The Undying Cultivator

by baronblackwell

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Gore

Synopsis – It has been centuries since the Sorcerer-Kings of old destroyed the world in their mad race to create ever more horrifying creatures. Now in the Fourth Age, known as the Age of Monsters, humanity clings to life by its fingernails, hidden behind walled cities and towns.

On the island of Daði, four kingdoms exist in an uneasy truce, ruled and protected by Cultivators with the power to break the Laws of Nature. There, Prince Erik, an unranked Cultivator and the descendant of a sorcerer’s experiment, awakens something monstrous within his blood when he is attacked by a Celestial Dragon while out hunting with his retainers.

Schedule – The Undying Cultivator is a web serial that combines the genres of fantasy and xianxia in a new and interesting way. One regular chapter will be posted every Monday at 12:00 a.m. and one sponsored chapter on Wednesday at 12:00 a.m. if the donation threshold has been met on my blog. Currently on Arc 5 -

Length – Each chapter will be around 3000 words long.

Note: The Undying Cultivator contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Monster Inside 1.01 – Prologue ago
A Monster Inside 1.02 – Asbjörn ago
A Monster Inside 1.03 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.04 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.05 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.06 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.07 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.08 - Erik ago
A Monster Inside 1.09 – Patrick ago
A Monster Inside 1.10 – Patrick ago
Courting Death 2.01 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.02 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.03 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.04 – Asbjörn ago
Courting Death 2.05 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.06 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.07 – Erik ago
Courting Death 2.08 – Asbjörn ago
Courting Death 2.09 – Númi ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.01 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.02 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.03 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.04 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.05 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.06 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.07 – Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.08 - Erik ago
Whisper of a Dream 3.09 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.01 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.02 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.03 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.04 – Númi ago
A Touch of Madness 4.05 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.06 – Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.07 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.08 - Erik ago
A Touch of Madness 4.09 - Erik ago
White Fire 5.01 - Hanna ago
White Fire 5.02 - Leon ago
White Fire 5.03 - Erik ago
White Fire 5.04 - Erik ago
White Fire 5.05 - Erik ago
White Fire 5.06 - Erik ago
White Fire 5.07 - Erik ago

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A diamond in the rough

I must say, I started reading this with low expectations. Most royalroadl stories for me are a guilty pleasure because of their instant gratification. The writing is often shallow and poorly edited and the interest comes almost entirely from the imaginative plots. This story surprised me. It is extremely engaging and remarkably well written. The characters are deep and well fleshed out, and every description makes you feel as though you're there. Normally I'm not fond at all of perspective changes, but truthfully I think this author pulled it off. All around, this is a great story, if you're reading review, give the story a chance. It does seem like it's a bit complicated at its beginning but with a bit of patience I can't help but believe that you'll enjoy it.  Happy reading!

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Best thing I've read in a while

reading this i cant help but wonder why anyone hasn't thought of this story plot before. this story literally is that good.although when i just started reading i was a bit skeptical as these names were so complicated, i even gave up on pronouncing them because it was a bit of a distraction when reading. however the intricate details that the writer puts into describing almost everything within each chapter makes up for the complicated names that the people and places have and at some point the names just become a blur and the plot unfolds becoming more absorbing as it goes on. With every chapter it just keeps getting more and more interesting and feels like a book that you just cant put down.
the characters are not only facinating with their different range of abilities and personalities but the depth with which the write explores them leaves no stone unturned where their make up is concerned and also makes it clear that he has a great passion for not only his work but his characters as well.
the intensity with which i find myself persuing the main character Erik amazes me. When i first started reading the story i was a bit conflicted where he was concerned. at some points i found him to be too full of himself but at other points i just fell in love with his character especially when it came to his interaction with his wife.
not to mention that famous love/sex scene......OMG....i wanted more....i still want more...this one really had me captivated.
another character which i find myself taking a liking to is Patrick...(SPOILERS AHEAD) so much so that i didn't want him to die..and although i was a bit heart broken by his "consumption", it brings me a bit of pleasure that he is still there even as part of Erik..and who knows it could be the beginning of an even greater interest to me because i have my two favorite characters in one body.

