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Chapter 109: Home (Part 5) + Prelude [End of book 1]

The training menu that Kairos have prepared for himself needs to be all inclusive. As the leader of the Snowdrifts, it is his belief that he have to be able to stand at the forefront.
Right now Kairos is at Entry D rank, and with the copiousness amount of resources he have prepared, he aims to rush two grades and reach Peak D rank before the manor is built.
The training menu have to be exceedingly harsh, because of this high targets he had set for himself, for he have less than a month left. This haste is no doubt because of the sense of urgency that have been building within his heart.
Every day he infuses great amounts energies from the spirit stones he prepared beforehand into his flesh. The hidden runes within his body once again enveloped his entire body, strengthening him and tempering his flesh.
To increase the speed of his physical training, he fought the land wyrm every day while in this state. During the sparring as a way of practicing, Kairos only use the defensive methods of the formless style, and after a while of combat numerous injuries would be slowly accumulated.
The purpose of fighting this way is so that as those wounds heal naturally, he could use the body tempering method to speed up the recovery process while becoming superior at the same time.
Then every night after body training, he made use of the large amount of cultivation pills and other resources to increase his cultivation speed.
Without concern for the cost, Kairos began eating heavenly scent pills like candy and drew huge amounts of energies from the surrounding land. Those energies are wild and unrefined, but when they entered his body, the twin dragons within him flew out of his Dantian like little tyrants and started suppressing all foreign energies.
After he had absorbed enough energies and allowed the twin dragons within him to do the rest, then he commenced his soul force training. Perhaps, the boy is the only cultivator in the world that do not need to focus on assimilating the energy he draw into himself.
The training for the soul force cultivation method is similar to what he did when he first learned the technique. It is separated into 3 parts.
The first part is to completely concentrate all his energies and soul into his 5 senses, making each of those senses to become inhumanly powerful. This process is called the pure-self cultivation method, where Kairos gain temporary complete mastery and becomes one with his body.
While this may seem like an incredible advantage to use in battle, but unfortunately the amount of time and concentration needed to activate it make this idea not a feasible one. For now.
However, even though the improvements to his 5 senses is a momentary thing, it will still prove beneficial in the long run. Should he continue to practice this way, after a while he will realise that his 5 senses has become much stronger than before.
The second part is to seal off every sense of himself, making his presence completely fade into nothingness. This part is called the pseudo-selfless training. It is half a step before the true selfless state.
In this part, Kairos will experience complete isolation from the world, slowly losing even the sense of himself. This complete isolation method is meant to train and greatly improves his soul strength, his mental strength and his Dao.
The third and final part is to enter the selfless state.
As all practitioners know this state is something that one chances upon, instead of enter by will.
Like before, should Kairos enter the selfless state, he will become one with his surrounding and with his incredible talent, he will become the grand mountains, the 7 seas and the very stars itself.
In that state, he will slowly gain their great strength and their ancient memories, making his techniques and cultivation speed improve by leaps and bounds.
Unfortunately, this third part of his cultivation training did not occur even once as he planned.
This way, he continued practising day and night while his father, Vouno, also did a similar training by his side except with their huge difference in ranks, many of the things Kairos did is unsuitable for Vouno.
A month nearly passed. At the current moment Kairos has only improved in 1 grade, and reached Mid D ranking.
He truly felt that his target of reaching Peak D rank in such a short time is rather an optimistic thought. Without any life and death situations as stimulus, it took him twice the efforts in cultivation to finally reach the gate to Peak D.
That day, Aisa came to him with news. The young dragon that was bored with waiting had went out for a long trip and just came back. She refused to tell him just where she had went but it seems as though her trip had been fruitful.
She carried a bag of odd looking fruits and gave it to him with her return. These fruits are cubic in shape and smells like meat, but even if it looks terrible, the powerful spiritual energy emitted from it is more than anything Kairos have seen before.
Kairos, you have to eat this fruit! It’s sooooo yummy!
“F..fruit? This is a fruit? Aisa, where did you go? How did you get this fruit?”
Hehe! Aisa went to play~ Quick, eat it! It’s losing its life force after Aisa plucked it.
Without waiting, Kairos immediately took a smaller one and threw the rest into his space-time ring. The slower flow of time within his ring will protect the fruit from losing too much life force too quickly. Holding out that precious fruit in his hand, he took a deep bite into its flesh. The juice that came out of the fruit tasted like salted caramel, but even though it is weird, the energy from it is undoubtedly at the limits of what he can absorb.
He sat down immediately, concentrating to distribute the energies that came from the flesh of the fruit from his stomach to all parts of the body. Seeing the spiritual energy of the rest of the fruit in his hands are dispersing even faster now that he had taken a bite from it, he immediately consumed the rest.
A poor decision. But for someone who had been poor all his life, it cannot be helped that he did not want to waste anything.
The energy from the entire fruit in his stomach started flowing outwards like a tsunami, flooding his meridian channels and threatening to break his Dantian apart.
Even the twin dragons within him are having a hard time suppressing such a dominating amount of power.
A strange thought entered his mind. An image of him exploding outwards because of the vast flood of energy, becomes more and more realistic every moment. Even Aisa has rushed over, strengthening his body with her holy heavenly laws. Unfortunately the way those holy runes work does not wall him away from the energy, and instead it can only strengthen his body a little. While this may help Vouno during his training, but against such a powerful amount of energy means that it is almost useless in protecting him from exploding.
