Rica Wants Him Dead

by JayDirex

Original Action Drama Romance School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

The romance sequel to the cult classic: 'Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?'
In this follow up story we meet Teen Assassin, Ko. One of the best in the business. But after rescuing a Korean mob boss’s five year old daughter from kidnappers he becomes a hunted man in NYC. Now on the run and desperate to protect the child, Ko discovers there’s only one person willing to help him: The beautiful and deadly Rica Reyes. A villainous Rifle Girl from Ko’s past, who once tried to kill him. Out of options he's forced to trust Rica and accept her aid. But Ko is no fool, and he knows that the price Rica will extract for her help could cost him everything.

Teen Romance, Tsundere, Light Novel, Original Light Novel, Young Adult, YA, Romance, Crime, Assassin,

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My girls are so bad!

Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- A Killer Knocks ago
Chapter 2- Nowhere To Go ago
Chapter 3- Keep Your Guard Up, Ko ago
Chapter 4- You Work For Me Now ago
Chapter 5- Mean Old Lady ago
Chapter 6- Ko The Bodyguard ago
Chapter 7- My Last Ride ago
Chapter 8- Burn After Reading ago
Chapter 9- Killer Ko ago
Chapter 10- Pick Me Up, And Look Handsome! ago
Chapter 11- Seventeen is The Age Of Consent ago
Chapter 12- Heel, Boy! ago
Chapter 13- Big And American ago
Chapter 14- Rica's Step-Dad, Dan! ago
Chapter 15- Ko, it Hurts~ ago
Chapter 16- The Prince of Swagger ago
Chapter 17- I Can Make The Shot! ago
Chapter 18- Dan Sensei ago
Chapter 19- Her Barely There Skirt ago
Chapter 20- Making Love and Dancing ago
Chapter 21- Bad Dogs Have Fleas ago
Chapter 22- Show Her Respect! ago
Chapter 23- Where'd He Go? ago
Chapter 24- Rica's Real Name - End of Part One ago
Chapter 25- The Queen, The Prince, and Donna Too ago
Chapter 26- Rica's Busy Morning, Nya~ ago
Chapter 27- Donna X Jun-Seo ago
Chapter 28- Rica Never Told You About Me ago
Chapter 29- So This is My Fault? ago
Chapter 30- Don't Make Me Ask You Again ago
Chapter 31- Tracking Snow ago
Chapter 32- You Uncivilized Bitches ago
Chapter 33- Blood Work ago
Chapter 34- Champagne for Everyone! (Part One) ago
Chapter 35- Champagne for Everyone (Part Two) ago
Chapter 36- Grown Up Stuff ago
Chapter 37- Uncle Bling ago
Chapter 38- Times Like These ago
Chapter 39- Shot's Cry ago
Chapter 40- Deja-vu All Over Again ago
Chapter 41- Swatted ago
Chapter 42- Cold Spring ago
Chapter 43- All Love ago
Chapter 44- Act Three- Resolution ago

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I recommend this story for everyone to read, simply because this is of modern crime genre, completely different from the majority of those wish fulfillment fantasy and scifi crap that plagues Royalroadl.  I digress, lets get on with the review.


The story is written from third person perspective. The chapters are short yet the story moves at a comfortable pace. The style fits the story.


The story is about gang rivalry set in present day New York with assassins and crime syndicates. Stories like this are a rarity in Royalroadl. My only complaint is that it is going to be a short story with over 30 chapters(if the author's previous stories are anything to go by), simply because it does not get the recognition it deserves. As the story is completed early, it easily gets lost among the thousands of other stories in this site.


Grammar is impeccable. I did not find any mistake nor did my immersion break as I read the story. No awkward sentence structuring, no fault to find.


The best thing I like among the characters are the women. They are not your typical damsels in distress nor are the type who lose their personality once they fall in love. They are strong, independent and dangerous ....and jealous too. Every character has his own motivations and goals and its always interesting to see things going in a different way due to the interference between the plans of two individuals.


Tl:dr Read the story. You are missing something interesting here.


  • Overall Score


  • I dont get why this story isnt near the top on this website every where from the action to suspension and romance were some of the best things I've seen on this site. I know im very late to this story but i hope this author dose more.
  • Only reason i think this aint got much notice is because it aint a fantasy novel with an op mc haha imo