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Hi guys, I've received a really good question (comment from prev. chapter) about Jones 'miraculous' healing from his torture.

Firstly, thank you for the comment ^^

Basically, the question asks about how could he heal when his Dantian is shattered and his meridians damaged, as well as how could he be so fortunate to gain a legendary consitution. 

The answers to that is actually already present in the story so far.


If you recall, the fruit healed Kairos from the brink of death even when all his internal organs were failing. It is brought to Kairos from Aisa from an unknown place (assumed to be from the divine realms by the MC), and explained by Old Ye to be a world tree. Should the fruit ever touch the ground, it will start to grow and take over the entire celestial star because of its powerful vitality.


If you think of the fruit of Yggdrasil as the ichor of gods, it should be easier to understand.


(btw, magic could also do something like this, as displayed by the silver crow healing a hole in its body by absorbing the life force of its kin. The fruit of yggdrasil is simply more potent)


Regarding his legendary constituion, it is in exchange for all the energies he absorbed. If you noticed, he did not gain a single rank.


Lastly, don't worry about jones being 'fortunate' or not, because he isn't a permenant member of Kairos' team... by now that should be quite obvious ^^


p.s. In terms of powerlevel for stories of this genre, 'Gods' In the divine realm can have their body shattered into pieces and still regrow (In my story, the true life hydra pet is an example. gods do not have the same body as humans, and they are all humans that are slowly cultivating into gods. Jones has a very very special consitution (likewise a god)


Hope these answers your thoughts (:


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Kairos looked in stupefied wonder at Jones and then at Aisa. The effects of the fruit of the Yggdrasil tree is far beyond what he had expected. They had always known that the Asura constitution is a legendary composition of one’s body that allows him both unparalleled training speed and the potential to reach beyond what others can achieve.


However, today, he had been told that there is another legend, above the legendary Asura constitution, what more, it is something that he had not even heard of. Just what is this fruit that created such a thing?


To them, the normal Asura constitution is already the stuff that myths are made out of, but is there truly something beyond that?


Of course, he did not doubt what the primordial dragon said. After all, the tiny dragon existed long before the continents of Saint Empire were formed.


It is simply that the news is too much to wrap his head around, just what is this Divine Asura Constitution, and what could a practitioner with such a body achieve?


Even what advantages come with it, is unknown, and asking the dragon gave them no further information. The only thing certain is Jones’ destiny to reach the top, has become something undeniable.


“Damn. My butt is itching.” The protagonist of the new legend of Saint Empire complained after he awoken.


“Do you know you just gained the body of the Divine Asura Constitution?” Kairos said with a silent, awed, voice.


“Did I? Bwahaha, I’m as great as I expected”


“You did, and just now, your awakening marks the beginning of a legend of your personal journey, which will surely one day be spread across the world. I can picture that your story will be told to the youngest children by the oldest grandpas”


“Geez man, that…that sounds really awesome”


“And… the first words you said sparking off your legend is, ‘Damn. My butt is itching”


“FORGET THAT! Forget it immediately. I do not want my story to be told starting with that” Jones replied aghast.


After a bout of laughter from everyone, they put their arms around him and helped him up. It wasn’t as if he was healed by the fruit, but in a sense, reconstructed from scratch. Though he gained a ‘new’ body, he barely recovered from his tortures, his body is still shredded from within, and both his Ki and life force are pathetically low.


The dungeon he is in, like many prisons in the world, has only a pathetic amount of heavenly energy to prevent cultivators from somehow overturning their situation and break out.


While they are moving in the dungeon, Jones finally recovered enough to sense the cultivation of those around him, and he bitterly complained, “I’m still at Peak D, but all of you are already at Mid C”


It immediately earned him a round of mocking, “You’ve gained the most by having your constitution improved and your latent cultivation talent increased. That is something most people are unable to achieve even after a life-time of eating spiritual herbs! Look at our captain… crap constitution! Even after so many life-and-death situation and cultivating stimulus, he could only barely keep up with our training speed” Alan spoke passionately and honestly. It is truly a jealousy-inducing training talent that Jones had, and now it has upgraded.