“I need to rank up right now!”
With that thought, the boy immediately maximised the activation of his body tempering runes, and soul cultivation technique. The energies immediately found a new avenue to enter, and they poured into his flesh, his blood and his bones and the excess energies from the fruit pooled into his Dantian, forcing it expand like a water balloon.
The powerful energy entered his thin meridian channels and destroyed his body rapidly, but every part that was destroyed is quickly rebuilt and strengthen by the body tempering method.
A cycle of destruction and recovery happened within his body, turning it into a struggle between rapidly strengthening his body or dying from a loud explosion, and his entire face paled as sweat ran down his forehead.
A minute turned into an hour, and an hour turned into a day.
The torture of having every part of his body broken from the inside and quickly reformed then once again re-broken, rinsed and repeated ceaselessly.
Fortunately his mind is already incredibly resolute after practising that inhumane pseudo-selfless cultivation. Kairos continued to hang on by a thread, trying to heal his broken body and strengthen it quicker than the fruit’s energy destroying his body.
Finally, on daybreak the following day, he felt an incredible urge to roar out. He felt that his flesh is about to break past Man rank, Heaven Grade and go into Beast Rank, Huang Grade, and his cultivation is also about to enter Peak D rank!
Elsewhere in Saint Empire, after a powerful struggle against a group of soldiers from an unknown party, a young boy rest against a tree bitterly wounded.
His body is a wreck from the almost constant battles, but he is still hanging on.
He have faced worse conditions in a small hill against the great Orc armies, and in his proud heart, this current situation is nothing in comparison.
His tiny white contractual beast rests by his side. The little ermine have next to zero combat abilities, and its tiny mouth and baby fangs are not enough to seriously wound any practitioner. Yet it never left the boy’s side, and in every combat, it will risk its life to distract the enemies.
Because of its actions, the boy had found opportunities to escape his enemies. This boy is of course Jones.
On his way back to the Solitary blades clan, he had been ambushed by a powerful group of mysterious practitioners.
Having to run for his life, and face constant ambushes for the past month, have drained him beyond all measures.
The only thing that gave him hope is the fact that not only is his contract beast capable to heal itself from even life-threatening wounds, it can even send the boy some of its powerful life force.
As a soul force user, Jones could immediately absorb the life force he receive and keep his heart beating strong. The tiny thing sticks to him every time they are out of combat, and infuses him with its life force generously. There is a reason why Aisa called it a million years Snow Stoat.
“Little one, thank you. We have a hope now. I’m about to rank up.” Jones gently stroke the back of his fluffy companion.
The boy’s rank has been stuck at Peak D rank for a while now, but the stressful situation he had been in has shaken his bottleneck and provided him with a chance to enter the next rank.
The urge for ranking up grew stronger and stronger, and he knew that he no longer have the time to change a venue.
He must rank up right here, right now!
In the shadows near where he sits, a few man creep over closer. This time, they must not allow the boy to flee.
Suddenly in two different places, at the exact same time, loud roars stilled the very air.
Kairos and Jones has simultaneously broken past their current cultivation and reached the next level.
At this exact moment, far beyond what people call the mortal realms, eight pairs of eyes suddenly widened.
Even though the 8 of them are far away from each other, they immediately divined for the future using their own methods, almost as if they have practiced for it.
Almost at the same time with the same words, they whispered in shock, “There is somebody destined to replace one of the eight?”
[End of book 1]
A pair of emerald green eyes opened, after divining such a future. It stood up from its throne and looked down from its lair. Somewhere in the mortal realms, someone have opened up the path towards becoming one of the eight. It flew out of its lair and went to meet the rest.
Likewise, on a high mountain, the recess of a mysterious place, a being stood proud and erected. The very light bended around it, while the great beings with roars that rumbles the very heavens, flew around it submissively.
It looked at the exact same place that the owner of emerald eyes gazed upon, and it frowned. Perhaps it is time for it to make its move as well.
A young looking boy, sat on a rock. He have also felt the change of fate in the world, and he divined that one of them will be replaced.
He threw down the limb of a great celestial beast that he was chewing on and laughed heartily.
Perhaps there is a new being that will replace him. In fact he welcomes it if there is a being that dared to clash its fate against him
In a valley unreached by man or beast, a single sword set in stone rested forgotten.
It had not been left there by anyone, but merely thought itself into this place. It had shredded all its previous masters as they are unworthy. It ripped apart the very fabrics of its dimension, and arrived at this location where none could disturb it.
Yet it also felt the change of the fate of this realm. And the change is linked to it, as it is one of the 8.
Just like before, it ripped the dimensions and went into the wormhole that appeared in a chaotic mess of lightning, plasma and anti-matter.
In a peaceful down, an old woman with deep wrinkles and an ancient face sat at a busy tavern, while enjoying her order of soupy noodles in a corner. All of a sudden, the entire world around her seem to still, and the life force of the very Earth trembled for a moment.
She sensed that a great change is coming, perhaps in a day, perhaps in a million years. It is hard to say. But it is no doubt on the way.
She pried apart the noodle strands in her bowl and spoken in an archaic language that none around her could understand.
The noodles swirled in her bowl as if moved by magic, and her eyes squinted into tiny slits.
“One of the 8 will fall, and a replacement will appear?”
Without anyone noticing, the old lady has disappeared. Even the memory of her entering the tavern has been wiped clean.
In a small house on a peaceful plain of a tiny kingdom somewhere in one of the mortal realms. A young couple held their baby girl in their hands, and looked at her adoringly.
The baby that was crying just moments ago, suddenly stilled.
She opened her toothless mouth and spoke in an ancient language, and immediately time stopped for her parents.
