves. And the runic symbols he created is likely something just as powerful, if not more so. Until now, he had never been able to unleash the full abilities of the runes, and when he asked Alucard – Heir of a runemaster line -- to take a look, it only gave the boy a bad case of headaches.


Selling one to the black market of the grandest undercity in Silent Lambs Empire would not be much problem, for both his business and his sense of patriotism for Saint Empire. The strange thing is, the emperor likely knows what kind of weapon he created. And what it stands for. But there were no additional restrictions placed on his person, or his shop, after its creation. Nor was there the usual summon to the palace when a great invention was made.


He had been expecting the summons.


To enter the palace, to be given a higher title than a Viscount, and in-exchange giving the exclusivity of his creations to the royal family.


However, it did not happen, yet.


A prickly feeling arises on the back of his arms as he thought of that, but that strange feeling disappeared quickly. Whatever the reason is, he somehow felt it would not turn into an issue, and he turn his attention to Fritzgen who is still marvelling at the weapon, which he held gingerly.


“You’ll find both the sealing and runic effects to be… Unmatched” He confidently told the shop owner, “You might want to test it somewhere safer however”, indicating at the rare artefacts on the wall.


For a moment Fritzgen had forgotten the guests next to him, being totally absorbed by the sword in his hand like it is the greatest treasure he had only dreamt about.


“An immortal’s weapon! A weapon beyond the mortal realm… Even without the two powerful effects I would give dearly to lay my eyes on one”


He of course did not know that though this weapon has reached immortal rank, but it can only be considered a pseudo type in the immortal realms. True immortal weapons are unbounded by some physical laws of the mortal realms, and a good indication is that their spiritual nature would enable it to float naturally, defying gravity.


This weapon that Kairos offered merely have the power to clash against a true immortal weapon, thanks to the immense skill of the one that created the weapon and the absolute power behind the seal and runic effects it bore, but it is fundamentally weaker and did not contain the same powerful spiritual energy true immortal weapons should have.


“Follow me S..sirs… I never caught your name, young master” Fritzgen stummered, he had seldom forgot his manners and treated esteemed guests with such inhospitality.


“We wish to conceal our names, and our presence here”


“Of course, of course, then please follow me sirs. I will test the weapon out and then credit to you a fair value for this treasure. You may then use the credit to exchange for anything of equal worth you like in the building or for cash”


They followed him to another floor, an entire area at the top of the pavilion solely for the testing of artefacts. The wall of the room is padded with anti-physical cushions and Ki absorbing seal stones. The bricks itself is paved with a high-durability material, the heavy mountain iron.


Fritzgen excitedly carried the sword to the middle of the room and brought about a slab of Cherry Steel. A material that is at the lowest grade among immortal metals, but still powerful enough to test the weapon. If this weapon truly contains a firepower among Immortal ranks, it will surely be able to chip the ore.


He looked uncertainly at Kairos, asking with his eyes if this grade of material is too much for the immortal weapon. He did not want to crack the sword on the testing ore on the first try and he could tell that the treasured sword in his hand is made from a lower tier of material than the Cherry Iron. In fact, throughout the mortal realms, no one has the ability to properly make a weapon out of immortal ranked ores, and they could only use it in ways like what Fritzgen is doing.


“It’s alright, so go ahead and test it. Input some Ki into the weapon first”


A powerful blaze immediately appeared, lighting up the entire room, and blinding those who place their eyes directly on it.


“Now, slash down with all your might”


Fritzgen gave Kairos another uncertain glance, but seeing the one who brought him the weapon has such confidence, he reassured himself.


“If your weapon breaks against the cherry iron….?”


“Don’t worry I won’t make you pay if it cracks” Kairos replies generously


Without further ado, he pulled back his arm and struck at the slab of ore with all his might.


The hardness of the Cherry Iron is enough to shatter any Beast rank weapon on the first strike, and will crack any Titan rank weapons.


Fritzgen braced himself for a loud boom when the weapon touched the ore, but instead of the impact that he was expecting, he instead almost slipped and fell forward until he forcefully rebalanced himself.


The reason he lost balance is solely because of how smooth the weapon cut through the ore.


