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I released the 2nd part early today. Or you can say it's late.

I wanted to rush it out yesterday for christmas, but as you can see, i failed.


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The Northern Star formation is the first variation. It empowers a person with the power of everyone in the formation.


The second variation: The Northern Swords, links everyone within the array and allowed them to share their strength freely.


The third variation: The Northern Sword Saints, is an array made by Kairos using the theory of fusing a hundred punches into a single, overwhelming punch. Instead of fighting for ages on, all the energies that would be expended are instead gathered. For as many practitioners powering the array, each of them can attack once with the amalgamated maximum force of everyone.


The way they divided the energy is actually not something fixed in stone, but the reason why it is split into as many practitioners as there are within the array is because of the burden placed on one’s body to use such a great power. And after each of them struck once, they will be completely drained of energy, and free for Syriong to destroy them. Unless…


Next to Kairos who had activated his artefact, each of his friends have also began the invocation of their strongest attacks, making use of this advantage.


While defending against his own attack, Syriong looked with aghast with more attacks coming his way. A heavy and dark cloud gathered above his head and he sensed that it held the power of an Entry S ranker. Before he could even blink, a thick pillar of lighting struck him from above, dissipating some of his Ki coating. Then two rings of black Ki bit into his Ki barrier from the sides, its power is also the same at Entry S. They stuck on his waist, continuing to burn away his protection, but he found himself without the freedom to remove them. Next, several dangerous-feeling spheres of black or of white, 8 arrows that spun like vortexes, and an immense blizzard detonate against his shields.


“If it’s only this much, I can still manage!!”

He roared mentally, as he directed even more of his energy to his Ki barrier.


Then, the attacks that accumulated against him started to fade as their powers are cancelled out by his great strength.


A smirk appeared across his lips, knowing that this is the best his foes could do against him, and he came out superior. However, before he could celebrate, a presence unlike anything he felt before caused him to shake down to his very toes.


“…Trample underfoot, the Indominable” Kairos said with a chilling voice that seem to hold authority above the high heavens. He had pooled the power of the contract beasts, of the stored energy within everyone’s weapons into himself, and summoned his own secret art.


Kairos jumped out of the formation, his figure flickered into view slightly above the guardian’s head then struck downwards with his Swallow that is blazing with both frost and fire.


Like a mirror struck by a rock, Syriong’s last defences shattered, and along with it, most of his remaining strength.


A trickle of blood ran down from his lips as he took a step back, and he realised that he no longer holds the strength to kill all of them.


“No, I can still take down 1 or 2 of them with the last reserves of my energy, and then escape”

A hint of murderous intent flashed across his pale blue eyes.


But before he could act on his thoughts, Kairos who landed lightly, pointed at him with a finger right at the centre of his forehead. This time, in his urge, even though this martial art is extremely cost-efficient he had thrown caution to the wind and expanded his own life capacity. Blood bled out of his eyes and his entire body felt crushed as he fired his final attack.


A compulsion to flee immediately overtook Syriong before he even realised what is happening. His body moved on impulse, rushing out of the way with a pathetic-looking dive. Yet even with the full-speed burst of a triple S ranker, he wasn’t quick enough to dodge from such short distances, and he felt a terrifying orb of energy entering his shoulder.


If he had a Ki barrier, he would not be struck by such a move, but now that the energy managed to enter him it is already far too late.


He felt as his flesh tightened itself towards the energy, and his muscles, blood, and even bones, are all pulled towards it, into a tiny vortex within him. Then, before the excruciating pain register, he saw his left shoulder imploded into great flames and ash. Even as he was blown away by the resulting blast, he saw the rest of his arm dropping to the ground.


With unspeakable pain, Syriong gritted his teeth, but it was the shame that still kept him conscious. The guardian immediately threw out a talisman using his remaining energy and sent out great arrows of his own blood at them from above.


Fortunately, he could no longer attack with his full power, but this attack which is at double S rank is still much more than what the boys could handle.


Vouno, apparent to everyone at being over his limit, could no longer absorb another attack, and thus Syriong without watching the result of his spell, activated a treasure, an artefact that hang by his neck as a pendant. It emitted a bright flash of light which quickly receded and disappeared into a ball of darkness, taking Syriong along with it. The guardian of the realm had fled to avoid his own powerful talisman that he had activated.