“Unnn Egg wood be reeepalse?”
A frown appeared on her infantile face as she called out to her servants.
Soon a few great heavenly spirits appeared and knelt before her.
“Master, you have returned”
“Oohh cose. Twelll mee …” She spoke half way and an exasperating expression ran across her face. She mumbled a few words of power and immediately a young lady’s voice hung on the air. “Tell me, what hast occurred in our realm”
“Master, a new lord will arise and replace one of the eight”
Far away in a different time, where things that have not yet occurred came to be. A young man with suit and tie looked at the fake world he is in and enjoyed his life with technology that has not yet been invented.
A tiny tremble rumbled through his illusionary bubble.
Although this space he created is not real, it is at the same time a possibility.
He broke the bubble and returned to the present.
A tiny new bubble has appeared in the great foamy ocean called time.
In this bubble, he could see that one of the 8 unmatched beings will fall and someone new will appear.
He stared at that bubble surprised and intrigued. Perhaps among the eight, he is the only that could identify the boy that is the replace one of them. In fact, he knows exactly who will be replaced.
The last of the eight awoke in a great hall.
The entire place is adorned with the most luxurious items of the realm.
Great dragons and powerful phoenixes laid on their tummies next to him.
He looked around lazily.
“It seems someone fated to replace one of us has appeared. Just in time. You 7 have arrived. Come, sit as you wish my friends”
One by one, figures appeared in the hall of his palace. They arrive unannounced but their arrival did not seem to surprise their host.
Without waiting for the rest to speak their reason of intruding, he said in a bored tone, “One of us will fall. But this reality need not occur.”
“Shall we stop it?” He asked as if amused.
“We shall”
“That future is pointless”
“I agree. Since it is pointless, it should not exist”
“Shouldn’t you create a cradle for me?”
“We all know you’re not hindered by your infant body. Just create it yourself”
“Ahem, let’s not side track. How do you propose to stop this future?”
“For now we do not know who the being of such a great fate is. He, or her power is still too small for us to detect, and we can only suppress the entire realm before we find out who it is.”
For these 8 powerful beings, many cultivators are too far and too tiny to enter their eyes. Even if they have great senses that can cover an entire galaxy and knows everything that occurs within, the unlimited universe is still too great for them to scan every part therein.
However, there is one among them that knows. He looked at the one that will be replaced in the future and smiled. This incident will make a good show, and he have no plans to stop it.
“He or she? It might be a genderless being just like me” The sword spoke out, unhappy about their discussion have ignored itself.
“Or it might be beyond genders like me and the King” The one with emerald eyes spoke, at their level, it and the King have grown so powerful that they lost its ability to replicate.
“There is no point in discussing is it man or beast at this moment. What are our plans to prevent this future?” The one whom great beasts submits themselves to spoke. Its words hint with emphasis that the one they are looking for might not be man but beast. It is its unsuppressed pride that caused it to speak this way. Pointless as those words might be, but the others having forgotten to mention the beast race, irked it.
“Your temper is always short, Primordial God of the dragons.
I would suggest that we make two changes to the heavenly laws.
The first change is to increase the difficulty of cultivating. Make the bottlenecks between each stages even more difficult than now.
By making it difficult for everyone, even if the being fated to replace us is able to strengthen itself to threaten us, it will find that its friends have long since been left behind.”
The others hearing this snickered. This is an obvious sarcasm towards the Dragon God, for being so stubborn about bring up its beast race.
Before the Dragon God could snap back, the infant girl spoke with her young woman’s voice “What are the second change you have in mind?”
“As all of you know, the land which a person is born on will leave a hidden seal in the being’s soul. The seal will help that person cultivate faster on that land.
The second change I suggest, is to strengthen that seal by altering the heavenly laws, and lock every person from leaving their birth land.”
“I doubt this lock would be failsafe. If that being is fated to come in front of us to challenge our authority, then fate herself will break such a paltry barrier.”
“Perhaps fate will do that for one person. But that day, that pathetic being will realise it is alone.
If it is one against 8, how could he still be a threat to us?”
The others that heard it nodded their agreement. There is a loophole in this idea however, and each of them have noticed it. While they know for sure that the fated being is in the mortal realm right now, but that does not mean that the person could not rally those in the Divine realm against them.
But perhaps it is because of their immense pride, or their confidence in the lands that they control, but all 8 of them are not concerned if those from the divine realms attempts to point their weapons at them. Under the iron fist of these 8 that controls the divine realms, they truly believes that no one would be able to gather enough resistance against them right under their eyelids.
Their only real concern is on large numbers of people breaking through the immortal realms from the mortal realms. Of course if they could find a better way and single out who is the one with such a powerful destiny, then they would have no doubt snipped the bud before it grows.
“This may be a good plan but what if that person is not in the birth land?”
“The link of a person with one’s land whom one is born of is undeniable. Even if the lock is not failsafe, if a person is away from the birth land at the time of our spell, that person will be unable to cultivate properly any longer. The same goes for any that manage to leave their birth land.
The very land he or she stands on will refuse to generously grant heavenly energies to one not of its own”
“Her own” The infant said, “All land are females. Do you not know?”
“Her own.” The King corrected himself with a smile and then the 8 of them stood up as one. Even the infant with her wobbly legs, stood as if it is the most natural thing to do in the world.
Their eyes shone with different glow of light as they weaved their spell and commanded the heavenly laws. Green, Red, Brown, Silver, Black, Blue, Grey and Prismatic. The intriguing thing about them is, none of them have golden eyes.