“Wha… ? How did…” He asked, as he looked at the Cherry Iron that had been perfectly sliced into two, and scorched by the flames. He then turned his eyes to look at his hands, curious at how he had hardly felt any resistance on his sword hand as he cut through.


“The sword is extremely sharp, you’ve got to be careful not to cut yourself” Vouno said with a laugh. He too, had gained weapons made by Siegfried and knows exactly how powerful it is.


Fritzgen lovingly held the weapon like his baby, and a wide grin that split his face could be seen. “This time, I’ve truly found a great treasure!”


“Aren’t you going to increase the difficulty”


“Increase? This is already the toughest ore I have in my shop. The rarer ones are not big enough to be tested”


“That’s a shame, its sharpness and runic fire can help it cut through Immortal, Xuan grade ores. With ease”


He became a believer at once and his heart almost stopped from excitement after hearing Kairos say that. Any Immortal Xuan grade ores will have a huge advantage over the Huang grade Cherry Iron. Technically, when weapons of one grade difference strikes each other a hundred times, the weaker material weapon would crack. And in a battle, a hundred parries will go by in a flash.


Next, he set the weapon between a clasp, keeping it upright on a stand, with the blade at the top. He stepped backwards a few times to gain a good distance to aim at it. His intention is to test the weapon’s sealing power.


The others also backed away to the walls, uncertain of how great the effects that would happen.


“I’ll activate the weakest Beast rank talisman to start off” he plans to slowly bring up the tier from Huang grade till Heaven grade within the Beast ranks.


He has some experience with the extremely new sealing weapons introduced to the market by the Devilheart family only a few months ago. In Vox Shalua, unless the item is highly guarded, everything will make their way here no matter how far.


That is how Fritzgen knows that while a sealing weapon could easily handle most high grade runic weapon attack, but talismans in general are stronger, and therefore harder for it to absorb.


By his estimation, Beast ranked talisman is already equalled to how difficult the Cherry Iron is against the weapon, and surely more than what the Devil’s Prong (Devilheart’s weapon) could face against. If this weapon is not of immortal ranking, he would not have dared.


However, unexpectedly for him, Kairos is not pleased at his cautiousness, “You should at least use Titan ranked talismans, and around Heaven grade if you’re willing spare”


“Young master… I do not mind the cost to test it, but talismans have much stronger Ki amplifying effects than runics weapons”


“I know, but it’s fine”


In general, the power of a talisman is greater because it destroys itself to gather up the energy needed to power the spell. Usually, the user only need to use a little Ki for its activation, and the spell will be casted from taking what energy it needs from the environment.


“Young master, don’t be angry from hearing me say this, but talismans are meant to disintegrate after a few uses, while runic weapons can last for much longer. The difference of the Ki expulsion between the two is like comparing an explosion to a candle”


“It’s fine” He said once again. Besides, not all runic weapons are weaker in effect than talismans. He is certain that his creations, in particular, can easily compared to most talisman of the same tier.*


Fritzgen looked at the confidence on Kairos’ face and promptly switched talismans, in his heart he hopes that the boy is not fooling him. Such a beautiful blade would be wasted to crack under a test by a talisman.


Most practitioners would never let their weapons to take a full force talisman’s power without at least protecting it with their Ki, and right now the naked blade is there for the face-off without any infusion of power.


Even the sealing effects of what the Devilheart offered on the market could barely handle a Beast ranked talisman.


Fritzgen sent a little of his Ki into the talisman. The power destabilised the harmony of the runes on the talisman, and unsealed the true effects of what it could do. Then two fists made from an amalgamation of cherry iron and heavy mountain iron assembled in mid-air, and flew forward smiting the weapon in between their knuckles.


The room shook fearsomely from the impact, while great amount of dust and debris rolled out from the metal fists that shattered against itself.


Vouno, using his new artefact, sent a powerful gust of wind from his position towards the dust cloud and blew it apart, revealing what was hidden to everyone.


They saw, a single blade with a beautiful gleam of cold blue light rested on the ground. The clasp that was holding it upright had been shattered into pieces, but the weapon itself is unharmed.


Fritzgen took in a sharp breath and looked at the weapon like history has been made before his eyes.

 *- It’s a hint on what kind of runes Kairos created, and a story device for the immortal realms later on.

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