But what he said made Kairos sulk a little and earned laughter from everyone, including Vouno and especially Jones, “That’s true. That’s true. I’ve never seen a more powerful cultivation technique like the Origin’s method but you still managed to train so slowly” Jones has thought Kairos’ speed as slow merely from his knowledge of what Kairos had been through before he was abducted.


His words are no surprise. Many of the immortal realm practitioners or the divine realm practitioners have powerful ancient cultivation methods that speed up their training process, even faster than the Origin Cultivation. Coupled with the powerful immortal energy or divine energy within their lands, they could easily go from nothing to beyond triple S ranking within a day.


The immortal Old Ye has also said that he sensed they have similar cultivation as the immortal cultivation techniques. Proving that, even if Saint Empire only have the normal heavenly energy, they should still improve in ranking quickly. Their current phase could only be considered as their growth spurt stage.


However, they know that they are unable to achieve their true potential because of two simple reasons. The first, is of course, the lack of immortal and divine energies. The second, is as the True Lord explained, because the Origin’s cultivation requires much more energy to cultivate being the superior technique it is.

By now, every soul force user because of his special method of cultivation has discovered that their latent abilities already improved, albeit slightly, and giving them even greater cultivation talent than before.


However, even including all the pro and cons, Kairos is still cultivating considerably slower than his peers once they compared among themselves.


Kairos had barely managed to reach Mid C rank like the rest of them, but what he had been through was so much more and all these could only be attributed to his poor cultivation talents as revealed by the testing crystal months ago.


“What’s the plan now?” Seeing Kairos sulking a little, Jones tried to change the subject, bringing them back to the situation on hand.


“We will get the other prisoners. The front gate has been rigged to blow if anyone enters, and no one would notice our intrusion until Syriong reports us or when someone tries to come in here”


“And afterwards?”


“We escape of course!”


“Noooo! No escaping till we raid their national treasury. I’m gonna make them bankrupted, even if I couldn’t defeat them now. No Matter What!!” Jones spoke with a smile, and the others laughed, but Kairos suddenly became silent.


“Jones… I’ve been meaning to ask. The condition we found you in were terrible. How is it that you…”


“That I maintained my mind?” He gave Kairos a wide grin then continued, “It’s all thanks to you Kairos. It’s your cultivation technique that saved me. At the start, they attempted to break me, but nothing that those disgusting bastards did could make me give them the satisfaction they wanted. I refused to flinch at whatever torture they had planned for me. However, it was after several days that passed before I realised that I had been granting them the pleasure of knowing that I was tolerating the pain. A pleasure that I would deny them.


I went into a state of true selfless cultivation, cutting off all the senses to my body and no longer attached to my flesh. But unexpectedly, that time, I somehow managed to enter a trace where my spirit became one with a sword as great as a celestial star. If not for my body being in ruins and the lack of energy in this place to cultivate, I’m certain I would have broken through to C rank thanks to that. However, my dao definitely improved since then, so I will outpace you soon Kairos. Bwahahahaa!”


They heard Jones’ story in wonder. It is amazing that he could tolerate a few days of torture without flinching, and extremely fortunate to enter true selfless cultivation. Each of them has practiced the pseudo selfless cultivation technique which allowed them to isolate their senses, but the next step which will bring them into true selfless state is to become one with the heavenly laws and it is a step that is extremely close yet harder to attain than flying to the moon.


Jones having experienced a soul resonation would gain a benefit to his cultivation for his near future, and the thing that resonated with him sounded simply incredible. A sword as great as a celestial star?!


They thought about it for a while, then Kairos broke their thoughts and nodded his head, “I agree we should go raid their treasury. A wicked suggestion as expected of Jones. Let’s clean out everything that the Phrixus have”


“Phrixus, is that the name of my foe? One day, I will surely annihilate them for what they put me through”


“Our foe” Tommy and Alan corrected at the same time.