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Like the title says. It's really good. Furthermore i like jow the world isn't just a Medieval parralel to earth, but it's own. Keep going.

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Not everyone's cup of tea.

I like the characters and how fleshed out they, which greatly helps the emotion filled stories.

I do however dislike the seeming lack of cohesion that makes it hard to follow. And feel like the story spends too much time in dreamland, in potential pasts and futures, in events where I don't know if it actually happened, if it is an illusion, if it is going to happen, or if such questions even matter in the first place.

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The style, like the piece as a whole, is competent but has problems. It's a little verbose, a little purple, a little overdrawn. Frequently there are just too many adjectives which makes it difficult to wade through. Overall, however, the prose is comfortable to read.

Every now and then you drop a cliche of expression, such as "he was dragged into the depths kicking and screaming" and these took me out of the scene.

Overall, I feel an academic disconnect, as if you were lecturing me on the story in a lecture hall rather than sitting in front of a mantle fire telling me the story. This made it difficult to engage.



Impeccable. No issues here.



In terms of structure, the story opens with a lot of exposition, a lot of description, but nothing to really emotionally anchor me in the story. For a fantasy action novel, there also wasn't much action going on in the first few chapters which were a bit tedious to get through. Once the Celestial Dragon inhabits Erik, though, things definitely pick up.

Like one of the comments in the story said, things feel a bit random at times. This is partially a stylistic problem - the style of this story is very vague and abstract - but also a structural problem. When things feel random to a reader, this means they are lsot in the story. You responded that these are only random because we don't have the full context of the story - this is an amateur's excuse and an evasion of a chance to improve your writing. If it feels random to a reader then you've lost them - you need to take them along for the ride not drag them behind you. Provide sufficient context foreshadowing and explaining things a bit more so readers don't think things are happening randomly.

The worldbuilding was interesting - a combination of Eastern-inspired magic and Western medieval, specifically Nordic, fantasy with a good dolup of creativity thrown in.



In the opening chapters of the novel, the characterisation is poor. I didn't feel a connection with these characters, or even a solid sense of who they were to be honest. I didn't have a strong sense of what their quirks, their strengths, their weaknesses and flaws, and their motivations and goals were. Ideally, this would be accomplished by the opening. Or at least, the reader would be intrigued enough by this character to want to learn more.

The characterisation later into the story is good, but not at all subtle. Either the characters or narrator blatantly state emotions, moods and worries that characters are possessed by. This makes for boring characterisation which is less effective and ultimately less believable.



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Interesting, but too abstract

Well, maybe abstract isn't entirely right. There are abstract themes that dot the entire plot, but the primary issue is that there are too many characters being introduced with no real sense of time. Non linear timelines are fine. A lot of characters are fine. But when you combine the two with little background for the characters, you have a real mess of a plotline, as it takes significant effort on the reader's part to figure out what's happening in each chapter. It gets worse when you realize that continuity is broken rather too frequently. 

The style is good, the grammar is perfect, but there seems to be an odd mishmash between norse lore and eastern fantasy. It just doesn't gel well together. Another issue is random terms being introduced with no explanation whatsoever. A stodin, Dokk,... well, you get the idea. I have read all the chapters and still am thoroughly confused

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Top tier writing right here

Just at 1.05 now, but this story is really impressive. Superb style, engaging story, this is publishable material.

I read my fair share of xianxia and in my opinion it always fail to create character with any real depth, but already this early in the story i gladly find that not only the author is paying that a lot of atention, but that he does it in a really interesting way.

I hope that The Undying Cultivator gets the recognition it deserves. 

Updated: At 4.3 right now and the story gets better and better. The story is really tought out and i cant wait to see more of the world the author is creating.