[Hi all! With this chapter, it is the end for the 1st book, but the 2nd book will be starting soon.

First of all, I would like to give everyone who read through the entire story, my heartfelt gratitude for your support!

Secondly, because I will be flying off tonight for work, I plan to have two weeks of hiatus.
I estimate that the 1st chapter of book 2 will begin on 15th October, and for the first two weeks following that, I will be slowing down to an update every 2 or 3 days.

I'm sorry for the upcoming wait but it will definitely be worth it! 

It has always been in my plans to rewrite the starting chapters and also proof read everything, and this break would provide me with an opportunity to do so.

Since I've started writing, I felt that my style have improved immensely thanks to the many advices you have given me, and I felt that the story simply begs for an enhancement on the starting chapters. ^^

My future plans:
After the proof reading, I would love to have a physical copy of the first book that I wrote. I estimate that it will be reader on 1st Nov, so if anyone would like to show their support, please order a copy from Amazon. I will also make it available on kindle.

Book 2 plans:
Background story on Jones, Edward and Jim. Possibly some parts on Tommy.
Visiting the nobles (This will play a large role in the future)
School (A time skip will be placed here)
War (With the Orcs, expect some twists here)
Immortal blue sect
Revealing some of Kairos' background

Special thanks to:
My mother who could not read english but still ask me to read to her every chapter.
My sister for reading everything more than once, and always giving me suggestions & inspirations.

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Dragrath @Dragrath ago

So the end of book one huh. I wonder why these 8 are so adamant that one will be replaced as if following the normal xanxia laws things like divine titles/positions are usually fought over meaning unless the candidate knows about the title in question they shouldn't be inherently at risk. thus acting is basically letting the candidate in question know that such a thing exists... (Well that assumes the book in question doesn't show the way to take the title irregardless of its former holder)

either way it means Kairos will need to build up a supporting power base even faster and hope he can do so before they find him and his friends (Lets face it so far it is obvious that neither Kairos nor Jones are normal)

I have some further suspicions that

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The end with the 8 beings sucked but the rest is nice

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

technically the 8 are not part of the story for book 1. They are here sort of as a sneak preview.

additionally they are here to make a statement that the golden eyes in the sky is not one of the 8.

spoiler that you can guess:
also their presence appeared earlier when the golden eyes disappeared from the sky.

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Great story so far. Continue with the good work. Its very appreciated

Alan Tang

Alan Tang @Alan Tang ago

10/30/2016 10:09:23 PMSilencer7 Wrote:

Great story so far. Continue with the good work. Its very appreciated

 Thank you! ^^

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