The guys looked at the rain of blood arrows speeding towards them, then each of them calmly held up an artefact.


Using the power within their treasures, activated with a tiny bit of energy that each of them had recovered. A wall created from raging flames appeared above Alan and protected him. Next to him, Jim is encased in thick darkness. Tommy by a shield of thick lighting snakes. Edward disappeared within a barrier of grey smokes. And Kairos, by a floating orb made of water. These are the treasures each of them received from Fritzgen. Treasures that were collected over the ages, and deemed to be of the highest tier by the greatest shop in the black market.


Each of those artefacts could easily cause clans to fight over for them, and they proved their worth today.


… Meanwhile, Vouno summoned a clumsy-looking tall golden shield. It is extremely bright, and gaudy, and heavily decorated from top to bottom.


As the attacks fell, they dissected the fearsome blood arrows into 6 sections, and it is instead feebly decimated. All the while, Vouno’s shield is ringing like a wind chime, causing the others to look at him.


“What? My shield is awesome!” Vouno’s facial expression screamed a reply, causing the 5 boys to roll their eyes.


The most interesting defence came from Edward’s smoke barrier that shredded the arrows similar to a giant grinder made of wind blades, and Kairos’ water sphere that sprayed out multiple lines of high-pressured water which sliced everything to pieces.


Then there was silence. They had won a great victory, though it was 6 against 1, and being severely underestimated. It is definitely a fluke destined to occur only once, and the next time they meet Syriong there would be hell to pay.


One may wonder, why Vouno had not used his wind or space-time orb in this fight, but just like most abilities, time freezing wouldn’t work against a vastly superior foe. While wind’s blessing is not enough for them to flee, but only waste Vouno’s energy.


They sat down where they stood. Even Kairos found his own body shivering from both fatigue and anxiety. After practising the Origin’s cultivation technique, he had slowly come to realise his own lack of fear towards any situation, but today he was truly frightened. Not only did his brothers, and him, nearly died, he had asked his father to take the full blunt force of a triple S ranker without knowing if it would succeed.


He knows that his father could absorb and release attacks, but no one, not even Vouno understands what the limitations are.


Regardless, they had emerged victorious in the end, and they recovered their energy with pills as Kairos went to the door imprisoning his friend.


With a slash of his weapon, the hinges are sliced apart, and he kicked the heavy metal door to the side.


“Jones!” He shouted as he saw the bloody mess in front of him that is his friend.


They rushed towards him, and because only a few parts of his body still have skin left, they could only fit a finger’s space to place on him and send out their soul perception into his body.


A quick scan revealed his condition, and many of them trembled with great sadness.


Jones’ body has been completely destroyed from within. His cultivation nearly dissipated, his meridian channels broken beyond repair, and his Ki centre shattered.


They could save his life, with the infusion of their life force, but it would result in his handicap for the rest of his life. It was hard to even count the number of broken bones within him, and it became a mystery whether he could even live on his own after this.


They know, clearly, that in the future simple actions like eating, will become something like a tall mountain for Jones do alone.


The guys shun their faces away from their friend in shame, even as they removed his shackles.


“No. NO. I cannot accept this. Jones, Jones! I’m here, wake up!” Kairos cried.


Barely heard the voice of his friend, and with great effort, Jones opened a swelling eye and looked through a squint. It is him, his brother has come for him.


He tried to speak, but his vocal cords had been torn out of his throat, and he could only reply with a heavy, shuddering, breath.


“You’re here. I’m glad” It was a thought that is still pure, despite the torture that he had went through, and then he faded into unconsciousness once again as he dreamt of home. That little place, before the fireplace in Kairos’ house, where they sat side by side and listened to marvellous stories of heroes.


“Jones! Don’t worry. I’ve got you” Kairos unchained his brother and gently lowered him to the ground.


“Please… Let this work”


He took out an Yggdrasil fruit and began chewing on it. Then, opening Jones’ mouth, he pushed a tiny bit of fruit pulp through Jones’ crushed throat.


“You are the fruit of life isn’t it? Work!”


At first there was only silence, then an instantaneous effect started before the teary eyes of the group. It started with a radiance of life from Jones’ lips that touched the fruit, then slowly spread throughout his body, rebuilding the fabrics of his flesh from scratch.