“As long as your annihilation does not include innocents, I’m in” The archer added on with a smile.


“Now, time to get away” Vouno gave a familiar pat on Jones’ shoulder, hiding the relieved smile on his face.


For a moment, Jones felt like crying. Something that even torture had not been able to cause him to feel. He felt a fatherly feeling from Vouno, and memories rushed back. How he had lived together with Kairos under Vouno’s care after being orphaned. How he heard from Vouno’s drunken lips that his father was killed because of Vouno’s mistake. And how cold it felt after he ran away from that small yet cosy place he once called home.


“Maybe, there is something behind my father’s death that I did not know”


He bravely lifted his face, looking right at Vouno, and then thanked him. That simple action put behind everything between them, and it felt easier than the two expected.


There will be a day where he finds the truth to his father’s death, but it isn’t today.


Within the royal dungeon, there are very few prisoners, and most of them are highly dangerous. Kairos made a quick decision to free them, but for better or worse he could not tell.


They walked deeper into the prison, until they are close to the first cell which holds a person. A rough gruff came from behind the closed doors, mocking and laughing at the group.


“You kids think it is so simple to run away? The Phrixus family cannot be messed with. You are all going to die! Hahahaa! Give it up, and don’t even bother to free us. None of us will appreciate what you are doing”


“What should we do?” the boys asked Kairos, who with a frown spoke with a Ki-infused voice, bringing his words to every prisoner in the dungeon. “We will be leaving now, and there will be an opportunity for you to free yourself using us as your distraction. Likewise, we will be using you to reduce the number of trackers on our backs. Your freedom will be given you with a blast, but if you refuse to leave, then stay here and rot away”


After saying so, the guys quickly went to each door with a prisoner and placed small packages of explosive to tear down the doors. Though these doors are all capable of trapping S rankers, and the prisoners has all been drained of Ki as an additional safety measure, but the hinges are vulnerable. The explosive that Kairos had prepared, is unique in a way that it creates a lot of heat on the hinges and releases an acid to corrode the pin within. After they are done planting the bombs, they immediately back towards the dungeon’s only exit.


A few minutes passed after they left before the explosives kicked in, blasting the hinges off and causing the heavy dungeon door to fall onto the ground. The prisoners within their own cell contemplated their choices.


Should they risk their lives for freedom, or stay here living a life within a confined space, they cannot say which would be a better choice, because all of them know of the cruelty that the Phrixus show to escapees who are caught in the end. However, after a while of hesitation, decided that they rather die than continue staying here, every single one of them came out of their cell with a similar thought. “If I am caught, I will just kill myself”


The other prisoners walked towards the exit then stopped, when they saw the large amount of explosives still strapped to the handle.


They looked at each other, uncertain of how Kairos’ group had gone out. They had clearly heard that he said they will be leaving now, and seeing no one else in this place, they assumed the group had already escaped.


The only odd thing is, after that searched through this place, the dungeon is a tiny area that is completely secured, seeming like that is only one way in and out of the place.


While hesitating on what they should do, someone from the outside finally touched the prison gate, and pulled it.


It did not swing open as the person expected, but instead the entire gate blasted outwards taking the unfortunate guy along, and flying with full force towards a squad of prison wardens standing outside of the royal dungeon. The great explosion did not simply end with the blast, as a rain of powerful corrosive liquid came down upon them all.


Among the smoke, the blood and the chaos, the prisoners charged out of the dungeon towards their freedom. At this time, Kairos’ group that was silently waiting behind one of the cell doors, rushed out and quickly join the escapees from behind, making good use of the commotion.


They ran out as one, then scattered immediately to throw off the few surviving guards that are already in panic. Each person trying to get over the palace walls towards freedom, except a small group of 7 that changed directions mid-way, and instead ran deeper into the palace.

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