Looking at his rapid recovery, Kairos fed him even more, and quickly went through an entire fruit. He took out a second one, and repeated his motions.


Before their eyes, they saw the Yggdrasil fruit rebuilding Jones’ body, and they finally understood how in the past, even a leftover strand of the fruit in Kairos’ Dantian was enough to save his life.


After consuming 5 of such fruits, Jones finally looked filled with energy to the brim. Just 1 was enough to overload Kairos and the gang, but Jones managed to take in so many times their amount. A feat that is only achievable because of his Asura’s Constitute.


Then, a strange thing happened. His body glowed iridescent and unleashed an undulation of pure soul force, causing even Aisa who was hidden to appear.


Kairos, he is about to reconstruct his body!


“Hmmm? Is his physical strength is going to increase? I was just wondering why Jones’ rank stayed the same after taking so many fruits” he replied the small dragon with great relief on his face.


No no, Jones’ constitution is about to change!


Instantly, Kairos’ expression turned grim. A change in constitution is something unheard of, and whether it is fortunate or misfortunate remains to be seen. They waited before the glowing figure with abated breath.


After the time it took for a joss stick to burn out, the glow from his body started to fade, and then Jones opened his eyes.


“Aisa, how is he!” Kairos shouted mentally.


He… is this the legendary Divine Asura Constitution?

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rhawk @rhawk ago

Thanks for the chapter but, really?  That is just too much. He has been; tortured, dantian broken, meridians shattered, mind in agony, and body mutilated. It's too much to have that happen to him and then turn around with the fruits and have his body become something legendary. I mean really, the parts of him that are meant to move and circulate the energy supposed to heal him is severely messed up. It's too much of a leap for this to happen at all,  but if it must it shouldn't be this fast especially with damaged meridians. Really like this story, and  I try to stay out of giving my two cents on content, but with things that really bother me, I have to speak up.

    Alan Tang

    Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

    Dont worry about speaking up ^^

    Firstly, about the mind, next chapter will be talking about it.


    Secondly, about his body healing. He ate 5 fruits of the world tree, something that should make a person explode with energy (especially for mortal), but due to Jones' special background (And his consitution) he did not explode. Just imagine drinking the ichor of gods and you should understand

    (btw, magic could also do something like this, even the silver crow had done it. The fruit of yggdrasil is simply more potent)


    Thirdly, he did not gain a single rank (also talked about next chapter). All the energies he absorbed went to rebuild his body.


    Lastly, don't worry about jones becoming stronger because he isn't a permenant member of Kairos' team... by now that should be quite obvious.

    In fact, he is a character that is alike the mc the usual xianxia genre. i could write the entire story with Jones as the lead, and it would be a completely different (but viable) story ^^


    p.s. The world tree is something (above) the divine realm. In the divine realm, your body can be shattered into pieces and still regrow (The true life hydra pet is an example. gods do not have the same body as humans, and they are all humans that are slowly cultivating into gods. Jones (likewise a god) has a very very special consitution

    Hope these answers your thoughts

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

dragrath i need your explanation on the power levels of xian xia gods hahahaha.

btw do you guys think i should incorporate this into the storyline or leave it in the comments / author notes?

    Dragrath @Dragrath ago

    Hmm What sort of explanation do you need? I am not so sure how the powers work in your world as authors tend to make their system unique... 

    What I have gathered so far is their are various energies/skills (probably actually just fragments of the truth considering these cultivation worlds repress information preventing true geniouses from really making any real developments keeping the world locked in a primitive state with regards to technology/cultivation/techniques/understanding But with regards to your story I don't know how to help you specifically... I have difficulty remembering what rankings are used is all these different series! 0_o Here I'm guessing the way most creatures cultivate is by eating other organisms that have cultivated(either animals plants fungi etc.)

    In the avergage Xianxia the gods are usually exceedingly easy to offend behaving like arrogant spoiled children who think they are the greatest "geniuses" at least the standard cliche antagonist is as they offten soely exist to be beaten by the MC... :P

Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

Starting to lose track of the number of fruit left, but it is also that it looks like there is no careing about the size anymore even though earlier you said different size fruits carry different amounts of energy that could be dangerous if the wrong size was eaten. You initially gave him 50 but with how he has to go through them it might have been better to give him 500 or at least 100. 

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